FBI issues cyber-attack warning to healthcare providers

21 August 2014
By Tereza Pultarova
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FBI has warned US healthcare providers about the growing cyber threat

FBI has warned US healthcare providers about the growing cyber threat

US healthcare companies have been subjected to a series of cyber-attacks targeting patient data and intellectual property information, the FBI has said.

The agency has issued a warning to the healthcare industry after an attack on US hospital group Community Health Systems resulting in the theft of millions of patient records, had been revealed.The stolen data included patient names, addresses, birth dates and Social Security numbers.

"The FBI has observed malicious actors targeting healthcare related systems, perhaps for the purpose of obtaining Protected Healthcare Information (PHI) and/or Personally Identifiable Information (PII)," the agency said in an alert on Wednesday.

"These actors have also been seen targeting multiple companies in the healthcare and medical device industry typically targeting valuable intellectual property, such as medical device and equipment development data," the one page document said.

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security periodically release such alerts to provide US businesses with technical information they can use to either prevent or identify cyber-attacks.

The FBI's alert to healthcare companies did not identify any specific victims targeted by the hackers.

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