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Issue 1 2012

E&T  goes wheeling and dealing this month as we present the A-Z of fakes, all t...

Issue 1

24 January 2012

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Issue 2 2012

E&T considers the matter of ethics in this issue, as we put forward a professional oath...

Issue 2

21 February 2012

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Issue 3 2012

E&T marks the centenary of Titanic sinking and considers how an iconic disaster became ...

Issue 3

27 March 2012

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Issue 4 2012

E&T considers the ethical matter of whether or not engineers should play God through ge...

Issue 4

23 April 2012

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Issue 5 2012

E&T dons its coat and hat and pops to the shops to consider the future of the humble hi...

Issue 5

22 May 2012

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Issue 6 2012

E&T likes its engineering smart and its technology smarter, so what can a smart world o...

Issue 6

20 June 2012

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Issue 7 2012

E&T limbers up for a sensational summer sporting spectacular with its Olympics special

Issue 7

17 July 2012

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Issue 8 2012

E&T plumbs the depths with James Cameron as he pursues the secrets of the deep

Issue 8

20 August 2012

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Issue 9 2012

E&T grabs hold of wood this issue to review this much-loved, long-established and renew...

Issue 9

18 September 2012

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Issue 10 2012

E&T cocks the safety catch on its standard-issue Walther PPK and jumps in to its dual-f...

Issue 10

22 October 2012

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Issue 11 2012

E&T braves the ever-changing elements in this issue, as we either wrap up warm against ...

Issue 11

20 November 2012

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Issue 12 2012

E&T puts its feet up for a well-earned Christmas rest, takes a mince pie or two, pours ...

Issue 12

19 December 2012

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"The 1950s saw the first big wave of 3D films, but the novelty wore off. Sixty years later, 3D may be back to stay as the technology goes mainstream."

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