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The HyperCat consortium is working to create a common language for IoT applications

Hypercat IoT specification receives £1.6m boost

20 August 2014

The HyperCat specification for communicating over the Internet of Things will receive £1.6m in funding from the Technology Strategy Board.

The first season of the FIA Formula E Championship will see Qualcomm's wireless charging technology used in safety cars

Safety car first step for Formula E's wireless charging revolution

20 August 2014

Semiconductor technology manufacturer Qualcomm has unveiled its wireless charging technology for Formula E safety cars at the series’ final test race in Donington on Tuesday.

Despite growing numbers of home 3D printers like the Makerbot consumer adoption is still a long way off

Consumer adoption of 3D printing five to ten years away

20 August 2014

Consumer adoption of 3D printing will take between five and ten years, according to technology analysts.

The Heartbleed vulnerability is a major bug in OpenSSL encryption software

First large-scale ‘Heartbleed’ cyber-breach reported

20 August 2014

A cyber-attack that saw hackers steal data on 4.5 million hospital patients is the first known large-scale breach exploiting the ‘Heartbleed’ bug.

References to 'clean coal' in an advert from Peabody Energy were deemed

Advert banned for ‘misleading’ reference to ‘clean coal’

20 August 2014

An advert for the world's largest private-sector coal company has been banned for misleadingly implying that "clean coal" does not produce CO2 or other emissions.

A police officer looks on near the site of the train wreckage in Lac-Megantic last July

Canadian rail disaster could happen again, says regulator

20 August 2014

A catastrophe like the derailment of a crude tanker that killed 47 last year could be repeated unless measures to boost rail safety are put in place, say Canadian regulators.

Shoppers could soon be able to use their smartphones to navigate around large stores

Indoor navigation system wins £500,000 grant

19 August 2014

An indoor navigation system will use smartphones, tablets and iBeacons to improve consumers shopping experience.

The Spanish researchers are now working on the development of the first prototype charging system

Wireless charging using resonating crystals

19 August 2014

A new wireless charging technique that relies on resonance between photonic crystals could do away with the need for power cables, say researchers.

A fisherman passes container ships in the Suez Canal, near Ismailia port city, northeast of Cairo

Egypt confirms army to help develop Suez Canal area

19 August 2014

Egypt has confirmed rumours that a consortium including the Egyptian army will develop an industrial and logistics hub in the Suez Canal area.

Cephalopods like cuttlefish can change coloration quickly for both camouflage and as a warning

Camouflage system mimics cuttlefish skin

19 August 2014

An electronic camouflage system inspired by the skin of cuttlefish can automatically read its environment and adapt to mimic its surroundings.

A single car battery could produce enough solar panels to provide power for 30 households [Credit: Christine Daniloff]

Car batteries recycled to make solar panels

19 August 2014

Discarded car batteries could be recycled to build new, long-lasting solar panels, according to US researchers.

Manufacturers calls for permanent infrastructure authority

18 August 2014

A permanent infrastructure authority is vital to improve long-term strategic planning of key transport and energy projects, according to manufacturers.

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