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The Human Brain Project aims to simulate the roughly 100bn neurons that make up the human brain

Good progress as Human Brain Project celebrates first birthday

30 September 2014

The EU’s €1bn project to simulate the human brain is making good progress as it reaches its first anniversary, organisers say.

Most of the existing CubeSats have limited manoeuvrability to avoid collisions

CubeSat popularity aggravates space debris hazard

30 September 2014

The recent popularity of building and launching small simple research satellites, known as CubeSats, could lead to hazards for all space users unless preventive measures are taken.

Some 2,000 apprentices will be trained to work on the HS2 project

Two venues for HS2 rail college top train 2,000 apprentices

30 September 2014

The 2,000 apprentices that will be trained to help build the HS2 high speed rail link will be taught in Doncaster and Birmingham.

Research Scholar Satheesh Kumar from NTU Energy Research Institute and his award-winning invention

Two-in-one motor increases electric vehicle driving range

30 September 2014

An innovative engine integrating an electric motor with air-conditioning compressor promises to extend electric vehicle driving range.

Toshiba is growing vegetables in the high-tech style

Electronics giant Toshiba turns to vegetable production

30 September 2014

Japanese electronics and engineering corporation Toshiba has branched out into agriculture, commencing production of vegetables at its Yokosuka Clean Room Farm.

Action from the first Formula E race in Beijing earlier this month

‘Three or four’ new manufacturers in next year’s Formula E

30 September 2014

Bosses of the all-electric Formula E race series hope to attract ‘three or four’ manufacturers for the next season of the competition.

Mott MacDonald worked with Network Rail on the track reinstatement work at Dawlish earlier this year

Resilience work on Dawlish railway underway

30 September 2014

Work has begun to boost the resilience of the Dawlish sea wall that was breached in February, cutting off south-west England’s only rail connection for two months.

Londoners are not reading terms and conditions when connecting to WiFi hotspots very carefully, a new study has found

Londoners would give up children to connect to Wi-Fi

30 September 2014

Six Londoners, subject to an Internet behaviour experiment, have agreed to absurd terms and conditions to connect to a free Wi-Fi hotspot in the capital, a study has revealed.

SpaceX's Dragon was the first commercial vehicle to dock at the International Space Station

Nasa looks for more vehicles to ferry cargo to space station

29 September 2014

Nasa has issued a request for proposal inviting further companies to develop technology for delivering supplies to the International Space Station.

Solar could become the dominant energy source by 2050, the International Energy Agency predicts

Solar may become dominant power source by mid-century

29 September 2014

Solar technologies could generate more than a quarter of the world's electricity by 2050 removing up to six million tonnes of carbon dioxide, about the amount generated by all the world’s transport, the International Energy Agency said.

Jena University PhD researcher Robert Roder with the innovative laser device

Laser speed record broken

29 September 2014

Ultra-fast semiconductor nano-laser producing up to one trillion laser pulses per second has broken the world's laser speed record.

Australian researcher Sharath Sriram holding the minuscule data storage device he has developed

Nano-scale data storage mimics human brain

29 September 2014

A novel nano-structure developed by Australian researchers paves the way for nano-scale memory devices mimicking the human brain.

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