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Alstom's British branch has been accused of fraud

Alstom UK accused of fraud

24 July 2014

Britain's leading fraud prosecutor on Thursday charged a British subsidiary of French engineering group Alstom with fraud and conspiracy to corrupt.

Users of anonymity-providing operating system could have their IP addresses exposed by a flaw

Flaws in privacy software could expose IP addresses

24 July 2014

A flaw in an anti-surveillance operating system makes it possible to reveal users’ IP addresses, which are meant to be hidden by the software.

Automated homes need to be secured against hackers

Hacking automated homes could help burglars

24 July 2014

Unsecured automated homes provide an easy access to data about home owners and could be used by burglars seeking access to properties, German researchers have found.

The proposed nuclear waste site in West Cumbria that was scuppered by Cumbria County Council last year

Communities to be paid to consider hosting radioactive waste

24 July 2014

Communities could be paid millions of pounds just to consider hosting a nuclear waste facility in their area, the Government has said.

European companies should stop helping Russia develop oil and gas projects in the Arctic, European Commission believes

EU won’t help Russia develop Arctic oil fields

24 July 2014

European countries should not provide technology to Russia to develop oil and gas fields in the Arctic unless the Ukrainian crisis is resolved.

Qualcomm could face a large fine after Chinese regulators determined it has a monopoly in the country

Qualcomm accused of monopoly by Chinese regulator

24 July 2014

China's competition regulator has confirmed that Qualcomm, one of the world's biggest mobile chipmakers, has a monopoly.

The majority of future biomass feedstock is likely to be imported from North American forests

Biomass carbon calculator to help developers source sustainably

24 July 2014

A new tool for calculating the impact on carbon emissions of biomass sourced from North America to produce electricity has been released by Decc.

A robot capable of facial expressions has been designed by a former Disney imageneer

Robot helps diagnose autism in infants

24 July 2014

A humanoid robot called Zeno could help improve diagnoses of autism in very young children using nonverbal communication.

Improving energy efficiency of buildings could help achieve Europe's new target to reduce energy consumption

Energy savings to reduce reliance on Russia

24 July 2014

The European Commission has introduced a plan to reduce Europe’s reliance on imports of Russian gas by improving energy savings by 30 per cent.

The failure of the supersonic, trans-Atlantic passenger jet Concorde has been explained with evolutionary theory

Evolution of aircraft explains Concorde's fate

23 July 2014

Concorde was doomed to failure from the start because it hit an evolutionary cul-de-sac in terms of aircraft design, new research suggests.

Fashion models could be replaced by advanced computer avatars in the future

Avatars to give models run for their money

23 July 2014

Advances in virtual reality and computer visualisation could lead to a major revolution in the fashion world as human models may be replaced by flawless computer projections.

The EU has given its approval for 'contracts for difference' to promote renewable energy generation

EU approves green subsidies and ‘capacity market’

23 July 2014

A new system of renewable subsidies and a ‘capacity market’ to prevent blackouts have been given the green light by the EU.

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