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The power of apprenticeships: Joe Hedley's QinetiQ experience

Joe Hedley Aeronautical Mechanical Engineering Apprentice at QinetiQ

20 August 2014

Young people have tough choices to make when they are leaving school, as millions of them are about to now. The next step is daunting - and can obviously help define what you do going through life. One career path that should not be overlooked is that of apprenticeships.

Building Britain's gateway to space

Skylon spaceplane

11 August 2014

An official report suggests that spaceplanes could be taking off from UK soil as soon as 2018. We review the plans.

Scottish referendum: business opinions from both sides

Tram graphic

11 August 2014

On the eve of the Independence referendum we hitch an imaginary ride on one of Scotland’s engineering novelties – a Spanish-built Edinburgh tram – and take our own straw poll of what the passengers think.

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Teams at the European Space Agency are investigating how to make the best use of the two Galileo satellites in wrong orbits

Frantic efforts to save Galileo launch fiasco

Engineers at the European Space Agency’s control centre are busy trying to figure out whether there could be any navigational use of the two Galileo satellites stranded in an incorrect orbit after the Friday launch failure.

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