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The recovered first stage of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket transported to a hangar

SpaceX to relaunch first used rocket on commercial mission this autumn

31 August 2016

Private space transportation company SpaceX has signed a deal with Luxembourg-based satellite operator SES to launch a telecommunication satellite using a previously flown rocket, a major step towards the company’s goal of full rocket reusability. 

40 brands will be made available allowing customers to quickly reorder essential household goods

Amazon Dash WiFi buttons launch in the UK

31 August 2016

Amazon Dash, WiFi-connected buttons that reorder household products with a single press, have been launched in the UK.

Barack Obama's administration has claimed that Europe is merely trying to punish American success

US angered by EU’s $14.5bn tax on Apple despite Washington tip off

31 August 2016

The US has expressed anger over a decision by the European Union (EU) to hand Apple a $14.5bn (£11bn) tax bill but EU officials said that Washington itself was responsible for the demands.

The future Internet of Energy will allow power to be consumed more efficiently

Smarter power grid and 'internet of energy' would prevent UK blackouts

31 August 2016

Instead of building more power stations, the UK should focus on making its power grid smarter in order to avoid blackouts, the new head of the National Grid has said. 

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn speaking during a leadership debate

Corbyn pledges to 'democratise the internet'

30 August 2016

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who is currently undergoing a leadership challenge, has announced he will draw up a digital bill of rights as part of a new manifesto to promote and harness the internet.

EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager during a news conference on Ireland's tax dealings with Apple

Apple to receive multi-billion dollar Irish tax bill from EU

30 August 2016

Apple is to receive a multi-billion dollar tax bill from the European Commission, which has ruled against Ireland's tax dealings with the US company.

A new safer method for extracting gold from electronic waste has been developed by Edinburgh University researchers

Gold recovered from old gadgets and electronic waste using new safer method

30 August 2016

Hundreds of tonnes of gold could be recovered from old electronic devices including smartphones, TV sets and computers every year thanks to a new method by Edinburgh University researchers.

The SWIFT network is used by financial institutions to send secure messages

Global cyber-crime initiative urged after Bangladesh bank heist

30 August 2016

US President Barack Obama has been urged by six senators to push the issue of cyber-crime at this weekend's G20 summit in China following the theft of $81m (£62m) from Bangladesh's Central Bank.

An underwater turbine for generating tidal power built by Scottish firm Nova Innovation

Tidal energy array makes first exports to grid

30 August 2016

A tidal array consisting of a set of turbines has been connected to the national electricity grid in Scotland. 

The UK's stockpiles of coal have shrunk to a new record low in 2015, data reveals

Death knell for coal as UK stockpiles reach record low

26 August 2016

The UK’s stockpiles of coal have shrunk to less than 500,000 tonnes in 2015, the lowest level since the end of the First World War, heralding an end of the fossil fuel’s era.

VW has begun the long, painful and expensive road to reputation recovery in the US

VW finalises compensation for US dealers over emissions scandal

26 August 2016

Volkswagen has tentatively reached a final deal with its US dealer network to compensate them for losses they claim to have suffered as a result of the company's emissions cheating scandal.

The security of Apple's software has come in question recently

Apple issues iOS update to combat spyware

26 August 2016

Apple is rolling out a global update to its iOS mobile operating system after a botched attempt to break into the iPhone of an Arab activist using spyware.

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