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Internet users to reach 3.2bn in 2015

26 May 2015

Nearly half of the world’s population will be online by the end of this year, according to a new report by a telecom body.


Computing leads the way in global tech innovation

26 May 2015

The computing and peripherals technology industry took the lead in innovation across the globe for the fifth year running, a new analysis of global patents has revealed.


Users angry over O2 mobile signal loss

26 May 2015

Mobile network operator O2 has said it is launching a “full investigation” after people across the UK lost signal to their phones yesterday.

Independent gas development company Third Energy wants to frack in North Yorkshire

Firm applies for North Yorkshire fracking permit

22 May 2015

Independent oil and gas producer Third Energy has applied for a permit to extract shale gas by hydraulic fracturing at a well in Kirby Misperton, North Yorkshire.

The Game On 2.0 exhibition takes visitors on a journey through the history of computer games

World’s largest computer games collection on display

22 May 2015

The world’s largest collection of playable computer games has gone on display in Newcastle.


Trial and error advances artificial intelligence in robots

22 May 2015

Robots are able to learn motor tasks through trial and error after researchers have developed algorithms to mimic the learing process of humans.

The c-Walker can help elderly people navigate safely through busy public spaces and connect with others in the vicinity

Networking robo-walker to improve social life of elderly

22 May 2015

European researchers are developing a robotic walker for elderly people integrated with social networks that would make it easier for them to go out and do things together.

BAE Systems dispelled the uncertainty over the future of the Govan shipyard with an announcement of a major investment

Financial boost for Glasgow shipyards

22 May 2015

BAE Systems will invest £100m into its Glasgow shipyards to improve and expand manufacturing facilities.


Royal Navy helicopter gets new surveillance system

22 May 2015

A Merlin helicopter will be fitted with a new on-board system to deliver essential anti-snooping watch and send early warnings if security threats are detected.

Paralysed since a gun shot accident 12 years ago, Erik Sorto can now perform simple tasks with a mind-control robotic arm

Brain implants help quadriplegic to steer robotic arm

22 May 2015

Researchers enabled a quadriplegic patient to perform simple tasks with a robotic arm by implanting electrodes into a part of his brain where intentions form.


Bluetooth reveals security loopholes in smart tech

22 May 2015

Signals transmitted by many mobile phones and leading fitness monitors via Bluetooth Low Energy can be easily recorded and monitored, new research has shown.

The Wylfa nuclear power station in Wales is the last operating magnox plant in the UK

Closing nuclear plants will cut 1,600 jobs

21 May 2015

Up to 1,600 nuclear plant workers will be made redundant as the UK ceases the operation of obsolete power plants.