2007 another vintage year for spammers reckons d'Ambra

Despite multiple high-profile arrests and successful court cases throughout the year, spammers still have the upper-hand over law enforcement at least, the CTO of email security firm SoftScan has revealed

With spam levels reaching 97.02 per cent and viruses accounting for just 0.11 per cent, less than 3 per cent of all email scanned was legitimate in December 2007, says the company's CTO Diego d'Ambra.

"Once again the rapid increase of spam throughout 2007 demonstrates that there is not enough deterrent for spammers to give up their highly lucrative enterprise," d'Ambra commented. "Usually, when you look through our monthly statistics, you can identify the weekends or major public holidays when there is less legitimate business email sent as the spam levels jump-up."

In December, however, except for some slightly lower levels in the first week, spam has remained consistently high throughout the month, d'Ambra reports.

Although the extreme sustained level of spamming could be attributed to less legitimate email being sent because so many people take time off work during December, SoftScan's d'Ambra believes that this is unlikely as the company has not noticed this trend before either in December or in the summer months.

The top five virus families in December 2007 were:

  • phishing: 87.54 per cent
  • dropper: 4.76 per cent
  • agent: 2.19 per cent
  • netsky: 1.24 per cent
  • downloader: 0.86 per cent


Image: SoftScan CTO Diego d'Ambra

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