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Betting big on 3D printing

The CFM LEAP engine

18 January 2016

Engineers around the world are working hard to push the hottest technology of the decade over its tipping point. We take a look at what’s new with 3D printing.

Concorde: end of the dream?

Concorde with crew

18 January 2016

On the 40th anniversary of the supersonic airliner’s maiden commercial flight, we look at the dramatic story of the ascent and descent of Concorde.

Leonardo da Vinci: artist and engineer

The Mechanics of Genius exhibition

18 January 2016

Leonardo da Vinci is heralded as the greatest artist of all time. But was he also the greatest engineer? This February ‘The Mechanics of Genius’ exhibition opens at the Science Museum, London, making the case that Leonardo’s legacy was as much his engineering masterpieces as the Mona Lisa.

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