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Green-light for work on ‘largest’ tidal energy project

19 December 2014

The construction of a major tidal energy project on the Scottish coast is set to begin next month, developers have announced.

The North Sea oil industry is facing a difficult year

Oil industry fears overblown, says expert

19 December 2014

Although facing a difficult year, the UK oil industry is certainly not close to a collapse as suggested by some insiders, Sir Ian Wood has said.

A group of British researchers and engineers plans to send a privately funded spacecraft to land on the Moon in the next decade

UK’s crowd-funded Moon mission achieves target

19 December 2014

Lunar Mission One, a private venture by British engineers and scientists to land a robot on the Moon in the next decade, has reached its target funding on Kickstarter.


UK to fine-tune functional materials with £20m boost

19 December 2014

Investments worth £20m in new functional materials aim to advance the UK’s manufacturing capability, an engineering council has announced.  


Public support for nuclear energy reaches new high

19 December 2014

More than half of Britons have backed the use of nuclear power to provide energy across the UK, according to a poll by an energy watchdog.

Cyclists are the most vulnerable road users, now Volvo is doing something to decrease their probability of being killed in collisions with cars

Car-connected helmets to save cyclists’ lives

19 December 2014

Volvo is testing a new technology that enables cars to communicate directly with helmets of cyclists in their vicinity to help prevent dangerous collisions.


North Korea behind Sony hack-attack, FBI announced

19 December 2014

UPDATE - The U.S. has officially blamed the North Korean government for the massive cyber-attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment.

JR Central's L0 maglev train makes a test run in September 2013

Japan maglev construction begins

19 December 2014

Central Japan Railway Company has started to build the stations for a magnetic-levitation rail line between the cities of Tokyo and Nagoya, which is expected to open in 2027.

Soon Google may know about everything people do in their cars

Next Android for cars to avoid use of smartphones

19 December 2014

Google is working on an operating system that would be directly built into car software allowing drivers to enjoy connectivity benefits without having to plug in their handsets.

Millimetre wave networks could help solve the pending Internet capacity crunch

World’s fastest wireless network to be deployed in Lancaster

18 December 2014

The world’s first millimetre wave (W-band) wireless network system will be developed in Lancaster, testing technology that could pave the way for omnipresent cost-effective high-speed Internet.


BBC reveals ‘Technology Apprentice of the Year’ winner

18 December 2014

The public-service broadcaster rewarded its best technology apprentice in a bid to get young people hooked on engineering.

Redundancies and cost cuts are the only way for the oil industry to survive the current oil price crises

Falling prices hurting UK oil sector but may help economy

18 December 2014

Although the UK oil industry may be ‘close to collapse’ due to the plummeting prices of crude, the economy as a whole may benefit from the situation, experts have said.

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