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n some earthquake-prone regions, smartphones could be the only means for detecting dangerous tremors

Earthquake-detecting smartphone app's early warning network

12 February 2016

American researchers are aiming to create a dense smartphone-based earthquake detection network that would improve early warning systems.

GPS navigation will soon be accurate to the level of one centimetre

GPS accuracy improved to centimetre level

12 February 2016

GPS navigation systems will soon be able to guide users with centimetre accuracy thanks to a new data-processing system developed by American engineers.

A trendy pair of shoes that can be used as a smartphone charger

Power-generating shoes could solve smartphone battery anxiety

12 February 2016

A footwear-embedded device that harvests and stores energy from human footsteps could be used to recharge smartphones and other power-hungry devices in the future.

Conditions on the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko are too extreme for the lander to operate

Hope lost for comet lander Philae

12 February 2016

Attempts to detect signals from the Philae comet lander have ceased after more than seven months of silence.

Rajesh Menon holds up the prototype of the first flat thin camera lens developed by his team

Glass revolutionising graphene, displays and cameras

12 February 2016

Three teams of scientists are using glass in research projects that could bring graphene into the mainstream, allow windows to function as screens and produce ultra-slimline smartphone cameras.

The projects should help to increase the energy efficiency of both fossil fuels and renewables

Waste energy from tower blocks and power lines harvested

11 February 2016

A new system is being developed that promises to harness waste heat from tower blocks and industrial complexes and convert it into electricity.

A simple device to make renewable fuel for Indian woman has been created by Loughborough University engineers

UK engineers create renewable energy solution for India's poor

11 February 2016

A simple device developed by Loughborough University engineers will give access to cleaner and cheap renewable energy to India’s poor.

Google: now officially more forgetful in the EU

Privacy victory, as Google removes 'right to be forgotten' content across EU

11 February 2016

Google has confirmed that it will hide content removed using the "right to be forgotten" ruling from more versions of its search engine, thus removing challenged content in more countries.

This chip, only five times five mm in size, could improve usability of neural implants for Parkinson's disease sufferers

Wireless brain-implant chip could help with Parkinsons

11 February 2016

An innovative smart chip for implanting in the human brain could be a breakthrough in portable health monitoring devices and wearables.

Internet speeds 50,000 times the speed of the UK's superfast broadband could be possible thanks to UCL researchers

Optical transmission system smashes data rate record

11 February 2016

A data transmission rate 50,000 times faster than the UK’s superfast broadband has been achieved by British researchers, setting a new digital data rate record.

It is thought that the mould would have been unlikely to affect the health of the astronauts

Black mould mystery delays ISS cargo run

11 February 2016

NASA has delayed the launch of a cargo shipment to the International Space Station (ISS) for at least two weeks after black mould was found on two fabric bags that were due to make the trip.

IMechE has urged the government to provide more support to the legal frameworks surrounding driverless technology

Driverless cars set to dominate UK roads by 2050

11 February 2016

All cars travelling on UK roads may be fully driverless by 2050, according to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).

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