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Bill Gates believes that investment into clean technology research needs to accelerate

Bill Gates unveils plans for clean tech research initiative

27 November 2015

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is planning to launch a multi-billion dollar clean energy research initiative to support the global efforts to reduce the effects of climate change.

A microphone made of graphene could capture ultrasonic frequencies

Super-sensitive graphene microphone could be ultrasonic

27 November 2015

Researchers have created a microphone made of graphene that is 32 times more sensitive than a conventional nickel-based device. 

A zero-emission Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell with sophisticated mapping technology

Hyndai's fuel cell car maps central London

27 November 2015

A mosaic depicting Oxford Street made of half a million photographs of central London streets captured by automated mapping technology has been created by Hyundai. 

Formula E has launched the first driverless car racing series

Formula E announces driverless electric car championship

27 November 2015

The first championship of driverless electric cars - dubbed the Roborace - has been announced by Formula E.

Centrica will invest into the South Humber power station to bring it back online in 2017

Centrica upgrades mothballed gas power plant

27 November 2015

Energy firm Centrica has invested £63m into upgrades of a partially mothballed gas-fired power station in North East Lincolnshire.

62-year-old Tanzanian farmer Elizabeth Mukwimba:

UK aid-funded solar power brings light to Tanzanian farmers

26 November 2015

A scheme backed by the Department for International Development is bringing household solar systems to remote, rural areas of Tanzania.

Spencer the robot will be helping lost passengers at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport

Robot to help passengers navigate Amsterdam airport

26 November 2015

A surroundings mapping robot named Spencer will be helping passengers at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport find their way to the gates.

Unused assets that could be sold off include abandoned depots, land under railway arches and retail space inside stations

Network Rail delays infrastructure projects, sells £1.8bn in assets

26 November 2015

Network Rail (NR) has announced it is selling off £1.8bn in assets in order to meet the costs of major infrastructure projects.

New features of Microsoft's sound-mapping headset for blind people will make the tech more 'descriptive'

Microsoft upgrades headset for blind people

26 November 2015

Microsoft has upgraded its experimental headset for blind people which features providing more information about landmarks in the surroundings. 

German battery maker Sonnenbatterie has launched a solar power sharing scheme

Solar power sharing scheme launched in Germany

26 November 2015

A German battery maker has launched a solar energy sharing scheme that makes households equipped with photovoltaic panels and battery storage systems less dependent on major utilities by enabling them to trading their electricity.

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne delivering the Autumn Statement in London

Spending review: science budgets protected, energy efficiency measures cut

26 November 2015

Chancellor George Osborne has bowed to pressure from scientists to protect their core government funding from the effects of inflation, but slashed financial support for household energy efficiency.

UK 'must cut emissions by 57 per cent by 2030'

26 November 2015

The UK needs to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 57 per cent by 2030 in order to meet its long-term climate change goals, government advisers have warned.

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