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Traffic lights and motorists linked by automated transport system

24 April 2015

A new technology that connects traffic signals to cars to help drivers make their way around town has been rolled out in Newcastle.


‘Safest bike ever’ designed by UK inventor

24 April 2015

A British entrepreneur has designed what he calls "the safest bike in history", featuring a protective cage positioned around the rider and a double seatbelt.


Google’s rise in profits bolstered by ads

24 April 2015

Google has reported an increase in revenue to $3.59bn on the same period last year, with money from advertising continuing to grow.


Formula One device to help save energy in supermarkets

24 April 2015

A Formula One inspired aerodynamic device that can significantly reduce the energy consumed by refrigerators in supermarkets has been devised.

An electric taxi developed specifically for tropical megacities

Bespoke electric taxi for tropical cities unveiled

24 April 2015

The world’s first electric taxi designed specifically for cities with a predominantly hot climate has been unveiled in Singapore.


Apple Watch finally goes on sale worldwide

24 April 2015

The Apple Watch was finally released for sale worldwide today, although the long queues typically seen outside its stores whenever a new product arrives were notably absent.

Hackers could make trains crash by breaching the new European Rail Traffic Management System

New railway signalling system vulnerable to hackers, says expert

24 April 2015

The European Rail Traffic Management System that is being rolled out in the UK might be an easy target for cyber criminals, an expert has warned.

BP said selling Cats will allow the firm to focus on development of other projects in the North Sea region

BP sells stake in North Sea pipeline

23 April 2015

Oil giant BP has said it will sell its stake in the Central Area Transmission System (Cats), which delivers natural gas from the central North Sea to England, to the majority owner, Antin Infrastructure Partners.


Butterfly wings could cut screen reflections

23 April 2015

A butterfly could help make phone and laptop screens less bright after researchers determined that non-reflective screens could be developed by recreating the structure of its wings.

Bee population decline caused by changing landscape

23 April 2015

The decline in the bee population could be the result of poor diet caused by the changing nature of the British landscape, according to the results of a new study.

Northrop Grumman's X-47B unmanned aircraft has become the first drone to have performed aerial refuelling

First aerial-refuelling of a drone demonstrated by US Navy

23 April 2015

A Northrop Grumman X-47B unmanned aircraft has become the first drone in the history to perform autonomous aerial refuelling.


UK car industry productivity hits all-time high

23 April 2015

The automotive market in the UK is more productive than ever before, according to new figures from a key motor industry trade association.

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