Government announces support for development of emissions reduction technology

Research and development into low carbon energy technologies is set to receive a boost through a £10m investment by the UK government-sponsored Technology Strategy Board.

The £10m investment will fund R&D in areas such as intelligent grid integration and management, carbon abatement technologies, hydrogen and fuel cells, microgeneration and photovoltaics as well as bioenergy. The investments will help to fund winning projects that will involve businesses working collaboratively or with research organisations and academic institutions.

The Board's Low Carbon Energy Technologies competition will help to accelerate the development of new technologies, bringing them quickly into use in the UK and around the world.

Technology Strategy Board chief executive Iain Gray said: "The challenge of moving towards a lower carbon economy, using a mix of technologies and energy sources, requires us to develop a variety of low carbon energy technologies for the electricity, heat and transport markets."

"The Technology Strategy Board is committed to stimulating the development and deployment of technologies which, while contributing to the UK's climate change and energy security goals, also represent major business opportunities for the UK. New markets are being created in low carbon energy technologies and this brings significant potential for wealth creation in the UK."

Image: Research into low-carbon technologies, such as hydrogen fuel cells, will receive a boost

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