Natwest is email fraudsters favourite bank target claim

Natwest tops the financial services league table for the most amount of spam and fraudulent phishing emails, claims anti-spam software firm ClearMyMail

ClearMyMail reviewed all the spam and fraudulent emails that it had prevented from reaching customers in December 2007 in order to identify the Top 10 preferred financial services companies by fraudsters.

  • Natwest (41 per cent of all phishing emails blocked were targeting 'Natwest Bank')
  • Citibank (27 per cent)
  • HSBC (11 per cent)
  • Abbey (6 per cent)
  • Lloyds TSB (4 per cent)
  • PayPal (Internet transaction banking for likes of Ebay ̵1; 2 per cent)
  • Royal Bank of Scotland (1 per cent)
  • Nationwide (1 per cent)
  • Halifax (0.8 per cent)
  • MBNA (0.5 per cent)

When looking at the top five, the company says that during the month every one of its customers were sent an average of 18 fake Natwest phishing emails, 12 fake Citibank emails, five fake HSBC emails, three fake Abbey emails and two fake Lloyds TSB emails.

"It has almost got to the stage where cyber-crooks are building up a portfolio of email databases containing contact information that is profiled to fit a certain bank or building society's typical customer in order to improve the success rate of their fraudulent attacks," comments Dan Field, managing director of ClearMyMail.

ClearMyMail has written a consumer guide on how to spot potential phishing emails and it is available for free by visiting

Image: Cyber-crooks are building up portfolios of email databases containing contact information that is profiled to fit a certain bank

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