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A map of the ocean currents

Garbage islands could help redefine ocean boundaries

2 September 2014

Researchers from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia, have created a new model that could help determine who is to blame for each ocean garbage patch of floating debris.

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives at Vostochny Cosmodrome in the Amursk Region of Russia

Putin orders faster construction of spaceport

2 September 2014

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered construction to be sped up on a multi-billion-dollar spaceport in Russia's Far East.

China's is unfairly targeting foreign firms in competition investigations, the American Chamber of Commerce in China says

China unfairly targets foreign firms, says lobby group

2 September 2014

Foreign companies feel they are being unfairly targeted by Chinese anti-competition regulators according to a US business lobby group.

Scientists modified bacteria E. coli to make it produce natural propane

Gut bacteria turned biofuel producer

2 September 2014

An international research team has engineered a harmless type of bacteria living in human intestines to make it produce renewable propane.

The J-CAT team will help to coordinate the international response to cyber-crime

International cyber-crime taskforce to be piloted

2 September 2014

A new international cyber-crime taskforce will be piloted in an attempt to better coordinate the global response to online threats.

The Ferrybridge C power station was damaged in a fire this summer putting further strain on the UK energy infrastructure

Mothballed power plants on standby for winter crisis

2 September 2014

National Grid is to pay mothballed plants to be online this winter to prevent power cuts, it has said.

South Korea is one of the world's worst carbon dioxide emitters

South Korea eases emission reduction plans

2 September 2014

South Korea has succumbed to pressure from car manufacturers and said it will postpone introduction of a vehicle carbon emission tax by 2020. 

The plan for a four-runway airport in the Thames Estuary has been rejected by the Airports Commission

Boris Island airport scheme dropped by commission

2 September 2014

Plans for a major new airport in the Thames Estuary backed by Mayor of London Boris Johnson have been rejected by a government-appointed commission.

Canon's first ever camera Kwanon was named after a Buddhist goddess, did the goodwill of gods help the company to its success?

80 years of Canon – from Buddha to international domination

2 September 2014

Canon's first ever camera was built 80 years ago and named after a Buddhist deity to win the gods' support in a quest for the world's finest cameras. 

A mechanisms developed by Swiss watchmakers in the 18th century could help save cardiac patients from repeated surgeries

Swiss watch technology in a battery-less pacemaker

1 September 2014

Self-winding technology developed by Swiss watchmakers in the 18th century could be used in pacemakers, sparing cardiac patients painful surgeries to change batteries.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence is one of the victims of the celebrity hack

Apple service vulnerability responsible for celebrity hack

1 September 2014

A piece of computer code capable of repeatedly guessing a password has been determined as a likely tool used in the high profile cyber-attack that exposed intimate photographs of tens of celebrities.

Australia considers replacing its aging Collins class submarines with Japan's Soryu class vessels

Australia leaning towards buying Japan’s submarines

1 September 2014

Australia is keen to buy military submarines from Japan despite having pledged to build them at home.

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