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Construction of the Freedom Tower in New York displayed using Google Street View's new time travel feature

Google adds ‘time machine’ to street view

23 April 2014

Internet giant Google has updated its Street View feature so users can now travel back through time and see how places have changed since the mapping service launched in 2007

Penguin populations in Antarctica are constantly monitored via satellite-connected cameras

Satellite CCTV to scrutinize penguins’ breeding habits

23 April 2014

Three high-tech satellite-connected cameras have been installed near the South Pole in a unique attempt to monitor penguin populations battling climate change.

Factory 2050 is a project of the University of Sheffiled

World’s most advanced factory gets green light

23 April 2014

Sheffield City Council has approved plans to build Factory 2050 – a £43m centre for advanced manufacturing where satellite-connected robots will work alongside humans. 

Eight new renewable energy projects including offshore wind farms and biomass plants received government contracts

Deals for new biomass and wind projects signed

23 April 2014

Eight new renewable energy projects promising to create 8,500 jobs and attract £12bn of investment have received Government contracts.

UCL quad

UCL offers free master’s degrees

23 April 2014

UCL is offering £500,000 of bursaries, covering the full tuition fee cost and including £10,000 maintenance funding available for students from under-represented backgrounds to undertake engineering degrees at master’s level.

Ford will use the funding to enhance its EcoBoost engine

Funding for next-generation car technology

23 April 2014

Projects that will put Formula 1 technology into buses and diggers and develop the next generation of engines are to receive money from a joint £1bn Government-industry fund.

With the acquisition of Nokia, Microsoft is trying to give its Windows Phone operating system a boost

Microsoft to complete Nokia takeover

22 April 2014

Microsoft will complete its acquisition of Nokia's mobile phone business this Friday, expanding the reach of the Windows Phone operating system.

An underwater drone was sent to examine the site where a D-Day ship was sunk in 1944

Sunk D-Day ships examined by robots

22 April 2014

Autonomous submarines have been sent to examine two US tank landing ships sunk off the coast of Devon in the run-up to the D-Day operation.

nventors of concrete canvas - a rapid setting water activated fabric impregnated with concrete - have been awarded the Silver Medals

Engineering business minds awarded Silver Medals

22 April 2014

Engineers behind cutting edge projects that succeeded in the market have been awarded the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Silver Medals.

A wax-based Braille display for e-readers has been developed as part of the EU-funded Anagraphs project

Wax-based Braille display makes e-reading available to blind

22 April 2014

An EU-funded consortium is developing a Braille display for e-readers that is believed to help visually impaired people to take full advantage of e-reading for the first time.

Norwegian researchers have developed a smartphone jacket

Facebook connected jacket to assist firefighters

22 April 2014

A jacket turned into a smartphone enables users to communicate via a secure private network as well as connect to social media.

Google has invited developers to propose their own modules that could work as part of the phone

Google’s modular smartphone released to developers

17 April 2014

Google has introduced its Project Ara developing a modular smartphone that could be tailored to individual needs of every user.

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