The E&T podcast

The E&T podcast

E&T magazine presents a rolling series of audio podcasts to accompany each issue of the magazine. Engineering and technology developments, news and interviews will be covered throughout the series. You can download individual episodes from this page, free of charge.

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E&T cover image 1604  The Halo effect

JackLoughran talks toQualcomm’s Dr ManfredSchlett about the development of the company’s wireless charging system for electric cars, dubbed Halo.

Download the Qualcomm podcast now

E&T cover image 1511  Toyota Mirai, the first commercially available hydrogen car

Jack Loughran interviews Toyota's Scott Brown about its new hydrogen powered vehicle, the Mirai.

Download the Toyota Mirai podcast now

E&T cover image 1510  The letters of Ada Lovelace at the Science Museum

Jack Loughran speaks to Katherine Platt, assistant curator of a new exhibition at the Science Museum, which is displaying the letters of programming pioneer Ada Lovelace to Charles Babbage, the inventor of the analytical engine, commonly regarded as the first ever computer.

Download the Ada Lovelace letters podcast now

E&T cover image 1509  Wearable technology in healthcare

Jonathan Wilson talks to Bob Zemke from Extreme Networks about its work with UCLH and how wearable technology and big data are becoming increasingly prevalent in healthcare, with Bluetooth, WiFi and the Internet of Things.

Download the wearable technology in healthcare podcast now

E&T cover image 1506  Baby, you can drive my car

Laura Onita talks to Dr John McCarthy, Technical Director Highways and Transportation at Atkins, about what autonomous vehicles can and cannot do, as driverless car testing begins on UK roads this year.

Download the driverless cars podcast now

E&T cover image 1505  Bees here now

Alex Kalinauckas spoke to Dr Sarah Barlow, Researcher in Restoration Ecology, about new technology bee-ing developed to help track the movement of bees in the landscape to better understand why their numbers are declining in certain areas.

Download the bees podcast now

Hitler's Atlantic Wall

Vitali Vitaliev visits Hitler’s formidable Atlantic Wall in France to learn more about its lengthy and tragic past.

Download the Atlantic Wall podcast now

E&T cover image 1504 Ride on time: Swiss trains' enviable punctuality

Vitali Vitaliev meets Martin Gertsch, a Swiss historian, skiing instructor and train enthusiast, to talk about why that country's trains always seem to run on time.

Download the Swiss trains podcast

E&T cover image 1503 GravityLight: bringing safe light and power output to off-grid locations

Interview with Jim Reeves, technical director at Deciwatt, to discuss its invention GravityLight, a device that uses gravity to generate localised energy and light in off-grid locations and situations. Full E&T news story about Deciwatt and GravityLight winning the Shell Springboard 2015 award is available online. Download the GravityLight podcast

Engineering apprenticeships - get in, go far

E&T talks to Scott Bredda, Technical Director at GE Precision Engineering, and Charles Marshall, the company's latest apprentice, to hear about the apprenticeship scheme and the benefits it offers both parties.

Download the engineering apprenticeships podcast

E&T cover image 1502  Dr Robert Langer interview

E&T talks to Dr Robert Langer, winner of the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering, about his pioneering work in drug-delivery systems that has benefited over 10 million patients worldwide and how unconventional thinking can topple traditional views.

Download the Dr Robert Langer podcast now

Bon sante avec beaucoup de genievre

Vitali Vitaliev visits a historic distillery in the village of Houlle in Northern France to learn about “genievre”, a peculiar local alcoholic drink, and the no-less-peculiar technology of its distillation which has remain unchanged for over 200 years.

Download the genievre podcast now

  E&T cover image 1501 The women of Bletchley Park

People’s interest in Britain’s wartime codebreakers shows no sign of abating. At Bletchley Park, a total of nine thousand women had a major contribution in how the war unfolded. E&T met two of these brave women at a special event in their honour.

Download the Bletchley Park podcast now



E&T cover image 1412 Pedal to the vintage metal

Vitali Vitaliev travels with Edgar Meyer, a local historian and car enthusiast, to retrace the footsteps (or rather the car-wheel tracks) of Bertha Benz, the German pioneer of driving, 126 years after her historic first voyage. Driving from Mannheim to Ladenburg in the South German state of Baden-Württemberg, the pair also visit the world’s first petrol station - now a small village pharmacy - along the way.

