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Radiotherapy will enter a new era with a machine that combines imaging and treatment functions in one package

Cancer-killing scanner to be tested in UK hospitals

28 July 2015

Two UK hospitals will receive a unique machine capable of scanning and killing cancer at the same time.

Will Windows 10 live up to the expectations?

Windows 10 launch a pivotal moment for Microsoft

28 July 2015

The launch of Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 10 tomorrow will be a decisive moment for the once dominating software maker that has seen its influence slump in the last decade.

Maker of the Leclerc tank Nexter will merge with German firm Krauss-Maffei Wegmann

Merger of German and French tank makers given go ahead

28 July 2015

The makers of Germany's Leopard and France's Leclerc tanks will complete their long-planned merger on Wednesday.

Tepco has faced countless compensation claims from those living near the wrecked plant

Fukushima compensation increased to 7.07 trillion yen

28 July 2015

The Japanese government has approved an increase in compensation payments for the Fukushima nuclear disaster to 7.07 trillion yen.

Conventional X-ray mammography images are sometimes difficult to read

3D ultrasound scanner to improve breast cancer diagnostics

28 July 2015

A novel ultrasonic sensor suitable for producing 3D images of breast tissue more cheaply and safely than conventional technologies has been developed by British researchers. 

Stephen Hawking has made his reservations about AI clear on several occasions

Autonomous weapons ban urged by top scientists and businessmen

28 July 2015

The UN has been urged to ban the use of artificial intelligence technology in weapons in an open letter signed by a host of the world's leading academics and businessmen.

By combining two infra-red photons into one, researchers managed to increase efficiency of solar power generation

‘Reshaping’ light spectrum improves solar power generation

28 July 2015

American researchers have devised a method to effectively ‘reshape’ the solar spectrum by boosting low-energy infrared photons to make them capable of generating power inside photovoltaic cells. 

A photo showing the results of sinuous flow in which metal is deformed into folds while being cut

Discovery could improve metal machining efficiency

28 July 2015

The discovery of a previously unknown type of metal deformation and a method to suppress it could lead to more efficient machining, say researchers.

A newly discovered Android vulnerability puts data of nearly one billion users at risk

Stagefright Android bug 'worse than Heartbleed'

28 July 2015

Hackers could access millions of Android-powered phones via a multimedia message due to a newly discovered vulnerability in the heart of Google’s operating system.

The taskforce will look for ways to ease the flow of data around the EU

Data taskforce looks for £42bn of economic growth

28 July 2015

A joint task force set up by Britain and France to improve the use of data by businesses could unlock £42bn of economic growth across the EU, says Chancellor George Osborne.

Cutting-edge rail-traffic management system will improve efficiency of Thameslink links

Thameslink to speed up with new traffic management tech

27 July 2015

Some of the busiest UK commuter lines will be able to decrease intervals between trains with a new traffic management system to be delivered by Hitachi Rail Europe.

The 30MW wind farm will see five turbines installed 4.8 km off the coast of Rhode Island

Installation of USA’s first offshore windfarm begins

27 July 2015

The foundations of North America’s first offshore windfarm will start being installed today.