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A self-driving Lexus has been seen driving in Tokyo

Toyota to develop self-driving cars by 2020

6 October 2015

Toyota has demonstrated its self-driving car concept saying it would like to start selling autonomous vehicles by 2020.


Renewables investment winded by government policy

6 October 2015

Investment in UK wind power is expected to decline due to unfavourable investment conditions.

The extent of Volkswagen's emission cheating in the European Union has not yet been revealed

Eight million VW cars in EU equipped with cheating tech

6 October 2015

Eight million Volkswagen diesel cars sold in the European Union have been fitted with the ‘defeat device’ designed to cheat in emission tests, the German car-maker has admitted.


Facebook defends itself after ruling on US data sharing

6 October 2015

An agreement designed to allow US companies access to the personal data of European citizens has been deemed invalid by a Luxembourg Court.

Facebook plans to launch a geostationary satellite in 2016 to deliver Internet to remote areas in Africa

Facebook building satellite to give internet to Africa

6 October 2015

Facebook is developing a satellite to provide internet access to people in remote parts of Africa as part of its initiative. 


Royal Navy installs futuristic radar system on aircraft carriers

6 October 2015

The Royal Navy has installed a ground-breaking radar system on the HMS Queen Elizabeth that is capable of detecting objects as small as a tennis ball travelling at triple the speed of sound over 25km away.

The UK's espionage agency is using 'smurfs' to spy on people, says Edward Snowden

GCHQ 'smurfs' can remotely control people’s phones

6 October 2015

National Security Agency whistle-blower Edward Snowden has claimed the UK spying agency can eavesdrop on people by controlling the microphones of their phones and even remotely switch the handsets off and on. 


New IET president calls for more women in engineering

6 October 2015

The new president of the IET has said that measures should be introduced to boost the number of females employed in engineering roles.


Final fuel element removed from Oldbury nuclear plant

5 October 2015

The final fuel elements have been removed from Oldbury Nuclear Power Station, marking the end of a process that began with the plant’s closure in 2012.

Australian researchers have made a major breakthrough paving the way for quantum computers

'Game-changing' leap made in quantum computer research

5 October 2015

A ‘game-changing’ device that could pave the way for development of practical quantum computers has been created by Australian researchers. 


Chancellor unveils National Infrastructure Commission

5 October 2015

Chancellor George Osborne has unveiled a new Commission that will invest in British infrastructure including its rail and electricity networks.


Nuclear facilities vulnerable to cyber-attack, warns report

5 October 2015

Nuclear facilities around the world are at risk of cyber-attack according to a new report from the think tank Chatham House.