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A mechanisms developed by Swiss watchmakers in the 18th century could help save cardiac patients from repeated surgeries

Swiss watch technology in a battery-less pacemaker

1 September 2014

Self-winding technology developed by Swiss watchmakers in the 18th century could be used in pacemakers, sparing cardiac patients painful surgeries to change batteries.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence is one of the victims of the celebrity hack

Apple service vulnerability responsible for celebrity hack

1 September 2014

A piece of computer code capable of repeatedly guessing a password has been determined as a likely tool used in the high profile cyber-attack that exposed intimate photographs of tens of celebrities.

Australia considers replacing its aging Collins class submarines with Japan's Soryu class vessels

Australia leaning towards buying Japan’s submarines

1 September 2014

Australia is keen to buy military submarines from Japan despite having pledged to build them at home.

The UK government always awards major defence contracts to domestic companies

Jobs to be lost in Scottish independence

1 September 2014

Voting for independence means putting thousands of jobs in the defence and shipbuilding industries in Scotland at risk, shadow defence secretary Vernon Coaker said during a visit to the Rosyth shipyard.

Tension with Russia has a negative effect on the UK's manufacturing sector

Manufacturing growth slows down in August

1 September 2014

The performance of UK manufacturing sector in August was at its lowest point in the past 14 months, new figures have revealed.

Vacuum cleaners with power consumption above 1,600 watts will no longer be allowed to be sold in the EU

EU bans power-hungry vacuum cleaners

1 September 2014

Retailers in Europe will no longer be able to sell and import vacuum cleaners with power consumption above 1,600 watts, as a new EU legislation comes into force.

A life-sized replica of the supersonic Bloodhound car has become the largest structure made of K'NEX in the world

Supersonic car made of K’NEX parts unveiled

29 August 2014

A life-sized model of Bloodhound, the supersonic car aiming to break the world ground speed record, has been assembled from the K’NEX construction kit.

China is believed to hold the world's richest reserves of shale gas

China improves shale gas forecast

29 August 2014

Chinese energy corporations Sinopec and PetroChina have released a new and more optimistic outlook for the country’s shale gas industry.

Google has tested its drones in Australia

Google's Project Wing responds to Amazon’s delivery drones

29 August 2014

Google has been secretly developing its own UAV systems for parcel deliveries to overcome traffic jams and difficult terrain.

Qualcomm Tricoder Xprize wants to give everyone access to cutting edge diagnostics

Finalists of Tricorder XPrize announced

29 August 2014

Ten teams developing a Star Trek inspired device for detection and diagnosis of dangerous diseases have made the finals of the Qualcomm-funded Tricorder XPrize.

Teams at the European Space Agency are investigating how to make the best use of the two Galileo satellites in wrong orbits

Frantic efforts to save Galileo launch fiasco

29 August 2014

Engineers at the European Space Agency’s control centre are busy trying to figure out whether there could be any navigational use of the two Galileo satellites stranded in an incorrect orbit after the Friday launch failure.

The Ardberg whisky distillery on Islay

Whisky matured in space set for return to Earth

28 August 2014

A vial of Scottish whisky sent into space three years ago, in an experiment to determine the impact of gravity on its maturation, is scheduled to return to Earth next month.

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