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Rice waste can finally be of use thanks to new environmentally-friendly stove developed in Africa

Clean rice-waste-burning stove developed for Benin

6 May 2016

African researchers have developed a stove that burns rice husks while emitting much less pollution than conventional wood-burning stoves.

The sonic nets have been shown to reduce the number of birds in an area by up to 80 per cent

Sonic nets installed in airfields shown to prevent bird collisions

6 May 2016

Sonic nets could be installed around airfields in order to prevent collisions between birds and aircraft.

Silicon-based brain electrodes that dissolve after a certain amount of time have been developed in the US

Dissolvable brain implant tested in rats

6 May 2016

American researchers have created dissolvable brain electrodes that can measure electrical activity in the brain with better resolution than existing devices

The robot's movement algorithms could be applied to other two-legged devices in the future

Two-legged robot demonstrates unparalleled 3D walking

6 May 2016

An unsupported bipedal robot capable of walking down steep slopes and traversing uneven ground has been developed by University of Michigan researchers.

New technology enables using the whole arm as a smartwatch touchscreen

Touch tracking tech turns skin into touch pad

6 May 2016

Touch tracking technology that enables using the skin of an arm as an extended smartwatch touch screen has been developed by American researchers.

Drones like this one could be used in future to trigger rain

Rain-making drone takes to the sky in Nevada

5 May 2016

The world’s first cloud-seeding drone has taken to the sky in Nevada to test technology that might help fight drought in future.

Age-related macular degeneration is one of the leading causes of vision loss among the elderly in the United States

Whispering camera glasses allow the blind to read

5 May 2016

Blind people are being given the ability to 'see' again courtesy of a tiny camera that clips onto a pair of glasses and relays an audio description of their surroundings.

Would your computer be more secure without an antivirus?

Browsers protect better than antivirus, research suggests

5 May 2016

Keeping Internet browsers up to date may provide better security than installing some commonly used malware protection software, which might actually increase vulnerability according to new research.

The mayoral candidates have placed London's straining transport networks at the top of their manifestos

London Mayoral candidate pledges: Crossrail, Heathrow, electric cars

5 May 2016

Polling booths for the London Mayoral Elections opened this morning, with voters offered a choice of 12 candidates including the Conservative Zac Goldsmith and Labour’s Sadiq Khan.

Even the best surgeon's hands shake sometimes - not those of the autonomous STAR robot

Autonomous robot surgeon outperforms human operator

5 May 2016

An autonomous robot has performed surgery on a pig’s intestine, resulting for the first time in better results than a human surgeon.

Chemical giant Ineos plans to launch a major survey to find new fracking sites in the UK

Ineos on the seismic search for new UK fracking sites

4 May 2016

Petrochemical giant Ineos said it will carry out a large-scale seismic survey this summer to find new fracking sites in northern England.

IBM's prototype quantum processor does not look anything like its traditional counterpart

IBM opens its quantum processor to public via cloud

4 May 2016

IBM is letting members of the public sample the computing capabilities of its quantum processor via the cloud.

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