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NPL's Ian Robinson with a watt balance, the device that will be used to redefine the kilogram

Kilogram faces last significant birthday at 125

22 September 2014

The fist-sized lump of platinum alloy that defines the kilogram turns 125 this month, but it may be its last significant birthday.

Snapshots of the KNFB Reader app

'Life-changing’ reading app for blind launched on iOS

22 September 2014

Apple has launched a new app for blind people promising to ‘change their lives’ by allowing unprecedented levels of engagement by translating written signs to spoken words.

A computer generated view of the HS2 line at Polesworth

Devolve transport powers to improve HS2 integration, says Labour

22 September 2014

Devolving London-style transport powers to the regions could improve integration of HS2 with rail links in the north, shadow transport secretary Mary Creagh has said.

The 3D printer developed by Made in Space has previously been tested in three parabolic flights

First 3D printer and 20 mice launched to space

22 September 2014

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket lifted off from Cape Canaveral on Sunday with a Dragon space capsule aboard carrying the first ever 3D printer to be tested in space.

BAE Systems is considering two alternatives to expand its shipyards in Scotland

Scottish shipyard expansion tender to open next week

19 September 2014

Proposals for a £200m state-of-the-art facility at a BAE Systems shipyard in Scotland will be put out to tender next week.

The roll-out of cashless payment technology at the Dartford River Crossing will be delayed until November

Cashless crossing system delayed

19 September 2014

The introduction of new cashless payment technology at the Dartford River Crossing, one of the busiest in the UK has been delayed due to testing.

Researchers monitoring movement of underwater robots as part of trials in Portugal

Internet of Things robots communicate underwater

19 September 2014

Researchers are developing underwater robots capable of communicating via acoustic signals to form the basis of the future underwater Internet of Things.

Zeno Robot, making an appearance at the University of Sheffield’s Festival of the Mind

Cutting-edge robots at Festival of the Mind, Sheffield

19 September 2014

Real-life Terminators and robots with a soul will be given public demonstrations between September 19-25, as part of the University of Sheffield’s Festival of the Mind. A series of lectures around the city will also discuss their potential.

Nepal has the potential to generate up to 83,000MW of hydro-power from rivers cascading down the Himalayan hillsides

India to build hydroelectric plant in electricity-starved Nepal

19 September 2014

The government of Nepal has given a green light to plans of Indian energy firm GMR to build a 900MW hydroelectric power plant in the northwest of the country.

Two ships will be involved in the next phase of the so far fruitless hunt for the lost Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Hunt for missing MH370 to resume in two weeks

19 September 2014

Underwater search for lost Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 will resume by the end of this month after work finishes on a ship enlisted to scan the ocean floor.

EU regulators are trying to establish some order in handling appeals against Google's rejections of 'right to be forgotten' requests

EU-regulators define ‘right to be forgotten’ criteria

19 September 2014

EU regulators have agreed on criteria for assessing "right to be forgotten" requests rejected by search engines.

Self-organising robot swarms could inspire future collision avoidance systems

Robot swarm paves way for better collision avoidance systems

18 September 2014

Open platform low cost robots mimicking behaviour of swarming bees pave the way for self-organised cooperation of nature-inspired machines.

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