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Just a drop of water heals a polymer derived from a squid teeth protein

Squid teeth-based polymer self-heals with water

2 September 2015

A self-healing polymer based on genetic code of squid ring teeth could possibly extend the life of medical implants and fibre-optic cables in the future.

Autonomous carts developed by the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology

Self-driving golf carts tested in Singapore

2 September 2015

Self-driving golf carts have been ferrying tourists around a large garden in Singapore in an experiment designed to advance autonomous transportation.

A die shot of the new sixth generation Intel Core processor

Intel unveils sixth generation of Core processors

2 September 2015

Intel has unveiled the sixth generation of its signature Core processors, which it claims will provide more than twice the performance of the average PC.

A completely paralysed man has managed to make a thousand voluntary steps with the help of a robotic suit

Robotic exoskeleton helps paralysed man to walk again

2 September 2015

A completely paralysed man has been able to regain the ability to walk with the help of a robotic exoskeleton, the first experiment of its kind.

A passenger train crosses a bridge as it travels from Jakarta to Bandung near Padalarang

Indonesia delays decision on high-speed rail project

2 September 2015

Indonesia will delay a decision on whether to award a contract to build the country's first high-speed railway to China or Japan, a senior official says.

Lorries operating on the streets of London will have to be equipped with new technology protecting cyclists

Safer Lorry Scheme technology 'overwhelming', campaigner says

2 September 2015

Lorries not equipped with advanced safety mirrors will be banned from the streets of London to enhance the safety of cyclists, but a safety campaigner says the proposed technology may do more harm than good. 

A jacket that enables the wearer to contactlessly pay for purchases is being sold by fashion firm Lyle & Scott

Contactless payment jacket fashioned for Barclaycard

2 September 2015

A contactless payment jacket has been created by a London-based fashion studio in cooperation with Barclaycard, allowing the wearer to pay for purchases by tapping a sleeve on a card reader.  

US Coast Guard Cutter Healy breaking ice in Arctic Ocean

Obama says USA needs new icebreaker to match Russia

2 September 2015

The USA needs to quickly acquire at least one new heavy icebreaker capable of navigating the Arctic to keep up with Russia, according to President Barack Obama.

Google's new logo design has been tweaked to a new sans-serif typeface

Google unveils logo redesign

2 September 2015

Google has revealed a new logo that it says is designed to make it easier to use on mobile devices, TVs and wearables.

The details of 19.7 million contractors and employees and 1.8 million

US government data breach victims still in the dark

2 September 2015

None of the 21.5 million federal employees and contractors whose security clearance data was hacked more than three months ago have been informed, officials admit.

The newly developed electric super-car will supposedly exceed some of the capabilities of the acclaimed Tesla P85D

Graphene fuel cell electric supercar planned to take on Ferrari

1 September 2015

An electric supercar powered by a graphene-based hydrogen fuel cell with better performance than a Ferrari is being developed by a newly established consortium. 

Esa's satellite Integral will be removed from space by 2029

New method to remove satellites from space

1 September 2015

Spanish researchers have developed a new method that would allow removing satellites from space at the end of their designed lifetime.