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Terrorists, burglars, train robbers, poachers and paparazzi could all exploit drones in the near future

Expansion of drones pose security and privacy risk

22 October 2014

The expansion in the use of drones in the UK over the next 20 years will pose serious security and privacy risks, intelligence experts have warned.

Medtronic make a variety of heart implants including the Reveal LINQ, though it is not clear which of its devices is under review

Medical devices under review over cyber-security flaws

22 October 2014

The US Department of Homeland Security is investigating about two dozen cases of suspected cybersecurity flaws in medical devices, according to a senior official.

Manufacturing productivity has grown by 2.8 per cent a year since 1948

Perception of manufacturing decline 'wide of the mark'

22 October 2014

Perceptions that manufacturing is disappearing from the UK are "wide of the mark", says a new report showing that output has increased since the late 1970s.

BAE Systems will launch a new academy to train apprentices for fighter jet maintenance

BAE Systems to launch aircraft maintenance training academy

21 October 2014

Defence giant BAE Systems is to build a new £5m academy for training apprentices to work in maintenance and servicing of fighter jets.

Dr Vladlen Shvedov (L) and Dr Cyril Hnatovsky adjusting the hollow laser beam in their lab

Physicists build tractor beam using hollow laser

21 October 2014

Laser physicists have built a tractor beam that can attract and repel objects using a hollow beam that is bright around the edges and dark in its centre.

The attack follows the start of iPhone 6 sales in China on Friday

Chinese iCloud hacked by government, says web monitor

21 October 2014

Apple’s iCloud storage and backup service in China has been attacked by hackers believed to be working for the country’s Government.

A German Aerospace Centre engineer measuring direct solar radiation

Assessing solar potential of Pakistan

21 October 2014

German researchers will assess the solar power potential of Pakistan to help the country develop its renewable energy resources.

China Northern Railways (CNR) wants to sell its CRH380BL train to California

China's first high-speed train export bid targets California

21 October 2014

China's train manufacturer CNR will enter the competition to build 95 trains for California’s high-speed railway in the first bid to export its technology abroad.

A small tank-like robot was used to test a smart neural network allowing the machine to tell people from debris

Teaching robots to tell humans from debris

21 October 2014

Mexican researchers are developing a neural network that will allow small robots to learn how to recognise humans from other objects, a capability that could be particularly useful in rescue operations.

The Hendo Hoverboard is powered by four hover engines that magnetically levitate it

Start-up builds Back to the Future style hoverboard

21 October 2014

A California start-up has built a Back to the Future style hoverboard and is now crowd-funding to commercialise their product.

Médecins Sans Frontières health workers dealing with Ebola in Liberia

Microsoft offers free cloud-computing to Ebola researchers

21 October 2014

Microsoft will provide free cloud-computing and research applications to researchers working on the Ebola virus, says CEO Satya Nadella.

LiDAR technology enables creating detailed 3D maps

LiDAR survey to reduce tree-related risk to power lines

21 October 2014

The most extensive aerial LiDAR survey of high and extra high voltage overhead power lines covering more than 30,000km has been completed by UK Power Networks.

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