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Austrian campaigner Max Schrems wants to sue Facebook for alleged data protection violations

Giant class action urged to fight Facebook privacy breaches

1 August 2014

A lawyer has called on Facebook's one billion global users to join a class action fight against the social network over privacy rights.

Coal-fired powered plants won't be eligible for long-term subsidies as part of the capacity market

No subsidies for polluting coal plants

1 August 2014

Polluting coal-fired power stations will not be paid long-term subsidies to help keep the lights on, officials have confirmed.

China is known to have developed a whole family of ballistic missiles

Chinese newspaper confirms existence of intercontinental missiles

1 August 2014

A Chinese provincial department appeared to have inadvertently confirmed the existence of an intercontinental ballistic missile that may be able to carry several nuclear warheads and travel as far as the US.

An optical illusion creates the impression of a static image where in fact is only one row of fast spinning LED lights

Visual illusions for fashionable cyclists

1 August 2014

Glasgow university students have created a LED light accessory for bicycles that can create sophisticated optical illusions.

Nasa's next Martian rover will select samples to be possibly returned to Earth but won't bring them back itself

Future Martian rover to pave way for human mission

1 August 2014

The 2020 Nasa’s Martian rover will carry a selection of advanced instruments to improve understanding of geology of the Red Planet to help future astronauts to utilise local resources.

Bulgaria is hoping to construct a Westinghouse AP-1000 nuclear reactor

Bulgaria paving way for new nuclear reactor

1 August 2014

Bulgaria has signed a deal that paves the way for a new $5bn nuclear reactor that will help reduce its energy dependence on Russia.

The recent incidents represents the first time when Canada openly accused another country of launching a cyber attack against it

Attack on Canada’s research body linked to ‘Putter Panda’

1 August 2014

The recent hacking attempt on a sensitive Canadian government computer network bears resemblance to attacks mounted by an elite unit of the Chinese army, a cyber-security expert has suggested.

BBM still has over 85 million active users but the company wants to promote its use among enterprise customers

BlackBerry to open BBM up to Windows phones

1 August 2014

BlackBerry’s popular messaging system BBM will now be open to those using the Windows phone platform.

The Ferrybridge C Power Station was built in the 1960s and its towers are the largest of its kind in Europe

Ferrybridge power station tower collapses in fire

1 August 2014

A blaze broke out at the Ferrybridge C Power Station yesterday causing one of its towers to partially collapse.

Scientists believe that wireless is the future of electric vehicles charging

New design for contactless electric vehicle charging

31 July 2014

German researchers have developed an innovative technology for wireless electric vehicle charging using inductive coils at the front instead of on the underside of a vehicle.

More than half of Britain's clean electricity now comes from onshore and offshore wind

Nearly 15 per cent of UK electricity from renewables

31 July 2014

Nearly 15 per cent of the UK's electricity was generated from renewables last year, official figures show.

The world's second-largest maker of aircraft engines Rolls-Royce is predicting a return to profit next year

Rolls-Royce backs return to profit next year

31 July 2014

Rolls-Royce says it will return to growth next year after an expected profit fall due to shrinking defence spending and a struggling marine business.

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