Download the Bertha Benz podcast now



E&T cover image 1411 Modelling the nose's neural network

Edd Gent talks to Dr Michael Schmuker, whose research straddles chemistry, informatics and neuroscience, about using the neuromorphic physical model to implement a model of the neural network in the olfactory system, which is responsible for our sense of smell.

Download the neuromorphic podcast now




E&T cover image 1409 Interview with industrial designer Tom Karen

Rebecca Mileham meets Tom Karen, the designer responsible for such classics as the Raleigh Chopper bike, the Marble Run toy and the quirky three-wheel sports car known as the Bond Bug.

Download the Tom Karen podcast now




E&T cover image 1408 Smarter construction and holistic design

Edd Gent talks to Tristram Carfrae, director at Arup and recent recipient of the Institution of Structural Engineers’ Gold Medal, about the importance of a holistic view of the built environment.

Download the Tristram Carfrae interview now

India's tech industry

Edd Gent talks to Karthikeyan Natarajan, Tech Mahindra’s global head of engineering, about India's burgeoning start-up scene, the impact of recent elections and the future of the country's tech sector.

Download the Tech Mahindra podcast now



E&T cover image 1407

Digital sustainability

Digital technology can have a transformative effect on the drive for sustainability, but solutions must avoid taking humans out of the equation, says chief executive of Forum for the Future Sally Uren.

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  E&T cover image 1406

Deborah the Tank

We hear from military archaeologist Philippe Gorcynski, who talks about his beloved excavated and semi-restored British-made D-51 tank, recovered from a battlefield pit near Cambrai, France.

Download the Deborah the Tank podcast now

Dassault Systemes' 3D recreation of the D-Day landings

Vitali Vitaliev attends a presentation by Dassault Systemes, as they showcase their 3D recreation of the D-Day landings, including an accurate rendering of Mulberry harbour, accompanied by the reminiscences of D-Day survivors.

Download the D-Day landings podcast now


E&T cover image 1405 Rude mechanicals

Inventor, environmentalist and the creator of the world famous Gaia hypothesis, James Lovelock talks to Edd Gent about his latest book and his career as an independent scientist.

Download the rude mechanicals podcast now




E&T cover image 1404 Video game technology

Kris Sangani talks to Charles Cecil MBE, CEO of games developer Revolution Software, about the future of the video games industry and how new hardware technologies influence the development of games.

Download the video game technology podcast now





E&T cover image 1403 The future of digital music

Jonathan Wilson hears about the future of digital music from Tom O'Meara of industry analysts Strategy Eye, discussing the recent VC investment in music streaming technologies and end-user product offerings, such as Spotify, Deezer, Beats and others, and the significance of the year-on-year upward trajectory of this investment.

Download the future of digital music podcast now



E&T cover image 1402 A votre santé

Vitali Vitaliev raises a glass with Luc Dequidt at the Poperinge Hop Museum in Belgium and hears about the country's 1,400 beer brands.

Download the Belgian Hop Museum podcast now




E&T cover image 1401 Improving M2M comms

Tony Milbourn of wireless communication equipment provider u-blox speaks about the need for a new cellular communication standard to create a pervasive global machine to machine network and realise the dream of an Internet of Things.

Download the global M2M protocol podcast now




E&T cover image 1312 Malware goes mobile

Dr Lorenzo Cavallaro from the Information Security Group at Royal Holloway University of London speaks about the increasing threat of mobile malware, in particular in the Android market. While many mobile phone users will not have come across malware yet, Cavallaro says the ubiquity of mobile devices is driving a rapid rise in their prevalence.

Download the mobile malware podcast now


E&T cover image 1113 Mozilla's Lightbeam

Kris Sangani hears from Mozilla Foundation's Mark Surman and Alex Fowler about Lightbeam, a privacy tool for the Firefox browser.

Download the Mozilla Lightbeam podcast now

Future of smart apps

Edd Gent talks to James Whittaker, distinguished technology evangelist for Microsoft, about intent commerce, which he believes is the future of smart apps.

Download the intent commerce apps podcast now


E&T cover image 1013 Cyber-espionage

Jonathan Wilson discusses the impact of cyber-war and cyber-espionage at the industrial and nation-state level with Tom Cross, director of security research at Lancope.

Download the cyber-espionage podcast now

Recalling Soviet-era Russian recipes

Vitali Vitaliev talks to Anya von Bremzen, a food writer, about the impact of technology on culinary habits in the former Soviet Union in light of her new book, ‘Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking: a Memoir of Food and Longing’.

