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Scottish referendum: business opinions from both sides

On the eve of the Independence referendum we hitch an imaginary ride on one of Scotland’s engineering novelties – a Spanish-built Edinburgh tram – and take our own straw poll of what the passengers think.

The npower renewables wind farm at Farr, Scotland

Scotland has a rich seam of renewables and leads the UK in alternative energy projects. What would a Yes vote in the Scottish or European referenda mean for meeting renewables targets?

Hampstead Heath swimmers Christmas morning, 1919

From long-awaited flood defences in Oxfordshire to Hampstead’s famous swimming ponds, we plunge into the choppy waters surrounding flood risk and what is being done about it.

Chinese mountain town

China's campaign to bulldoze mountains and create land for new cities is ambitious, even admirable, but now the world is worried.

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The magazine and its journalists have enjoyed success in media industry awards in recent years. Here are some hits and near misses:

Dickon Ross, Editor-in-chief

Shortlisted, Editor of the year, Business Media, PPA Awards 2012
Winner, Editor of the year, Business and Professional Magazines (non-weekly), BSME Awards 2011
Shortlisted, Editor of the year, Business and Professional Magazines (non-weekly), BSME Awards 2009
Winner, Editor of the year, Business and Professional Magazines (non-weekly), BSME Awards 2008
Runner up, Editor-in-Chief Best Single Issue, TABPI: Trade Association Business Publications International (‘Tabbie’) awards 2010
Gold award, Editor-in-Chief, Best Special Section [for the Undergound Issue], TABPI Awards 2010

Vitali Vitaliev, Features editor

Shortlisted, Columnist of the year, Business Media (for ‘After All’ column), PPA Awards 2011 
Highly Commended, Columnist of the Year, Business Media, PPA Awards 2009

John Rooney, Chief designer

Shortlisted, Art director of the year (Business), BSME Rising Stars, 2013
Shortlisted, Designer of the Year, Business Media, PPA Awards 2012
Shortlisted, Art director of the year (Business), Business and Professional Magazines (non-weekly), 2011
Highly Commended, Designer of the Year, Business Media, PPA Awards 2009
Bronze Award, front cover, Illustration, TABPI Awards 2010
The Design Team, Honorable Mention, Contents Page, TABPI Awards 2010

Aasha Bodhani, Assistant features editor

Winner, Best Overall Feature Article of the Year, BT Security Journalism Awards, 2013

Kris Sangani, Consumer electronics editor

Shortlisted, Writer of the Year, Business Media, PPA Awards 2011 

Justin Pollard (freelance journalist)

For Eccentric Engineer column
Shortlisted, Columnist of the Year, Business Media, PPA Awards 2012
Shortlisted, Columnist of the Year, Business Media, PPA Awards 2010
Shortlisted, Columnist of the Year, Magazine Design and Journalism Awards 2008

Chris Titley (freelance journalist)

Silver Winner, Best Feature Article, TABPI Awards 2010

Mark Harris (freelance journalist)

Gold Award, Technical Article, TABPI Awards 2010

Amy Spurling (freelance journalist)

Silver Award, Focus / Profile Article, TABPI Awards 2010

Popular articles
RFID tags along with the Internet of Things
RFID was the prototype for the entity-connected domains now being brought into the Internet of Things – but are the two technologies necessarily destined to contend with each other? Renewed interest in RFID suggests that it still has an important part to play.

Understanding the Implications of Tor’s latest hack
Researchers believe that they have cracked the anonymous Tor network. So why aren’t they allowed to talk about it?

Interview: Tristram Carfrae, Arup, on smarter construction and holistic design
As the world’s population increasingly flocks towards urban centres, smarter construction methods and more efficient cities are essential. E&T caught up with Tristram Carfrae, deputy chairman of Arup, to find out about the importance of a holistic view of the built environment.

The science of predicting football results
A statistician explains some mathematical models behind predicting results of international soccer games and risks his reputation by trying to guess the winners of the 2010 World Cup.

How are the big cities approaching rapid urbanisation?
Cities all over the world are experiencing extremely fast rates of urbanisation as rural populations flock to them for work. Shanghai, New Delhi, Mexico City and Mumbai are growing the fastest, so how are they coping and what can they learn from established cities?

Modelling & Simulation lifts aerospace control systems
Modelling and simulation software plays a critical role in supporting blue sky thinking at the early stages of  aircraft flight control systems design and validation.

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"What the Scottish independence referenda could mean for engineers and engineering on both sides of the border"

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