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Dolly suffered from osteoarthritis at an unusually young age

Dolly the sheep’s cloned siblings shown to be in perfect health

27 July 2016

Four ‘siblings’ cloned from Dolly the sheep’s DNA are leading healthy lives without complications raising hopes that the cloning process does not detrimentally affect physical well-being.

The computer model uses two years of oceanographic data

Ocean computer simulation reveals alternative MH370 location

27 July 2016

The location of Malaysia Airlines MH370, which crashed while carrying 239 passengers in March 2014, has been estimated by a team of Italian researchers by using ocean-current modelling combined with the location of debris that has been found.

Porsche has announced plans for its first all-electric car, in keeping with parent company Volkswagen's new strategy

Porsche gears up for all-electric model as parent company VW cleans up its act

27 July 2016

Porsche has announced plans to create at least 1,400 new jobs at its Stuttgart plant to develop and build its first all-electric car, as part of parent company VW’s strategy to put zero-emission cars at the heart of its business following the diesel scandal.

Although sales of the iPhone have faltered recently, it is still exceeding analyst expectations

Apple’s future lies with AI and augmented reality, says CEO

27 July 2016

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said his company is working on artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality technology in a bid to reassure investors amid flagging iPhone sales.

Self-healing clothing could protect against exposure to toxic gases

Self-healing clothing developed to protect soldiers and workers

26 July 2016

Researchers are developing self-healing clothing materials that could protect workers in hazardous areas.

O2 said it was collaborating with law enforcement on an investigation into the incident

O2 customer data sold on 'dark web' by cyber-criminals

26 July 2016

O2 customer data is being sold on the 'dark web' after it was leaked through the gaming website XSplit in 2013, according to a BBC report.

A prototype picture demonstrates the accuracy of the printing process albeit in only one colour for now

Printable solar cells allow images to harvest sun's rays

26 July 2016

Solar cells can now be embedded into pictures or text thanks to a new inkjet printing method.

Water from urine made in a solar-powered machine has been used in Belgium to make beer

Urine-distilling machine produces water to make Belgian beer

26 July 2016

Belgian researchers have invented a solar-powered machine that turns urine into potable water and fertiliser. 

A new, perhaps more practical, type of glass-free 3D display technology has been presented by US and Israeli researchers

3D movie screen removes need for special glasses

26 July 2016

A novel display that allows people to watch films in 3D without having to wear special glasses has been developed by an international research team. 

Amazon's drone's are capable of delivering goods weighing almost 2.5kgs

Amazon delivery drones heading to UK with government support

26 July 2016

Amazon is launching a new project exploring the safe use of drones for home deliveries in Britain, with support from the UK government.

Solar Impulse flying over the Statue of Liberty in New York last month

Solar Impulse 2 completes record-breaking round-the-world flight

26 July 2016

Solar Impulse 2, a plane powered only by energy from the Sun, has completed its 15-month mission to circumnavigate the world.

The 13 successful bidders are set to add 326 green buses to their fleets

£30m for UK electric, hybrid, hydrogen and biomethane buses

25 July 2016

The government has made £30m available to bus operators and local authorities in order to boost the take up of cleaner, greener vehicles, including electric, hybrid, hydrogen and biomethane buses.

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