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A small tank-like robot was used to test a smart neural network allowing the machine to tell people from debris

Teaching robots to tell humans from debris

21 October 2014

Mexican researchers are developing a neural network that will allow small robots to learn how to recognise humans from other objects, a capability that could be particularly useful in rescue operations.

The Hendo Hoverboard is powered by four hover engines that magnetically levitate it

Start-up builds Back to the Future style hoverboard

21 October 2014

A California start-up has built a Back to the Future style hoverboard and is now crowd-funding to commercialise their product.

Médecins Sans Frontières health workers dealing with Ebola in Liberia

Microsoft offers free cloud-computing to Ebola researchers

21 October 2014

Microsoft will provide free cloud-computing and research applications to researchers working on the Ebola virus, says CEO Satya Nadella.

LiDAR technology enables creating detailed 3D maps

LiDAR survey to reduce tree-related risk to power lines

21 October 2014

The most extensive aerial LiDAR survey of high and extra high voltage overhead power lines covering more than 30,000km has been completed by UK Power Networks.

GlobalFoundries will take control of IBM’s manufacturing operations in East Fishkill, New York

IBM to pay $1.5bn to sell chip-making business

20 October 2014

IBM will pay GobalFoundries $1.5bn to take its chip-making business off its hands as it continues to shed its hardware holdings.

The Richborough solar farm

No more solar farms at expense of food production

20 October 2014

The UK Environment Secretary Liz Truss will end a £2m subsidy program for solar farms saying it's food production that needs the support more.

The Doctor and the Dalek will teach Key Stage 2 and 3 computing skills

Doctor Who to help teach kids to code in new game

20 October 2014

Doctor Who will help children learn how to code in a new online game to be released by the BBC.

Huawei's market share in Europe has risen from 2.5 per cent in 2006 to 25 per cent in 2014. EU believes Chinese state aid has contributed to the company's success

No tariffs for Chinese telecoms companies, says EU

20 October 2014

The European Union has ended a long-running telecoms dispute with China, dropping a threat to levy punitive tariffs on Chinese telecoms exports.

The project will generate over 495GWh of electricity every year for 120 years, according to its backers

Prudential invests £100m in Swansea tidal lagoon scheme

20 October 2014

Financial services giant Prudential will invest £100m into the proposed Swansea Bay tidal lagoon energy project.

Egypt wants to complete the new Suez canal by August 2015

Six foreign companies signed up to dredge new Suez Canal

20 October 2014

Egypt has signed contracts with six international firms on Saturday to carry out dredging of the new Suez Canal, the flagship project in President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's programme to revive the country's economy battered by years of political turmoil.

China shut down a bilateral working group on cyber-security in May

China says no plans to restart cyber-security talks with US

20 October 2014

Resuming cyber-security cooperation between China and the USA would be difficult because of "mistaken US practices", China's top diplomat told US Secretary of State John Kerry.

The natural gas powered Didcot B power station is one of the most efficient installations in the world.

Didcot power station fire won’t hit supplies

20 October 2014

A major blaze has erupted at the Didcot power station in Oxfordshire last night forcing the operator to shut the plant down.

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