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The robot is constructed using an origami-like manufacturing technique that enables it to compress its body to fit into small gaps

‘Disgusting’ cockroach robots designed to locate disaster victims

9 February 2016

A miniature robot that can squeeze itself into tiny gaps like a cockroach could be used in disaster areas to find victims trapped in unreachable areas.

This two-handed human-sized robot assembly worker hopes to tackle UK productivity crisis

Robot fears exacerbating UK productivity crisis

9 February 2016

The UK needs to overcome its fear of robots if it wants to address the productivity crisis in the manufacturing sector and not lose out to its competitors, according to robotics manufacturer ABB.

Biometric systems identify individuals through scans of unique features, such as fingerprints or irises

Biometric systems bringing voting clarity to Africa

8 February 2016

Uganda has joined the list of many African nations making the move towards a biometric standard of voting, in a bid to bring greater transparency to the election process.

Eagles destroy commercial drones with ease, Dutch police have found

Drone-killing eagles in Holland inspire Metropolitan police

8 February 2016

The UK Metropolitan Police are considering employing eagles in the fight against the use of drones for illegal purposes.

Gas is being extracted from depths of up to 600m at the Laggan-Tormore gas fields

Total's Shetland ocean gas field starts production amidst sector crisis

8 February 2016

French energy giant Total has started extracting gas from the first gas field in the UK located in a challenging ocean environment in the west of Shetland, despite the ongoing crisis in the oil and gas sector.

Ground-penetrating radar spies on wombat colonies

5 February 2016

Researchers from the University of Adelaide have developed a method of non-invasively studying the inner workings of wombat warrens, with a little help from a specialist ground-penetrating radar. 

Firefox struggled to compete with iOS and Android

Mozilla ending development on Firefox OS

5 February 2016

Mozilla is to end development on its mobile operating system, Firefox OS, only two years after it first previewed the software.

A technician holds a recalled Takata airbag inflator

Honda forced to recall 5.7m cars with faulty airbags

5 February 2016

Japanese car maker Honda has announced it is recalling 5.7 million vehicles worldwide over faulty, exploding airbags.

Power challenge offers £2000 prize to electronics researchers

5 February 2016

UK postgraduates working on research in power electronics that will help accelerate the use of gallium nitride transistors can enter a new competition worth £2000 to the winner.

The bill may struggle getting passed the Republican led House of Representatives and Congress

Obama wants oil tax to fund driverless cars and green transport

5 February 2016

US president Barack Obama has proposed a $10 tax on every barrel of oil to fund green transport initiatives and driverless vehicles.

Artificial liver microbioreactor helps replace animal testing

5 February 2016

Research backed by European cosmetics companies looking to find alternatives to testing products on animals has resulted in a device that uses microfluidic technology to simulate how the liver reacts to potentially toxic substances.

North Korean launch of an Unha-3 rocket in 2012

US readies missile defence systems against North Korean rocket launch

5 February 2016

The US has readied missile defence systems in Japan following North Korea's announcement of a planned rocket launch, ostensibly to deploy an earth observation satellite.

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