Download the Russian recipes podcast now



E&T cover image 0813 Biotech manufacturing

Edd Gent hears how manufacturers are increasingly turning to the biotechnology industry for production of materials.

Download the biotech manufacturing podcast now

Clean Equity

Vitali Vitaliev interviews Innovator Capital's Mungo Park, one of the main organisers of the annual CleanEquity Monaco Conference.


E&T cover image 0713 Lift-off for students

Edd Gent talks to two students accepted to the new Aerospace MSc bursary scheme, run jointly by the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Download the Aerospace MSc podcast now




E&T cover image 0613 Sailing to Australia

Vitali Vialiev speaks to Asif Mashhadi and Larry Sylvestre from Project Orient about their plans to launch a passenger liner service between the UK and Australia.

Download the Project Orient podcast now




E&T cover image 0513 Solar storms

Edd Gent meets Professor Mike Hapgood, head of the Space Environment Group at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory’s space division, to hear about the threat of solar storms and what can be done now to prepare for them.

Download the solar storms podcast now



E&T cover image 0413 Dassault Systemes' Virtual Reality Cave

Vitali Vitaliev visits Dassault Systemes offices in Paris and gets introduced to the company's Virtual Reality Cave.

Download the AR in Paris podcast now




E&T cover image 0313 Engineering Titanic II

Edd Gent meets Markku Kanerva, director of sales for Deltamarin, the Finnish naval architecture and engineering firm which will design Titanic II.

Download the Titanic II podcast now




E&T cover image 0113 Twitching technology

Features editor Vitali Vitaliev heads to Rutland Water Nature Reserve to speak to senior reserve officer Tim Mackrill about technology in bird watching.

Download the birdwatching technology podcast now



E&T cover image 1212 Episode 24

In this episode, Vitali Vitaliev enjoys home entertainment technology of the 1970s and 80s; Jonathan Wilson talks to engineer recruitment specialist Matchtech to find out why UK engineers might move abroad for work; Jason Goodyer attends National Instruments’ NI Days in Westminster, London, where he speaks to Jamie Collin and Christian Coviello, researchers at the University of Oxford’s Biomedical Ultrasonics, Biotherapy and Biopharmaceuticals Laboratory, about their work in ultrasonic tumour therapy; Abi Grogan meets Kevin Mi, Marketing Manager for GEIP (GE Intelligent Platforms), who talks about how his company operates in the growing Chinese automation market, and finally Vitali heads to the Bluewater Bio facility in London’s Bayswater where he speaks to marketing director Justin Heath, mechanical engineer Ben Howard and Cranfield University’s professor of water sciences Tom Stephenson about water purification technology.

Download episode 24 now

E&T cover image 1211 Episode 23

In this episode, Jason Goodyer talks to photographer and founder of the Extreme Ice Survey James Balog about his mission to document the retreating of the world’s glaciers; Kris Sangani asks whether businesses and governments are properly prepared for the challenges of climate change; Paul Dempsey reflects on the technology used by the Obama camp in the recent US elections; Vitali Vitaliev reports from the World Engineering Forum in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and visits the Trimo factory on the city’s outskirts; James Hayes meets Jacqui Taylor at IP Expo to hear about the open data project; and also from IP Expo, Aasha Bodhani asks three key vendors what they think about the Department of Health’s plans to digitise patient data and what measures should be put in place to protect the patients from data theft.

Download episode 23 now

E&T cover image 1210 Episode 22

In this episode, we meet artist and computer historian Dr David Link, the winner of the Tony Sale Award for Computer Conservation; hear about social enterprise collaboration from Felicity Wohltman, Vice President, Solutions, Mindjet Inc; catch up with the Eccentric Engineer, as Justin Pollard discusses his new compendium of unexpected engineering tales; talk to Robert Evans, CEO of Cenex, about electric vehicle battery costs and future technology; and finally reimagine Ian Fleming's James Bond as the engineering and technology savvy super-spy Ian Tee. [NB: the music that accompanies the Ian Tee reading is by The Surf Champlers, from the album Champloo A Go Go, performed by Kenji Yano]

Download episode 22 now


E&T cover image 1209 Episode 21

In this special edition of the E&T podcast, we take a different approach as features editor Vitali Vitaliev chairs a round-table discussion between author Anthony Peake and science writer Piers Bizony on the nature of life and death.

