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North Korean hackers ‘could even kill’, high-profile defector warns

29 May 2015

A key defector has told the BBC that the capabilities of North Korean hackers could stretch as far as to destroy critical infrastructure and even kill people.


Low-emission buses on Bristol roads after £78m investment

29 May 2015

People in Bristol will soon be travelling on new buses fitted with the latest low-emission engines after a fleet of 385 vehicles were ordered nationally.

Boeing's CST 100 space capsule could dock at the International Space Station in 2017

Boeing to fly to ISS in 2017, Nasa confirmed

28 May 2015

American space agency Nasa has taken a major step towards regaining the capability to launch human crews to the International Space Station by issuing a task order to Boeing to perform its first manned mission in 2017.

Dutch firm Fugro, in charge of search for the lost Malaysia Airlines flight 370, has been criticised for its lack of experience

Firm in charge of MH370 hunt criticised for lack of expertise

28 May 2015

Some international deep-sea search experts have criticised the company in charge of the search for the lost Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 for not using appropriate equipment and lacking experience.


China to bring out five-year cybersecurity plan

28 May 2015

China is believed to be preparing a five-year cybersecurity plan to protect state secrets and data, according to a report from China Daily on Thursday.


Light could replace electricity to carry computer data

28 May 2015

Stanford engineers want to change the way data is sent back and forth between chips in computing by using light instead of electricity in a bid to replace wires.


Twitter and mobile phone data to gauge how big crowds are

28 May 2015

Geographical data from Twitter and mobile phones could be used to estimate the size of a large crowd, a new study has shown.


Drone technology keeps BMX riders on track for gold

28 May 2015

Great Britain Cycling Team’s BMX squad is equipping its bikes with technology used in drones to shave precious milliseconds off its race times.  

Ansible Motion opens £2m vehicle simulation R&D facility

27 May 2015

Vehicle simulator developer Ansible Motion has unveiled a new research and development centre that features an advanced driving simulator at the Hethel Engineering Centre in Norfolk.

New onshore wind farms will no longer recieve subsidies, according to plans of the new conservative government

Government to cut onshore wind farm support

27 May 2015

The new conservative government plans to cut subsidies for onshore windfarms and give the right to decide about future large-scale projects to local communities.


Chip to analyse blood and send data to your phone

27 May 2015

A tiny chip could soon be placed under your skin to measure cholesterol or sugar levels in your blood and send the data straight to your phone.

Darpa says its new lidar on a chip presents a major breakthrough

Darpa demonstrates lidar on a chip

27 May 2015

American defence research agency Darpa has developed a lidar system small enough to be integrated on a microchip yet offering better performance than conventional bulky mechanical devices.