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Hannover Messe 2011

E&T is a preferred media partner for Hannover Messe 2011. This first of three previews highlights some of the key exhibitor activities of interest to IT professionals.

IT is an essential component of industrial technology. Driving factors such as convergence, and the benefits of standardising processes on common platforms and protocols, have provided opportunities for both industrial solutions specialists and IT generalists to develop this sector.

Manufacturers are now leveraging methods, such as digital product development, design, simulation, validation, and commissioning to plan, develop, test and build products.

Such market trends will be amply evidenced at the Digital Factory trade fair at Hannover Messe 2011 (Hannover, Germany 4-8 April). Digital Factory is the event's trade fair for industrial IT, featuring presences by top solutions providers, and has established status as a showcase for integrated industrial processes and IT solutions.

Product lifecycle management (PLM) describes one of several types of software tools that are central to industrial process optimisation. The scope of PLM is now growing to encompass other business disciplines, such as product development and concept creation. This trend will be explored in depth at the Hannover Messe Digital Factory fair, as will solutions that facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration across distributed processes.

Other keynote themes include the switch from conventional methods to a systems engineering approach, integrated data management, and the automated configuration and management of machine and plant documentation. Visitors will also learn about the impacts of mobile devices and social networks on industrial processes. Manufacturing execution systems have become integral to the industrial landscape indispensable to the digital integration of data across all levels of production and management. These solutions will be discussed in detail at the MES Conference, another highlight of the Digital Factory showcase. Details at

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