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The failure of the supersonic, trans-Atlantic passenger jet Concorde has been explained with evolutionary theory

Evolution of aircraft explains Concordes fate

23 July 2014

Concorde was doomed to failure from the start because it hit an evolutionary cul-de-sac in terms of aircraft design, new research suggests.

Fashion models could be replaced by advanced computer avatars in the future

Avatars to give models run for their money

23 July 2014

Advances in virtual reality and computer visualisation could lead to a major revolution in the fashion world as human models may be replaced by flawless computer projections.

The EU has given its approval for 'contracts for difference' to promote renewable energy generation

EU approves green subsidies and ‘capacity market’

23 July 2014

A new system of renewable subsidies and a ‘capacity market’ to prevent blackouts have been given the green light by the EU.

The global fuel cell powered car market could be worth up to $400m in a few years

Japan to roll out fuel cell tech subsidies

23 July 2014

Japan plans to roll out a government support plan for hydrogen vehicles to help speed up the uptake of the innovative technology developed by Japanese car makers. 

According to Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, vehicles such as Toyota Prius are susceptible to hacking attacks

Device protects vehicles from hackers

23 July 2014

Cyber security researchers have developed a prototype device to prevent hackers from launching attacks on travelling cars.

Blanca Lorena Villarreal with her electronic nose mounted on a robotic platform

Electronic nose to guide search and rescue robots

23 July 2014

A robot that can be guided by an electronic nose invented by a postgraduate student could aid search and rescue missions following natural disasters.

The once glamorous cruise liner sailed out for its final humiliating journey

Costa Concordia’s final journey begins

23 July 2014

The wreckage of Costa Concardia has been dispatched for its final journey after engineers managed to lift the ship from an underwater platform using air-filled sponsons.

David Davis is one of two MPs who have sought a judicial review against the Drip legislation

MPs to sue Government over surveillance act

23 July 2014

Two MPs will sue the Government over the introduction of the controversial Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act.

The UK will stick to its tough emissions targets set out in the 'fourth carbon budget'

Emissions targets won’t be weakened, says Davey

22 July 2014

The Government will not weaken emissions targets, according to Energy Secretary Ed Davey, despite reported pressure from the Treasury.

Sign displayed during a Greenpeace protest outside West Sussex County Council

Shale company’s exploration bid rejected

22 July 2014

A shale gas company has had its application to explore for oil and gas in West Sussex turned down.

Hitachi's new AT200 commuter train offers some rather fancy features

Safety and interactivity highlights of Hitachi’s new train

22 July 2014

Hitachi Rail Europe has unveiled design of its new commuter train for the UK introducing smartphone-connected seats and advanced safety features.

HMRC is planning to a move to digital services, which will require it to develop a post-Aspire technology strategy

Lack of expertise hindering reform of HMRC’s IT megadeal

22 July 2014

A lack of internal expertise is hindering efforts to reform the Government’s largest IT contract and has led to waste, the government spending watchdog has said.

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