Issue 10: 15 October 2013
Identity crisis graphic

Identity - how safe are you online?

With more and more people living out large parts of their lives online, cybercriminals are finding endless new ways of stealing identities.

A still from Carry on Doctor

The healthcare industry is under attack, with imposters, fraudsters and cyber-criminals pretending to be people they are not to acquire personal patient data. But the ID theft clampdown has begun.


As the world becomes ever more digitised, the uneasy relationship between personal privacy and national security grows increasingly complex.

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Just who are you inviting into your home with that latest 'smart' technology purchase?

Identity theft
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We look at the identity theft explosion that leaves people, companies and entire nations wide open. The digital future of healthcare; eavesdropping security agencies; smart gadgets creating opportunities for hackers to entre your virtual home and other disturbing scenarios. Don't have nightmares, do sleep well.

The E&T podcast: Cyber-espionage

Jonathan Wilson discusses the impact of cyber-war and cyber-espionage at the industrial and nation-state level with Tom Cross, director of security research at Lancope.

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Also in this issue
Big data graphic

Big Analogue Data - why bigger isn't always better  ET arr

Big data sets are valued for the patterns and trends that they reveal when analysed by equally massive computing resources, but scientists are now questioning whether bigger is always better when it comes to deriving value from the analogue world.

Overhead power lines

Whatever happened to Broadband over Power Line?  ET arr

It looked like a meeting of technologies that promised much in principle, but the marriage of high-speed data and mains electricity supply has proved to be a challenge too far for the engineers hoping to channel broadband over power lines.

Emirates Stadium's camera

SportsTech: Football  ET arr

Software is changing the way that football coaches prepare their match tactics

Simon Singh

Interview - Simon Singh  ET arr

Author and TV presenter Simon Singh may well be best known for his work on Fermat's Last Theorem, but these days he's investigating the mathematics of America's most famous family.

A designer working on a fuel cell scooter

The unchanging status of female engineers during the last 90 years  ET arr

Can it really be the case that women in engineering have made little progress in almost a century? Archive copies of The Woman Engineer magazine from the 1920s certainly seem to suggest so.

Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails performing

Author interview - Nicholas Lovell - 'The Curve'  ET arr

Any fool knows that you don't get rich by giving it away. And yet, in today's digitally connected world, free content is an increasingly popular catalyst for commercial success. Nicholas Lovell's new book explains all.

Humber armored cars at the Rootes Company in Coventry

Shadow factories of the WW2 British motor industry  ET arr

To support the war effort, the British motor industry successfully readjusted itself in the course of the Second World War with the help of the so-called 'shadow factory' scheme.

Agricultural machinery using Computer vision

Agricultural technology to feed the world  ET arr

With a growing population demanding more food, and an agricultural community constrained by lack of land and water while battling demands for greater sustainability, the challenge of feeding the world is falling at the feet of engineers.

Soldiers in the 4th Dragoon Guards, Ukraine, 1855

Crimea - the first modern war  ET arr

From mass-produced cutlery and stoves to telegraphs and photography, the technological innovations of the Crimean War stretched far beyond the battlefield.

Salt farming in California

The irrigation project that gave the US a new sea  ET arr

Engineers who wanted to bring water to a Californian desert didn't bank on creating a new sea.

Bloodhound record breaking car graphic

UK companies contibuting to the 1,000mph car  ET arr

When Andy Green attempts to break the land speed record in South Africa in 2015 his Bloodhound car will be showcasing an array of UK engineering excellence under its skin.

Infrastructure hacker graphic

How to disarm an infrastructure hacker  ET arr

The media has been full of reports of cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure, but the fear is that there is far worse to come.

José Manuel Barroso

Commission proposes ‘populist’ telecoms reforms  ET arr

A major reform moves for a single market in EU telecoms.

Roman inspired shed

What's in your shed? E&T's new photo competition  ET arr

Shed-shooting - a new photo challenge for E&T readers. Is your shed a place you retire to in search of solitude and quiet? Or is it a place where you can safely pursue your creative endeavours? Share your photos with us.


Debate: Driverless cars


A future with driverless cars on the roads is one to look forward to and embrace

Professor of innovation and new product development

Profile: Keith Goffin

Keith Goffin is professor of innovation and new product development at Cranfield School of Management with a special interest in breakthrough products. His latest book is ‘Identifying Hidden Needs’, available from Palgrave MacMillan.



A future with driverless cars on the roads is not one to look forward to and embrace

Director of design

Profile: Marek Reichman

Marek Reichman has been director of design at Aston Martin for eight years and has been involved with some of the world’s most iconic cars, including the Rolls-Royce Phantom, and the Lincoln MKX and Navicross concept cars.

A future with driverless cars on the road is one to embrace

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The big picture
South African mobile phone mast disguised as a palm tree
Big Numbers
OMG Life Autographer

Wearable camera with sensors to decide if it’s a good moment to take a picture

Canon EOS 100D

Smallest, lightest APS-C dSLR, with 18MP sensor and Full HD movie capture

Pure Jongo T2/T4/T6

Three new speakers join the existing Jongo range

SATcase waterproof case

Turn a Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 into a satellite phone. The case is water and dustproof and impact-resistant

August Smart Lock

App-controlled Bluetooth door lock links with your phone. 

Brunton Hydrogen Reactor

A portable battery charger based on hydrogen/oxygen reaction, with no toxic waste created

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