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The second man on the Moon Buzz Aldrin (in the middle) will head a new Mars exploration institute

Buzz Aldrin to head Mars exploration institute

28 August 2015

Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the Moon, will lead a new research institute set up at the Florida Institute of Technology to help take humanity to Mars.

The game helps test a mathematical model that predicts how tuberculosis spreads

Videogame created to test model of tuberculosis spread

28 August 2015

A new videogame is helping scientists better understand the spread of tuberculosis, which affects more than 11 million worldwide.

The non-stereotypical computer science classroom was decorated with plants and nature posters

'Geeky' classrooms put girls off computer science

28 August 2015

Redesigning computer science classrooms to be less "geeky" could encourage more girls to take up the subject, new research suggests.

The Global Express constellation will provide improved Internet connectivity all over the world

Satellite for in-flight internet launched as Proton returns

28 August 2015

A telecommunications satellite to provide in-flight internet for aircraft has been successfully delivered to space in the first successful launch of a Russian rocket since an explosion in May. 

What will soldiers wear in the future?

Pentagon to work with tech giants on wearables for soldiers

28 August 2015

The Pentagon has teamed up with some of the world’s leading technology companies to develop high-end wearables for military purposes. 

A system that turns breath into words could provide a communication link for paralysed patients

Breath-speaker gives a voice to paralysis sufferers

28 August 2015

A device that turns breath into words has been developed by Loughborough University researcher, hoping to restore the ability to speak back to paralysed patients.

 Islamic State militants blew up the temple of Baal Shamin in Palmyra on Sunday

Archaeologists to capture IS targetted artefacts with 3D cameras

28 August 2015

Archaeologists plan to "flood" the Middle East with 3D cameras to combat the destruction of ancient sites in the Middle East by Islamic State (IS).

Apple typically launches its latest products in September

Apple likely to launch new products on September 9

28 August 2015

Apple is expected to launch its latest iPhones and possibly a new version of its Apple TV set-top box on September 9, after engimatic invitations were sent to key media outlets.

LED lights are energy efficient but difficult to manufacture

One-layer LED paves way for green lighting revolution

28 August 2015

An American researcher has developed a new low-cost type of LED light which he claims can lead to more widespread adoption of the technology. 

One in seven of the world's population logged into Facebook on Monday

Facebook hits 'milestone' of one billion users in a day

28 August 2015

One billion people have used Facebook in a single day for the first time, prompting founder Mark Zuckerberg to hail the figure as a "milestone".

The European Commission is concerned about aircraft safety due to the growing popularity of drones

Drone challenges tackled by new European legislation

27 August 2015

European aviation regulators are working on legislation that would guide the use of drones in the European aerospace.

Self-healing material that fixes itself when pierced

Self-healing polymer could protect future spacecraft against meteorites

27 August 2015

A self-healing material comprising two layers of a polymer and a reactive liquid could help protect spacecraft in orbit against damage from space debris and meteorites.