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The Regin virus appears to be designed for continuous cyber-surveillance by a nation state

Complex cyber-spying malware uncovered by researchers

24 November 2014

Highly complex cyber-espionage malware that may have been created by state-sponsored hackers has infected private and public entities across the globe.

Theresa May has hinted at reviving the much maligned 'Snooper's Charter'

Snooper's charter ‘dead and buried’ but police to get new Internet powers

23 November 2014

Police will get new powers to force internet firms to hand over details that could help identify suspects, but a ‘Snooper’s Charter’ is “dead and buried” say Lib Dems.

Construction of the T pylon test line has commenced at National Grid's training academy in Nottinghamshire

T pylon test line construction launched in Nottinghamshire

21 November 2014

Construction of the T pylon test line has commenced at the precincts of National Grid’s Eakring Academy in Nottinghamshire – a major step towards the introduction of the innovative support structures into UK’s high voltage electricity grid.

Airbus will invest £100m into development of new technology to build aircraft wings

Airbus unveils £100m investment into aircraft wing research

21 November 2014

Europe’s aircraft manufacturer Airbus will invest £100m into research and development of new systems and technologies for building aircraft wings.

Oleo has built a 33m test tower in Coventry to test its telescopic elevator buffers

Telescopic elevator buffer paves way for 1km skyscrapers

21 November 2014

The world’s largest elevator buffers have been certified, paving the way for building skyscrapers of up to 1km heights.

Inventor James Dyson says he would vote to leave the EU but wants immigration rules relaxed for skilled workers

Dyson to invest £1bn in 100 new products

21 November 2014

Inventor Sir James Dyson has pledged to spend £1bn on the research and development of 100 new products over the next four years.

Electric cars have failed to convince consumers

Only 1 per cent of new car buyers would consider going electric

21 November 2014

Only 1 per cent of people looking for new cars would consider an electric one and only 13 per cent are interested in a hybrid, according to a survey.

An investigation into a fire incident at the Dounreay nuclear plant has found shortcomings in staff behaviour and practices

Radioactivity leak in nuclear plant fire blamed on safety failings

21 November 2014

An investigation into a fire at the Dounreay nuclear plant in Scotland that resulted in a radioactivity leak has found that safety procedures were not being followed properly.

NSA director Admiral Mike Rogers testifying to the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee

China could shutdown critical US infrastructure, says NSA chief

21 November 2014

China may have the capability to remotely shutdown the computer systems of US power utilities, aviation networks and financial companies, the head of the NSA has told politicians.

Driverless vehicles like Google's prototype could be vulnerable to hackers, according to the IET

Hacking major threat to driverless vehicle adoption

21 November 2014

Attacks by hackers are one of the biggest threats to the widespread adoption of driverless or semi-autonomous vehicles, the IET’s cyber-security lead says.

Rolls-Royce's brand new Trent 7000 engine will be the sole engine option for the upcoming Airbus A330neo

£3.2bn engine order to help Rolls-Royce through lean years

21 November 2014

Engineering giant Rolls-Royce has signed a £3.2bn deal with Delta Air Lines to supply engines for 50 new Airbus aircraft.

Researchers hope personal helicopters could help relieve congested cities in future

Steering wheel for helicopters to change future of transportation

20 November 2014

German researchers have developed a steering system that would make helicopters as easy to control as cars.

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