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Dream Chaser: what now for Sierra Nevada Corp's space plans?

Dream Chaser

15 September 2014

Nasa’s recent announcement that Sierra Nevada Corp’s Dream Chaser was not among the winners in the agency’s commercial crew transport competition is an obvious blow to the company, but the mini-shuttle may yet fly into space.

The Williams minds behind Formula E’s racing battery

The Formula E allelectric Championship wants to improve reputation of electric vehicles

13 September 2014

To change the deeply ingrained prejudices about electric vehicles, Formula E called in the best in the field, including former Formula One champion Williams, to build a fully-fledged all-electric racing car in just two years. And building the car's battery was one of the biggest challenges.

The power of apprenticeships: Joe Hedley's QinetiQ experience

Joe Hedley Aeronautical Mechanical Engineering Apprentice at QinetiQ

20 August 2014

Young people have tough choices to make when they are leaving school, as millions of them are about to now. The next step is daunting - and can obviously help define what you do going through life. One career path that should not be overlooked is that of apprenticeships.

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SpaceXs Dragon was the first commercial vehicle to dock at the International Space Station

Nasa looks for more vehicles to ferry cargo to space station

Nasa has issued a request for proposal inviting further companies to develop technology for delivering supplies to the International Space Station.

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