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Robots to ‘hear better’ with new microphone technique

30 June 2015

A new microphone system that could help future robots pay closer attention to what they hear has been developed by UK scientists.


Mobile roaming charges to be scrapped across EU by 2017

30 June 2015

Mobile roaming charges are set to be abolished in all 28 member states by June 2017 as part of an overhaul of Europe’s telecoms market to boost growth and innovation.


Electric double decker bus to be trialled in London

29 June 2015

A purpose-built pure electric double decker bus will hit the streets of London in October, the Mayor of London announced today.

Who will pay for the BP oil spill?

BP's Deepwater Horizon oil spill appeal rejected by US Supreme Court

29 June 2015

The US Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal by oil and gas giant BP and its partner Anadarko Petroleum, which seeks to avoid penalties for the massive 2010 Golf of Mexico oil spill.

Ultrasonic 3D fingerprint scanner developed by researchers from the University of California

Low-cost 3D fingerprint scanner for smartphones

29 June 2015

Researchers have developed an innovative 3D fingerprint scanner that could be used in smartphones and other devices to improve security.

The ARID team in microgravity [credit ©ESA-A. Le Floc'h]

ESA microgravity student programme returns

29 June 2015

The European Space Agency's (ESA) 'Fly Your Thesis!' programme is back, following a three-year hiatus.

The final race of the inaugural season of the Formula E championship took place in London's Battersea Park

Formula E winners Renault promise to 'be more present'

29 June 2015

Renault’s CEO has pledged to increase the car-maker’s involvement in the Formula E series after its team won the inaugural season of the all-electric championship.


Barclaycard introduces 'bPay' contactless payment wristband

29 June 2015

A ‘tap and pay’ wristband that people can wear on the go has been unveiled by Barclaycard and will go on sale from Wednesday.


Solar Impulse 2 prepares for record flight across Pacific Ocean

29 June 2015

Solar Impulse 2, the solar-powered plane, is making its second attempt at what would be the longest solo flight in history on Monday.

Lancashire County Council rejected the second application of energy firm Cuadrilla to frack in the region

Cuadrilla's second Lancashire fracking application rejected

29 June 2015

Lancashire County Council has turned down an application by energy firm Cuadrilla to extract shale gas by hydraulic fracturing at a site near Preston, despite the council’s planning officers having recommended approval.

US private space firm SpaceX lost its Dragon capsule in a post-launch explosion

SpaceX Dragon spacecraft explodes en route to ISS

29 June 2015

The SpaceX-operated Falcon 9 rocket carrying the Dragon cargo vehicle bound for the International Space Station exploded shortly after lift-off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on Sunday.

Dearman's cold air engine is being tested in a new technology centre

Zero-emission engine begins testing

26 June 2015

British nitrogen engine pioneer Dearman has started full-scale testing of its zero-emission liquid air engine for refrigerated transport.