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Self-organising robot swarms could inspire future collision avoidance systems

Robot swarm paves way for better collision avoidance systems

18 September 2014

Open platform low cost robots mimicking behaviour of swarming bees pave the way for self-organised cooperation of nature-inspired machines.

A smart system telling drivers when to brake and when to change the route can help extend the range of electric vehicles up to 30 per cent

Smart system increases electric vehicle range by third

18 September 2014

system telling drivers when to brake and when to change the route developed by European researchers increases electric vehicle driving range by up to 30 per cent.

Hackers sponsored by Chinese government have breached computer systems of US defence contractors

Chinese hackers steal data from US defence contractors

18 September 2014

Computer systems of several US airlines as well as multiple technology companies associated with US military have been breached by Chinese state-sponsored hackers.

Artist's rendition of India's Mars Orbiter Mission Mangalyaan at its destination

India’s orbiter readies for Mars encounter

18 September 2014

India’s low cost Mangalyaan spacecraft will attempt to enter the orbit around Mars next week in the first ever such endeavour of India’s space industry.

Outdated wet film speed cameras in London will be replaced with more versatile digital technology

New digital cameras to crack down on London’s speeders

18 September 2014

New digital cameras will be installed around London to better monitor speeding than outdated wet film technology.

Amazon's new Fire HDX tablet offers higher resolution than Apple's iPad and is equipped with a Bluetooth keyboard like Microsoft's Surface

Amazon challenges Apple's iPad with improved Fire HDX

18 September 2014

Online retail giant Amazon has announced a complete refresh of its tablet computer and e-reader devices, including a special child-friendly version of their Fire HD tablet.

UAV's are nothing new but no one has yet equipped them with manipulator arms turning them into flying robotic mechanics

Flying robot technicians gearing up for dangerous work

17 September 2014

A self-organised fleet of autonomous robots could soon replace human fire-fighters, rescuers or construction workers in tasks that could put human lives at risk.

The new material created by Harvard researchers performs as well as silicon-based transistors

New material paves way for quantum transistors

17 September 2014

American researchers have discovered a material that allows reversibly changing electrical resistance as efficiently as silicon transistors but on a scale of electrons.

The European Commission is looking for innovative web-application ideas created using the FIWARE architecture

€80m for best FIWARE-based web ideas

17 September 2014

The European Commission is looking for innovative online application ideas to help improve healthcare, smart manufacturing or agriculture.

First of its kind, a synthetic material created by MIT researchers can change its colour and texture to blend into the environment like an Octopus

Artifical squid skin for dynamic camouflage

17 September 2014

A remotely controlled material created by MIT researchers can change its colour, texture and fluorescence on demand, providing perfect camouflage.

Boeing has been awarded a £2.6bn contract to build and test a space capsule for transportation of astronauts

SpaceX and Boeing to carry astronauts to space

17 September 2014

Nasa has chosen Boeing and SpaceX to build commercial space taxis to ferry American astronauts to the International Space Station.

Using Apple Watch while driving could lead to dangerous accidents

Smartwatches increase risk of car accidents

16 September 2014

Using smart watches while driving could decrease the driver’s attention and lead to dangerous traffic accidents, a road safety charity has warned.

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