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£20m increase in online banking fraud

27 March 2015

Losses worth millions of pounds have surged by 48 per cent over the last year in the UK due to online banking fraud, a financial organisation revealed on Friday.


Big data to cut delays on construction sites

27 March 2015

Engineers and construction companies will be able to tell what’s under the ground before they start digging after a data-analysis company was given access to troves of information.


Alternative fuel transport projects given £80m grant boost

27 March 2015

Fuel cell vans and the next generation of electric and hybrid buses are among the latest to receive money from a £1bn funding pot to ensure the UK car industry is at the top of its game.

Amsterdam's Schiphol airport was affected by a major power cut that caused traffic disruption in parts of the Netherlands

Amsterdam grinds to halt due to major power cut

27 March 2015

A major power outage has hit the Dutch capital Amsterdam and surrounding areas, disrupting operations at Schiphol Airport and halting trains and trams.


Party leaders have their say on science and engineering

27 March 2015

Party leaders indicated in open letters on Friday what they will do for engineering and science ahead of publishing their manifestos in April in the run up to the general election.

Facebook said it flew it's Internet-delivering drone in the UK

Facebook’s secret drone test flight in the UK

27 March 2015

Facebook has completed the first test flight of its unmanned aircraft designed to deliver Internet to remote areas, the social network’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has revealed.

Foldable wing design for drones inspired by nature

Bioinspired foldable wings to prevent drone collisions

26 March 2015

Stanford University researchers have designed innovative drone wings inspired by those of birds and bats that would allow aircraft to efficiently avoid in-flight collisions.


UK and Norway submerged interconnector to boost green power

26 March 2015

The world’s longest undersea interconnector is to be built between UK and Norway to power almost 750,000 homes in the UK.

The London Taxi Company is one of the firms hoping to win over the ultra low emission taxi market

£20m fund to support rollout of ultra-low emission taxis in UK

26 March 2015

The UK government has set up a £20m fund for local authorities to support the rollout of ultra-low emission taxis across the UK with further £25m promised for Greater London.


Twitter launches Periscope live video streaming app

26 March 2015

The social network unveiled on Thursday its live-streaming app acquired only a couple of months ago that allows public and private broadcasts.

Debris from Germanwings flight 4U9525 scattered over the foothills of the Alps

Hijack-preventing locks allowed derailed pilot to crash Germanwings flight

26 March 2015

A 28-year-old co-pilot was able to deliberately crash Germanwings flight 4U9525 after using security locks, introduced after the September 11 terrorist attacks, to prevent the flight’s captain from re-entering the cockpit.


UK clean energy hits new record high

26 March 2015

Renewables such as wind, solar, bioenergy and hydro generated almost a fifth of the UK’s electricity in 2014 setting a new record for clean technologies, provisional figures showed on Thursday.

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