Issue 5: 17 May 2011
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Professional migration trends

With the global economic zones variously swelling and shrinking at alarming rates, where does that leave the tide of talent? E&T investigates global migration trends and their effect on the dispersion of skills.

Oil rig foreman

The shortage of suitably trained staff could lead to increased costs, cancellation of projects and curtailed inward investment in the UK energy sector

San Jose, California, December 1984

Everyone wants to emulate Silicon Valley, but clusters are rarely the result of central planning.

Brandenburger Tor, Berlin

A quick comparison of the UK and German economies present jobless British engineers with one conclusion: to Germany! We ask whether it's worth crossing the Channel to find work.

Where will you be working in 2020?
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It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it. So said comedian Steven Wright. In the world of work, however, the globe is indeed shrinking as an increasingly mobile workforce aggressively pursues better jobs, career advancement, new opportunities and further education - wherever it finds the best of each. E&T looks at this migration; at the war to attract and secure the top talent; how high-tech clusters spring up and sustain themselves; at the engineering opportunities for UK workers in Germany; how power engineers are in short supply and other related topics. We also have much more engineering topics, news, debate and columns besides - plenty for you to ponder on your commute to work.

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Vitali visits the British Library’s new Conservation Centre, where engineering professionals are employed in tackling the challenges of preserving the Library’s collection.

Also in this issue
Steve Bowes-Phipps

IT systems in Universities – case study  ET arr

IT manager Steve Bowes-Phipps reveals how the University of Hertfordshire has upgraded to meet the demands being placed on academia's data centres.

Man using laptop on plane

IT security: isolating the problem  ET arr

PC operating systems are full of security holes, which is why some are now turning to software first developed for 'hidden' computers to better protect them

Shanghai auto show

Shanghai auto show joins global leaders  ET arr

The 2011 Shanghai Motor show demonstrated how seriously European and US automotive manufacturers are taking the Chinese market.

Michael Bloomberg

One2Ten - Closet Engineers  ET arr

E&T looks at the influence of engineering and technology on the lives of ten high-profile people who became celebrated for something completely different

Native Amazonians

Photo Essay - Brazil hydro  ET arr

The world's thirst for electricity remains unquenched, and Brazil has plans for an ambitious hydroelectric project. However, the damage caused will be substantial.

Steve Cowley

Q and A - Steve Cowley - Culham Centre for Fusion Energy  ET arr

With construction starting on ITER and the first plasma burst expected in 2019, the European JET facility is preparing to restart after its upgrade to pave the way. E&T met the man in charge of the UK’s fusion effort, Professor Steve Cowley.

Ear plugs

Sounding off on noise  ET arr

It's the bane of modern life, or a sign of a vibrant society. But while excessive noise is definitely dangerous, engineers are learning to mitigate, modify and redesign it.


Building better backhaul  ET arr

The rise of smartphones is testing the radio capacity of mobile networks. But what about the connections from the basestation to the core network?

Andy Cohen

Interview – BBC's Head of Science  ET arr

E&T talks to Andrew Cohen, BBC Head of Science, about 'Horizon', Brian Cox and the forthcoming series 'The Story of Electricity', which will use the IET archives.

Book interview

Improving those work relationships  ET arr

As an engineering manager, it is essential to know how to communicate with your colleagues. We talk to an author who takes an engineer's approach to the subject

Foundry TSMC

Powering down chip manufacturing  ET arr

Today's semiconductors consume less and less power but it takes more and more to make them

Stephanie Kwolek the inventor of Kevlar

Engineering's most ingenious women  ET arr

E&T discovers history's most inspired women who have been making barely-heralded contributions to science and engineering for centuries


Towing icebergs to drought zones  ET arr

There is nothing more valuable than water, yet much of the world is short of it. Could the answer be as simple as towing a icebergs to the drought-stricken tropics?

Remote fracking unit

Energy crisis postponed?  ET arr

The search for UK shale gas has started but despite the promise of cheaper, 'cleaner' fuel, the threat of water pollution and environmental damage lingers


For and Against - Government and engineering


This house believes that politicians pay enough attention to research from the SET sector

Sales and marketing manager

Nigel Platt

Nigel Platt is responsible for developing and driving the UK and Ireland sales and marketing strategy. He joined ABB in 1990 as account manager for the South East Region. Nigel holds an HNC in Mechanical and Production Engineering from De Havilland College, Herts and is a member of the British Automation and Robotics Association Council.



This house doesn’t believe that politicians pay enough attention to research

Head of strategic communications and public affairs

Richard Northcote

He is a former editor of The Engineer magazine and has spent over 20 years working in communications.

He has edited and published a variety of industry publications and worked in many parts of the world, most particularly in the Asia region.

This house believes that politicians pay sufficient attention to SET research

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The solar-powered Solar Impulse aircraft being prepared for takeoff
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TaylorMade R11

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Olympus SZ-30MR

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H2O shower-powered radio

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Philips Fidelio SoundSphere DS9800

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