E&T cover image 1208  

Episode 20

In this edition of the E&T podcast, we talk to Rob Sobers from Varonis about what people need to be aware of in the cloud era; to Richard Hirons, clinical specialist prosthetist at Össur UK Ltd about Oscar Pistorius’ running blades; to documentary filmmaker Chris Paine about his new film ‘Revenge of the Electric Car’ and to Ed Parsons of Google about geospatial engineering.

Download episode 20 now


  E&T cover image 1207 Episode 19

In this edition of the E&T podcast, we talk to LOCOG chief executive about the main press centre in the Olympic Park; to Bullfinch Gas, about the design and manufacture of the burner used in the torch; to Professor Steven Yearley about genetically modified athletes; to Dermot Turing and Google’s Peter Baron about the London Science Museum’s new exhibition, Alan Turing's Life & Legacy'; to Dan Lewis about the likelihood of establishing a UK spaceport; and to Jonathon Rossiter and  Peter Walters at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory about their soft robotics projects.

E&T cover image 1206 Episode 18

In this edition of the E&T podcast, we look at smart farming with Peter Mennake from DeLavel; sports engineering with Dr David James from Sheffield Hallam University; ethical hacking with Mohammed Naseer, Penetration Tester at Tranchulas Ltd; 100 years of the Strowger telephone exchange system at the Avoncroft Museum, home of the National Telephone Kiosk Collection; at the service tunnel for EuroTunnel with the French; and at wind farm power transmission with Norman MacLeod from Alstom Grid.

Download episode 18 now


  E&T cover image 1205 Episode 17

In this edition of the E&T podcast, we catch up with the latest service robots at Hannover Messe; hear about 50 years of innovation at Cambridge; about Nissan's first all-electric car, the Leaf; lend an ear to the Victorian piano music being archived by the Bodleian library at Oxford; find out how advertisers are using gamification technology to better engage consumers and learn what BP expects from students entering its Ultimate Field Trip engineering competition.

Download episode 17 now


  E&T cover image 1204 Episode 16

In this edition of the E&T podcast, Jim Al-Khalili on the question of geoengineering; storm chasing with Joshua Wurman; reflections on Titanic from descendents of passenger and crew, and the latest developments for traffic and road safety from the Intertraffic Exhibition.

Download episode 16 now



  E&T cover image 1203  

Episode 15

In this edition of the E&T podcast, Dickon Ross attends the iF design awards; Vitali Vitaliev goes to the Georges Pompidou hospital in Paris to find out how e-health initiatives are keeping our Gallic friends healthy; Dominic Lenton interrogates the axis of engineering and comedy to find out how well the two combine; Jonathan Wilson enters the House of Commons to join EAL in celebrating 20 years of bringing apprentices and industry together; and taking his inspiration from our cover feature about Titanic's legacy, Vitali Vitaliev braves the high seas to take a trip across the English Channel aboard the latest high-tech P&O ferry.

E&T cover image 1202 Episode 14

In the latest long-form E&T podcast, James Hayes attends the NEXT25 reception at the Science Museum in London to hear about the progress of the Making Modern Communications gallery; Dominic Lenton attends the RI High Fivers recruitment advertising awards and talks to the winners; Abi Grogan talks to Gino De Gol from Robocoaster, who pioneered the innovative use of robotic arms in theme park rides; director general of the CBI John Cridland waxes lyrical on the need for the government to back UK business abroad; Vitali Vitaliev talks to Willi Fuchs, executive director of the Association of German Engineers; Jason Goodyer catches up on the latest in rescue technology and Sofia Mitra-Thakur talks to ESRI UK about using geographic information mapping software to battle the pirates on the high seas.

Download episode 14 now


E&T cover image 1201 Episode 13

In the fourth long-form E&T podcast, Abi Grogan interviews Jon Timmis, Professor of Natural Computation at the University of York to talk about the field of swarm robotics; Jonathan Wilson talks to Hassan Miah, the CEO of UrFilez, the digital music streaming company, as it prepares to launch its mobile music app in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar; Joe Rukin, campaign coordinator for Stop HS2, opens this issue's Can of Worms to lay out the objections to the government’s proposed high-speed rail link between London and Birmingham; Vitali Vitaliev attends the Cartes and Identification event in Paris and meets Sesame security award-winners Gemalto, which unveiled its cloud-based Just4YourEyes e-mail encryption software solution; and Rachael Fergusson reports from the BETT show at London’s Olympia, the annual showcase of UK and international educational technology products, to hear what new technologies will be entering classrooms soon.

