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Next UK government should do more for manufactures, parties told

27 February 2015

UK’s leading manufacturers have called for support ahead of the general election from the next government saying they “must work closely together”.


Cargo ship powered by wind and gas

27 February 2015

Wind-power freights could soon replace large ships that run on heavy oil, reducing pollution by up to 80 per cent, a team of engineers have announced after working with alternative fuels.


China switches from leading tech firms to domestic products

27 February 2015

China has dropped some of the world’s major technology brands from its state-approved purchase lists, while pushing forward locally made products, an analysis has shown.


Talking drone could ease concerns over aviation safety

27 February 2015

A talking drone that can communicate with air traffic controllers like a human pilot has been developed by Australian researchers to address safety concerns.


Pilot projects to get more women into engineering

26 February 2015

The UK government has announced two employer-led projects that are expected to open up new routes into engineering for women and help them hone their skills to advance in engineering careers.


Labour leader Miliband promises to 'champion' engineering

26 February 2015

Ed Miliband has pledged to be a “champion” for the UK engineering and manufacturing community, outlining his party’s plans for government if they win the general election.

Bristol and Bath best for city-wide tech experiments

26 February 2015

The growth of the technology industry in Bristol and Bath means the region has developed into the perfect place for companies to test their ideas on a city-wide scale, according to an industry expert.


Solar power sidelined in UK renewables auction

26 February 2015

Solar power has lost out in the UK’s government auction for subsidies on renewable energy in the first allocation round.

India has announced plans to transform its decrepit railway network

India announces major investment in railway modernisation

26 February 2015

India’s government said on Thursday it will pour some £89bn into the country’s railway network as part of a major modernisation intended to unlock economic growth.

US astronaut Terry Virts found water floating in his helmet after returning to an airlock after a six and a half hour spacewalk

Water leak reported after spacewalk

26 February 2015

An American astronaut has reported that water leaked into his helmet during a six-and-a-half-hour spacewalk at the International Space Station on Wednesday, a reminder of a nearly lethal accident two years ago.

The world's first 3D printed jet-engine

World’s first 3D-printed jet engine unveiled

26 February 2015

Australian engineers have unveiled the world’s first 3D-printed jet-engine and pledged to fly a prototype in less than a year.

An experimental fleet of electric buses will start operating in Finland's capital this summer

Cold-resistant electric buses to be tested in Helsinki

25 February 2015

Finland’s capital will launch pilot operations of a fleet of electric buses designed specifically to operate in the country’s harsh climate.

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