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Solar Impulse pilot Andre Borschberg during his transpacific flight

Solar Impulse completes record-breaking flight

3 July 2015

The Solar Impulse aircraft powered solely by energy from the Sun has completed its record-breaking five-day non-stop cruise across the Pacific Ocean.

Rolls-Royce is developing autonomous ships

Rolls-Royce to lead autonomous ship project

3 July 2015

British engineering giant Rolls-Royce will lead a €6.6m research project providing bases for the development of future autonomous ships.

A privacy-protecting algorithm could automatically replace faces in photos with artificial ones

Swapping faces in photos could protect privacy online

3 July 2015

A Hertfordshire University researcher proposes a privacy algorithm for social media that would automatically replace faces in photos with artificial ones, thus protecting people’s privacy online.

Korean researchers have invented a novel lithium ion battery based on a porous material known as cucurbituril

Solid porous Li-ion batteries less likely to explode

3 July 2015

Korean engineers have created novel lithium ion batteries made of a porous solid material that are less likely to overheat.

Solar farms and installations across the UK will open their gates to visitors to celebrate the 'Solar Independence Day'

Solar power generation to hit 15 per cent during open day

3 July 2015

The UK solar energy generation is set to reach 15 per cent of the country's overall electricity supply this afternoon, industry experts said, as solar farms across the country open to the public for an annual open day.

Solar Impulse pilot Andre Borschberg can only take short 20-minute naps during the five-day transpacific flight

Solar Impulse breaks record for solo flying

3 July 2015

The pilot of Sun-powered Solar Impulse aircraft has broken a world record for the longest non-stop solo flight on Thursday, ahead of reaching its destination in Hawaii.

BP has agreed to pay a £12bn settlement over the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster

BP to settle Deepwater Horizon case

2 July 2015

Oil giant BP has agreed to pay £12bn to settle the Deepwater Horizon oil spill case, ending years of litigation over the environmental damage and casualties.

Barclays has extended the trial of its technology that allows people to pay their cheques by taking pictures of them

Barclays’ photocheque available to Android users

2 July 2015

Barclays has extended the trial of its mobile cheque imaging service that allows people to pay in their cheques by simply taking photos of them.

The automatic object recognition feature of Google's Photos app has tagged two people of colour as gorillas

Black couple tagged as gorillas by Google's smart app

2 July 2015

The artificial intelligence system in Google’s new Photos app has caused a scandal by tagging an African American couple as gorillas.

The Mayor's Fund and 'Penny for London' announced its first list of beneficiaries, including the Dellaglio Foundation

Contactless micro-donations raise £30K for London youth charities

2 July 2015

The Penny for London scheme has announced the first ten charities and projects that will benefit from the contactless payment donations made by Londoners since the charity's launch in October 2014.

Siemens has launched the world's largest electrolysis plant to convert excess wind power into hydrogen

Siemens launches largest hydrogen energy storage plant

2 July 2015

German engineering giant Siemens has launched what it calls ‘the world’s largest electrolysis plant’, designed to store excess wind power in hydrogen for use in cars.

3D-printing could help improve characteristics of optical fibres

3D printing to improve properties of optical fibres

2 July 2015

Researchers want to use 3D printing to produce optical fibres in the hope that the additive manufacturing technique leads to improvement in the fibres' structure and enables new applications.