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Google has invited developers to propose their own modules that could work as part of the phone

Google’s modular smartphone released to developers

17 April 2014

Google has introduced its Project Ara developing a modular smartphone that could be tailored to individual needs of every user.

New method of hydrogen production could help make hydrogen fuel cell technology more affordable

Making hydrogen from industrial waste

17 April 2014

A novel method of hydrogen-generation from water and formaldehyde could help find new use for industrial waste.

Honda's humanoid robot Asimo was designed to help people, but could he develop anti-social behaviour?

Robot uprising threat is real, expert warns

17 April 2014

Researchers should pay extra attention to ensure advanced robotic systems don’t become too autonomous, removing their own design constraints and preventing people from switching them off, an expert has warned.

The creation of a Bitcoin has so far been a mystery

Bitcoin creator traced using linguistics

17 April 2014

Forensic linguists have analysed the Bitcoin paper, which laid theoretical framework for the virtual currency concept, suggesting an American blogger was the real author.

An Oxford-based company is developing an innovative 3D printing method

Tissue 3D printing for organ repair

17 April 2014

An Oxford-based company is developing 3D printing techniques to produce tissue-like materials for future organ replacement.

SpaceX will rent the abandoned Launch Complex 39A used for the first lunar landing mission

SpaceX awarded Apollo launch pad contract

16 April 2014

SpaceX has signed a contract with Nasa to rent a historic launch pad used for the first lunar landing lift-off.

Royal Navy personnel test the remote-controlled motor boat [Credit: Crown Copyright]

Royal Navy testing remote-control minesweeper

16 April 2014

A remote-controlled boat that can search for, hunt and destroy mines is being tested by a specialist Royal Navy unit.

Protestors hold placards as they demonstrate against Mt. Gox in Tokyo

Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox likely to be liquidated

16 April 2014

Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox is likely to be liquidated after a Tokyo court dismissed the company's bid to resuscitate its business.

Russia has already awarded contracts for some phases of the Southstream construction

South Stream route change proposed by Turkey

16 April 2014

Turkey wants Russia to change the route of the South Stream pipeline foreseen to carry gas from Black Sea to Europe to run through its territory as it fears Ukrainian supplies cut-off.

Gibson Memory Cable: inspiration insurance included, talent at user's discretion

Gibson’s Memory Cable offers ‘inspiration insurance’

16 April 2014

US guitar manufacturer Gibson has announced a guitar cable equipped with a built-in digital recorder. The Memory Cable is designed to allow players to capture new musical ideas as they happen, digitally recording any sound passing through the cable to the built-in memory card.

The seabed of the Zenith Plateau in the southern Indian Ocean is deeper than the Bluefin-21 drone can dive

Flight MH370: Unmanned submarine hit by technical problems

16 April 2014

A technical glitch has halted operations of the Bluefin-21 autonomous submarine searching for the MH370 wreckage during its second mission. 

Metso is a market leader in the crushing segment of the mining equipment industry [Credit: Metso]

Metso turns down Weir's merger overtures

16 April 2014

Finland's Metso has spurned a merger approach from rival engineering firm Weir, dashing hopes of boosting its mining equipment business.

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