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Issue 1 2016

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Issue 1

19 January 2016

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Issue 12 2015

The Star Wars issue

Issue 12

15 December 2015

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Issue 11 2015

The new DIY culture

Issue 11

9 November 2015

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Issue 10 2015

How to take over the world

Issue 10

13 October 2015

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Issue 9 2015

Countdown to the ISS

Issue 9

15 September 2015

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Issue 7 2015

The summer special

Issue 7

14 July 2015

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Issue 6 2015

The robots issue

Issue 6

16 June 2015

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Issue 5 2015

The Jurassic issue

Issue 5

19 May 2015

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Issue 4 2015

Wearable technology

Issue 4

21 April 2015

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Issue 3 2015


Issue 3

17 March 2015

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Issue 2 2015


Issue 2

17 February 2015

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Issue 1 2015


Issue 1

19 January 2015

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Bluetooth is inspiring all sorts of products, such as Ashley Chloe's Helix Cuff bracelet with wireless earphones inside

Bluetooth is one of those smart, helpful technologies that has been around for years, patiently waiting for its time to shine. A bit of wireless communication here, some short-wave connections there, it’s been a reliable and promising technology since the late 1990s. Its prime-time may well now be imminent, with the Internet of Things and the happy marriage of smart devices in smart homes set to sidle into people's lives incrementally, connected gadget by connected gadget.

Tao Chair

A special round-up of highlights from the BTPT blog on our Wordpress site.

Intel’s collaboration with Segway owners Xiaomi has created voice-controlled Ninebot, a robot butler hoverboard

What was old is new again, as technologies past and future rubbed shoulders in Las Vegas at giant consumer tech extravaganza CES 2016.

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"Read about the key issues that are getting people talking, from the UK's flood defences and doping in sport to the dirty tricks of cyber criminals"

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