Issue 3: 12 March 2013
A technical fruit assortment

Raspberry Pi - retro computer of the future

With sales in excess of one million in its first year, the Raspberry Pi Foundation hopes its low-cost computer will enthuse a new generation of coders.

Alastair Smith holding up a Raspberry Pi

As the Raspberry Pi celebrates its first birthday, designs intended for the hobbyist are getting mainstream attention from developers of 'grown up' applications.

A sale being made at a supermarket checkout

As point-of-sale systems embrace mainstream software, they will have to deal with the security threats that come with it. After all, what cybercriminal wouldn't go after Windows-based devices handling credit and debit cards?

The new Second Avenue subway construction

Constructing a new subway line in a major city such as New York throws up a wealth of challenges aside from engineering ingenuity.

Raspberry Pi
E&T cover image 0313

With a million Raspberry Pi computers sold in the first year, will this seed a new generation of top young British computer coders and programmers? We look at uses for the Raspberry Pi in education and also for more everyday "grown up" applications and novel solutions. In this issue, we also hear about Lego's continuing inspiration to young engineers, BYOD in the classroom, China's world-class eco-city Tianjin, the new Bronx-bound subway for New York City, how Big Data follows us all around and much more.   

The E&T podcast: engineering Titanic II

Edd Gent meets Markku Kanerva, director of sales for Deltamarin, the Finnish naval architecture and engineering firm which will design Titanic II.
Also in this issue
nVidia Project Shield

Gadgets  ET arr

The latest in innovative consumer technology including: the future of home gaming, running shoes redefined and the latest in top movie-making kit.

Instant snap of a Bulldog

Polaroid - is it possible to save a brand?  ET arr

With the soaring popularity of smartphone cameras and online photo sharing, is there room in the photographic world for instant analogue photography?

Posterised globe

Author interview - Yves Doz, 'Managing global innovation'  ET arr

We are constantly being told that the 21st century is the age of global innovation. But what does that mean? We talk to an author whose new book explains all.

BYOD to the classroom on a chalk board

BYOD to the classroom  ET arr

Businesses see benefits in allowing their workforce to use personal devices in the workplace, but is this culture likely to extend to schools?

The new Second Avenue subway construction

A subway for Second Avenue - 100 years late  ET arr

Constructing a new subway line in a major city such as New York throws up a wealth of challenges aside from engineering ingenuity.

Ping Fu

Interview - Ping Fu  ET arr

CEO and founder of Geomagic, Ping Fu discusses her extraordinary journey from the concentration camps of China's Cultural Revolution to becoming one of America's most influential women in reality capture technology.

Airport terminal graphic

Big data at large - you may not see it, but it will see you  ET arr

When an E&T writer set off to attend an industry event in Amsterdam he discovered that his trip was being helped along at all stages by an unseen force.

Graphic showing hungry smartphones eating fish shaped data

'Data hunger' will cause 4G roll-out to feel the bite  ET arr

Smartphones designed to exploit the emerging 4G networks are ravenous for data, and that's good news for service operators who need ways to maximise usage-based revenue models. But the transition from 3G to 4G is likely to throw up several contentious issues that will take time and effort to reconcile.

A washing machine thrown in a large bin

How to innovate in manufacturing  ET arr

It is no longer enough to simply have top-notch operational efficiency. The future belongs to companies that can innovate within that often restrictive fiscal framework.

Children building complex Lego models

Building skills brick by brick  ET arr

This year's First Lego League challenged youngsters to build projects to help the elderly.

Pirelli’s new tyres

Sports technology - F1 tyres  ET arr

When the Formula One season begins in Australia the 24 cars will test the limits of Pirelli's new tyres.

Dr Nick Eyre

Q and A - Energy efficiency with Dr Nick Eyre  ET arr

With energy efficiency sitting high on the political agenda, we caught up with Dr Nick Eyre, a Jackson Senior Research Fellow in Energy at the Environmental Change Institute (ECI) at Oxford's Oriel College, to unravel the tangled web of policy and technology.

Artist Impression of Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City

Tianjin Eco-city - blueprint for the future  ET arr

There is no single internationally accepted definition of an 'eco-city', but China believes it has a pretty good suggestion in Tianjin Eco-city.

Shipbreakers - Javier Arcenillas

Photo Essay  ET arr

The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) Environmental Photographer of the Year 2013 is an international showcase for the very best in environmental photography and video.


For and Against: London’s airport


A new airport to the east of London is the best option for proper expansion

Profile: Daniel Moylan

Daniel Moylan has led the Mayor of London’s work on aviation for over two years, championing the case for constructing a new hub to serve London and the UK.

He has also served as deputy chairman for Transport for London, chairman of the London Legacy Development Corporation and deputy leader of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council.



A new airport to the east of London is not the best option for proper expansion

Profile: Frank Wingate

Since 2004 Frank Wingate has been chief executive of West London Business, the Chamber of Commerce and Inward Investment Agency for West London. Wingate has a background in communications with management and entrepreneurial experience. He has also founded and developed his own public relations consultancy, Wingate PR, which specialised in investment, trade, IT and mobile technology.

A new airport to the east of London is the best option for proper expansion

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The big picture
Mercier-Jones hovercraft
Big Numbers
GoPro Hero3

Dramatically improved popular action sports camera is now smaller, lighter, takes better video, better in low light and bursts

Pure Sensia 200D Connect

An update to the original Sensia. It retains the same stylish looks with punchier processor, but the resistive display is cumbersome

Samsung Chromebook

Samsung’s latest budget chromebook packs in a great deal of style. Although sadly it’s let down by a poor resolution screen

Steadicam Smoothee

Creepy Return of the Jedi and The Shining steadicam technology is now available to iPhone and GoPro users

Teva TevaSphere trainers

Heavily rounded heel means runners who land heel first lose less momentum. And mid-foot pods help your foot roll straight

nVidia Project Shield

Matches a 5in HD Android touch-screen with a gamepad and links to a PC with GeForce GTX graphics


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