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Black phosphorus has some interesting properties suitable for making smaller and energy-efficient computer chips

Black phosphorus paves way for smaller better chips

31 July 2015

Black phosphorus could pave the way for smaller and more energy efficient transistors, South Korean researchers have found. 

Under a cliff with one foot in the 'air', that's how Philae came to rest on the surface of comet 67P

Data reveal Philae landed in a hole with one foot up

31 July 2015

Data from comet lander Philae revealed the pioneering spacecraft ended in a hole after its less than perfect landing in November last year.

Google has said no country should have control over what data people in other countries can access

Google refuses to apply EU's 'right to be forgotten' globally

31 July 2015

Google has defied an order from France's privacy watchdog to scrub search results worldwide when users invoke their 'right to be forgotten' online.

A fuel rod is inserted into a reactor vessel inside the No.1 reactor at Sendai nuclear power station

First Japanese nuclear restart planned for August 10

31 July 2015

Japanese utility Kyushu Electric Power plans to start up one of its nuclear reactors on August 10 in the first attempt to reboot the country's atomic energy industry.

Will the sea provide more clues? The beach where the mysterious wing part was discovered

MH370 wing on the way to France for examination

31 July 2015

The wing part discovered on the Reunion island in the Indian Ocean believed to come from the missing MH370 aircraft will be sent to France for analysis before final confirmation.

A new round of contracts for the Hinkley Point C construction has been awarded mostly to local companies

Firms to build Hinkley Point power plant announced

31 July 2015

Balfour Beatty, Doosan Babcock, Laing O'Rourke and Weir have been named among the companies to build the new Hinkley Point nuclear power station in Somerset.

Inspired by nature - a robotic water strider next to its real-life counterpart

Water-strider inspired robot can leap from water surface

31 July 2015

A robot can walk on and launch itself from water surface by mimicking abilities of water striders. 

The health affects caused by radiation after nuclear disasters is dwarfed by the psychological effects

Mental trauma from nuclear disasters 'overshadows radiation harm'

31 July 2015

People caught up in nuclear disasters are far more likely to suffer severe psychological disorders than any harm from radiation, scientists say.

Facebook's Aquila has a 40m wingspan

Facebook builds Internet-beaming drone as wide as a 737

31 July 2015

Facebook says it has finished building a drone with the wingspan of a Boeing 737 designed to bring Internet access to the world's most remote areas.

Only zero emissions cars will be exempt from road tax under the new VED scheme

New car tax rules to hit low-emission vehicle uptake, says survey

31 July 2015

The UK's new car tax system will dissuade drivers from buying low-emission vehicles, according to a study by the AA.

Inserting defects into graphene can alter its properties

New method for tweaking properties of graphene

30 July 2015

A new method for tweaking the properties of graphene by creating defects in the ultra-thin material has been unveiled by scientists.

BAE is hoping to sell more Typhoons to Saudi Arabia

BAE needs to sell more jets to meet earning targets

30 July 2015

Defence contractor BAE Systems needs to secure more aircraft orders to meet its annual earnings target, it said today.