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Classic Project: Routemaster (RM) Bus

Routemaster bus graphic

14 September 2015

The Routemaster double-decker bus is widely regarded as a British design icon. First introduced in 1956, a few are still running on a popular tourist route in London.

British astronaut Tim Peake prepares for six months in space

Tim Peake

14 September 2015

Tim Peake, the first Briton to go to the International Space Station on a trip funded by the UK government, has spoken to E&T amidst his busy training schedule.

Driverless cars: Are we ready?

Mercedes F015

14 September 2015

The main cause of traffic accidents is human error, but sorting out the tech challenges of driverless cars solves only half the problem.

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Carmakers need to be given time to prepare for changes in emission testing of diesel cars said an industry association

Change in EU emission testing could make diesel cars too expensive

A rapidly enforced and too strict overhaul of EU emission testing procedures could increase the cost of diesel car manufacturing over acceptable levels and force car-makers to stop selling them, a trade association has warned. 

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