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A new satellite imaging concept could help locate lost planes and ships in the future

Satellite imaging to help find lost planes

30 January 2015

Leicester University researchers have proposed a new concept for utilising images from remote sensing satellites that could potentially decrease the time needed to find ships and planes lost in the oceans.


BMW cars found at risk of being unlocked by hackers

30 January 2015

The German carmaker BMW has fixed a security flaw that could have allowed hackers to wirelessly open BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce vehicles, a motorist association said on Friday.


Google to change privacy policy following investigation

30 January 2015

Google has agreed to change its privacy policy in the UK after an investigation by a data protection regulator found its guidelines were too vague.

Norwegian researchers have managed to generate electricity using bacteria as a fuel cell

Wastewater powered fuel cells developed in Norway

30 January 2015

Norwegian researchers have developed fuel cells powered by wastewater digested by bacteria.  


Engineers walk out in Germany

30 January 2015

Tens of thousands of German workers representing engineering firms have gone on “warning” strikes across the country over a wage dispute, a trade union said.

BT has introduced an ambitious project that would offer UK residents the fastest broadband Internet access in the world

BT plans to launch six times faster broadband by 2020

30 January 2015

BT will launch trials of superfast broadband technology six times the speed of the fastest of today’s services aiming for a 2016 nationwide rollout.


European offshore wind growth slowed in 2014

30 January 2015

The European offshore wind industry saw a 5 per cent decline in new capacity installations in 2014 after record figures the previous year, an energy association says.

Europe's laser data highway will allow real-time evaluation of data from remote-sensing satellites

Europe’s space data highway confirmed

30 January 2015

Europe will go ahead with the construction of a laser-based satellite data relay system following a successful test of the technology last year.

Basque researchers have developed a secure protocol that could allow connecting pacemakers to the Internet

Security protocol for Internet-connected pacemakers

28 January 2015

Basque researchers have developed a security protocol that could allow pacemakers of the future to be connected to the Internet.

Mundane repetitive tasks will be taken care of by robots in the future - but what about the workers?

Electronics maker wants to replace people with robots

28 January 2015

Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn wants to reduce its workforce with the help of robots and automation.


Scotland announces fracking moratorium

28 January 2015

The Scottish government has announced a ban on fracking operations to allow a full public consultation on the controversial matter.

A crowd of demonstrators dissatisfied with the Lancashire County Council's decision to defer the verdict on fracking in the region

Lancashire council defers fracking decision

28 January 2015

Lancashire County Council has accepted a request by energy firm Cuadrilla to defer decisions on two fracking applications.

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