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Antarctica and its resident penguin community

Antarctica: the changing face of the White Continent

As ice thickness decreases and international agreements come up for renewal, the future of Antarctica could shift in emphasis from conservation to mineral exploration, while science is in danger of being pushed back to make way for more tourism.

Screen shot from Gravity

As the high-end computing resources needed to generate eye-popping on-screen effects become more available the VFX industry is playing an ever bigger part in shaping the cinematic experience.

Maria and Giuseppe Fidecaro inside the spark chamber, 1963

CERN, the organisation that runs the world's largest particle physics laboratory, turned 60 last month. Its efforts to unravel the mysteries of the universe are well documented, but the pioneering role of the engineers and computer scientists supporting the physics is sometimes overlooked.

Renault Next Two prototype

As car designers compete to pack more electronics into their vehicles, they are also having to focus on the issues of safety and security.

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Popular articles
Posing as an IT consultant, Colin Greenless performed a penetration test on a FTSE-listed financial services firm. One or two tricks of social engineering gave him free access to some very useful - and very valuable - information.

Tsunami defences - can you keep the waves at bay?
Some of the world's most extensive sea defences did little to protect Japan's coast from the devastating tsunami - is it time to develop buildings to withstand such an impact?

Building bicycles in the UK
E&T visits a cross-section of Britain's bicycle industry, to discover that, for those who've found their niche, business is booming.

Fatal failures: Siberia's hydro disaster
Poor maintenance, poor engineering and lack of emergency training caused a catastrophic accident at one of the world’s largest hydropower plants, in which 75 perished.

Gateways to the stars
Since the final Space Shuttle flight, the world has relied on Baikonur Cosmodrome for its launches. We visited the Kazakhstan site just before a high-profile launch failure last month. The contrast with the brand new Spaceport America, currently emerging from the wilds of the New Mexican desert, couldn’t be greater.

More goodies lifted from CES, the world’s largest consumer technology trade show, which took place in Las Vegas in January.

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"Climate change in Antarctica is leading to interest in extracting the region's natural resources, but there's the small matter of a treaty."

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