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The French President Francois Hollande plans to double France's investment in renewables in Africa

France pledges billions for renewables boost in Africa

1 December 2015

France has announced it will spend billions of euros on renewable energy and other environmental projects in Africa.

The British Museum has launched new Google maps-based audio guides

British Museum guides visitors with Google Maps app

1 December 2015

The British Museum has launched new audio guides based on Google Maps with an app-like interface to help visitors explore its collections.

Lynemouth Power Station in July 2008

State-aid for Lynemouth biomass conversion approved

1 December 2015

The European Commission (EC) has approved the British government’s plans to subsidise the conversion of Lynemouth power plant from firing coal to biomass.

The train design competition attracted hundreds of entries

Virgin unveils new Christmas trains designed by children

1 December 2015

Virgin has unveiled two new Christmas-themed trains featuring designs created by primary school children.

Amera is an innovative security system based on detecting disruptions to WiFi signals

Changes in Wi-Fi signal used to detect motion

1 December 2015

A Canadian start-up has unveiled a technology that uses changes in wireless signals to detect motion - a system that could possibly be used to detect intruders, manage crowds or locate victims of natural disasters. 

Solar Impulse hopes to take off again in March

Solar Impulse raises money to continue journey

1 December 2015

Solar Impulse 2 has successfully raised the funding it needs to continue its groundbreaking fuel-less round-the-world trip, which was suspended in July due to battery damage. 

Blackberry said it would not 'compromise the privacy' of its customers

Blackberry pulls out of Pakistan over spying allegations

1 December 2015

Blackberry has announced it is ceasing operations in Pakistan because the government wanted to spy on the communications of its users.

Vtech has acknowledged the attack but said that financial details were not stolen

Kids' photos taken on Vtech toys stolen by hackers

1 December 2015

The US is investigating the theft of data from toy manufacturer Vtech which saw hackers gaining access to customer details and pictures of children who used its internet-connected devices.

Ofcom's new WiFi checker app identifies reasons of sub-optimal broadband performance

Christmas tree lights slow broadband, Ofcom app reveals

1 December 2015

UK communications regulator Ofcom has launched a new app that allows people to check the quality of their Wi-Fi connection and identify problems, revealing a surprising culprit of sub-par performance - Christmas tree lights.

The pneumatic muscle suit and its inventor Yuichi Kurita

Pneumatic muscle suit enhances mobility of elderly

30 November 2015

Japanese researchers have created an assistive suit from innovative pneumatic muscles that could improve elderly people's quality of life.

16 teams of engineering students will compete in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Challenge

Student-built drones to compete in IMechE challenge

30 November 2015

Sixteen teams of aspiring engineers from 15 UK and one Egyptian university will compete in building drones capable of transporting small packages. 

Beijing air-pollution levels ‘extremely hazardous’

30 November 2015

Beijing is experiencing its worst air pollution this year, with monitoring stations reporting exceptionally high levels of micro-pollutants, city officials have said. 

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