Hornby in buffers over train delays

Model train maker Hornby has been unable to keep up with demand for its products in Europe because of hitches in new product development, the UK company has admitted

The problem has arisen because Hornby has acquired a number of businesses in Europe in recent years, but the company's development team has been unable to keep up with the range of real-life trains on the continent.

Chief executive Frank Martin said: "The problem is all about the rate we are able to bring product to market. In the UK our business is much more straightforward as we just cater for one market.

"In Europe you are trying to cater for all different types of locomotives, colour schemes and logos."

Martin admitted that the problem had lost the company about £1m in sales, but this compared with total annuals sales of up to £60m.

Now the company has pledged to bring in new engineers and design staff to overcome the problem. Hornby said steps were being taken to strengthen the management and manufacturing resources available to it.

Image: Horby trains have suffered delays on the Continent

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