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Researchers hope personal helicopters could help relieve congested cities in future

Steering wheel for helicopters to change future of transportation

20 November 2014

German researchers have developed a steering system that would enable controlling helicopters as easily as common cars.

At low current the coated LEDs emit a cosy, warm glow compared to the uncoated LEDs [Credit: Hugo J Cornelissen]

Scientists give LEDs a warm glow

20 November 2014

Scientists working for lighting giant Philips have discovered a novel way of making the light from LEDs warmer, a longstanding challenge for designers.

Work to prepare the Hinkley Point site has been ongoing since March

Decc says no fears of Hinkley delays, despite review

20 November 2014

The UK Government is carrying out a progress assessment of the Hinkley Point nuclear plant project but played down reports of concern over potential delays.

INEOS, the owner of the Grangemouth petrochemical plant, wants to become the UK's biggest fracker

Ineos aims to become UK’s biggest fracker

20 November 2014

Chemical giant Ineos wants to expand its UK fracking portfolio with a £640m investment bid that would make it the UK’s biggest player in the industry.

Revelations made by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden last year sparked a global backlash against governmental cyber-surveillance

App protects against government snooping

20 November 2014

People concerned about governments’ cyber-surveillance practices can use a new web tool to spot if their devices have been infected with eavesdropping malware.

Someone might be watching you! A Russian website found gathering footage from hacked CCTV and web cameras

Password warning as hackers access thousands of webcams

20 November 2014

A Russian-based website has been found showing footage from hacked webcams, CCTV cameras and even baby monitors, allowing criminals to spy on people from across the world.

Aerial image from Nasa of the Eyjafjallajökull eruption in 2010

Volcanic ash detector fitted to long-haul jet

20 November 2014

A prototype volcanic ash detector that has been fitted to a British Airways 747 aircraft could help prevent future air travel disruption.

The Bio-Bus outside Bristol sewage treatment works [Credit: Wessex Water]

Human waste powered 'Bio-Bus' hits the roads

20 November 2014

A bus powered entirely by human waste and food leftovers will take to the road today in a first for the UK.

A depot used to store pipes for Transcanada's planned Keystone XL oil pipeline in North Dakota

Keystone oil pipeline bill fails by just one vote

19 November 2014

An attempt to force approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline through the Senate fell one vote short of the 60 needed to push the bill through.

The Stanford researchers have mimicked the way geckos feet are able to stick to surfaces

Gecko-inspired climbing gloves help man scale 12ft glass wall

19 November 2014

Gloves inspired by the method used by geckos to climb walls have enabled a human to scale a 12ft vertical pane of glass.

A billboard advertisement for Takata in Tokyo this September

Regulator demands nationwide recall of 'risky' airbags

19 November 2014

Car safety regulators in the US have demanded that a Japanese supplier of potentially lethal airbags expands a regional recall to make it nationwide.

A new Tech City scheme will give UK residents access to free online digital skills courses

Free digital skills courses offered by Tech City

19 November 2014

Free online digital skills courses from Cambridge University will be offered by a government-backed scheme to make the UK a "global technology powerhouse".

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