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Issue 3 2014

Life on Mars?

Issue 3

11 March 2014

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Issue 2 2014

Sochi Winter Olympics

Issue 2

12 February 2014

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Issue 1 2014


Issue 1

21 January 2014

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Issue 12 2013

The watch men

Issue 12

17 December 2013

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Issue 11 2013

Internet of Everything

Issue 11

12 November 2013

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Issue 10 2013

Identity theft

Issue 10

15 October 2013

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Issue 9 2013

The great escape

Issue 9

15 September 2013

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Issue 8 2013

The sci-fi special

Issue 8

12 August 2013

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Issue 7 2013

Airlines tackle climate-change crash risk

Issue 7

17 July 2013

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Issue 6 2013

Messing about on the water

Issue 6

18 June 2013

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Issue 5 2013

In our Africa special, we look at the technology that abounds on the continent of opportunity.

Issue 5

20 May 2013

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Issue 4 2013

We look at augmented reality for engineers.

Issue 4

16 April 2013

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The Heartbleed vulnerability has raised questions about the IT industry's working practices

The continuing furore over the Heartbleed bug holds important lessons for the IT industry, both about the way it responds to major incidents and also the way software is produced.

Radio data systems (RDS) transmitter equipment changed in-car audio forever

In April 1989, the idea that a driver could ‘listen to Radio 2 all the way from Newcastle to Newquay’ without having to retune their car radio several times was still something of a novelty. Writing in E&T’s predecessor magazine IEE Review, B Marks gave a BBC perspective on the emerging technology of radio data systems.

No one seemed to see Facebook's acquisition of virtual reality company Oculus coming

A large contingent of people online are upset about Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus, but the cash injection may well prove vital in getting their virtual reality device to market.

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"Power cuts might seem like a 1970s fad, but they could be on the way back. How can we prevent them happening again?"

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