Download episode 13 now


E&T cover image 1112 Episode 12

In our third long-form podcast, Rachael Fergusson interviews Professor Frank James about the final edition of Michael Faraday’s letters, published by the IET; Jonathan Wilson hears from electronic music pioneer Thomas Dolby about his latest work and his reflections on technology past, present and future; Dominic Lenton talks to Dr Julian Allwood from the University of Cambridge about the album and book Both Eyes Open, which considers the place of metals in the world today and the people that work with them; Stephane Arditi phones in to state his position on the recasting of the EU WEEE directive; Vitali Vitaliev travels to Estonia to see a hotel room from the 1950s that was used exclusively by visiting foreign dignitaries during the Cold War era, with their activity covertly monitored all the while by KGB agents next door; and Nick Smith asks explorer Charley Boorman about his preference for travelling by motorbike and the technology that keeps him in touch when he’s out on the road.

Download episode 12 now


E&T cover image 1111

Episode 11 

In our second long-form podcast, Nick Smith interviews world-renowned record producer John Leckie; Jonathan Wilson talks to Abbey Road’s Simon Gibson and Universal Mastering Studio’s Peter Doell to find out how mastering engineers put the finishing touches on records today; Kris Sangani talks to William Rogers, CEO of UKRD, to hear about the proposed switch from analogue FM to DAB radio; Martin Brampton, campaign coordinator for, offers his personal take on the superiority of FM over DAB radio from an avid listener’s perspective; Abi Grogan visits Tim Boon, Head of Research and Public History at the Science Museum in London, to talk about how some of the earliest electronic music technology has influenced the equipment we use today; and Rachael Fergusson visits antivirus software company Avast's headquarters in Prague.

Download episode 11 now


E&T cover image 1110

Episode 10

In our brand-new long-form podcast, Chris Edwards discusses the innovative legacy of Steve Jobs; James Hayes and Aasha Bodani review Google's unusual year; Dominic Lenton interviews Doug Edwards, Google's former head of consumer marketing and brand management; Erika Burrows meets robot author Kevin Warwick, Kris Sangani reports from IFA, Germany's giant consumer electronics show, and Vitali Vitaliev and James Hayes visit the Orwell Festival to investigate the Big Brother nature of CCTV technology.

Download episode 10 now


Episode 10.5

Vitali Vitaliev and James Hayes visit the Orwell Festival to investigate the Big Brother nature of CCTV technology. This is an extended version of the final segment featured in the full Episode 10 podcast (see above).

Download episode 10.5 of the E&T podcast

Episode 9

Vitali Vitaliev visits Macia Batle, an old but high-tech winery in Mallorca.

Download episode 9 of the E&T podcast

Episode 8

Vitali Vitaliev rides on the footplate of the Isle of Man's steam railway engines, travelling back in time as he moves ever forward.

Download episode 8 of the E&T podcast

Episode 7.5

Dominic Lenton talks to Alexander Hayward, keeper of Science and Technology at the Museum of Scotland, about its collection of engineering artefacts, now on display in its newly refurbished Edinburgh space.

Download episode 7.5 of the E&T podcast

Episode 7

Vitali travels to Majorca to visit Hotel Bon Sol, championed as the greenest hotel on the island, to find out how it offsets the carbon footprint of its many visitors.

Download episode 7 of the E&T podcast

Episode 6

In his latest podcast, Vitali visits the Isle of Man to watch the Zero Emission TT Races, interviewing. some of the people behind the scenes to capture the magic of the TT, including Nick Schoeps, mechanical engineer for the 2011 winning team, US-based Motoczysz.

Download episode 6 of the E&T podcast

Episode 5

Vitali visits the British Library’s new Conservation Centre and finds out how great antiquarian books are preserved for posterity.

Download episode 5 of the E&T podcast

Episode 4

Vitali meets Mr Koji Omi, Japan’s former Minister for Science & Technology Policy and the country’s former Minister of Finance, to talk exclusively about Japan’s recent disaster.

Download episode 4 of the E&T podcast

Episode 3

Vitali talks to space expert Piers Bizony about Yuri Gagarin and the legacy of the early space missions.

Download episode 3 of the E&T podcast

Episode 2

Vitali travels to CERN's facility in Switzerland for a guided tour of the Large Hadron Collider.

Download episode 2 of the E&T podcast

Episode 1

Vitali talks to the E&T production team about the new magazine and website.

Download episode 1 of the E&T podcast





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