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HMS Victory – Restoring Nelson's flagship

HMS Victory

15 June 2015

Nelson's flagship at the 1805 Battle of Trafalgar celebrates its 250th anniversary this year. We take a look at HMS Victory, which now lives permanently in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, and what has been done to regenerate it.

Aviation for the future: flight goes green

The future of flight is green  Airbus efan

15 June 2015

How modelling, simulation and product lifecycle management tools are making a new generation of lighter, stronger, cleaner and possibly even simpler aircraft.

Can Formula E drive the EV future?

A Formula E car racing on track

15 June 2015

Electric motorsport Formula E launched with a blaze of publicity last year. But although the buzz has died down, does it have the spark to boost sales of electric cars?

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Ambitous policy needed to meet 2050 carbon targets

‘Ambitious policy' needed to meet 2050 carbon goals

The UK would need a more ambitious policy package if it wanted to decarbonise its energy system in line with 2050 emission reduction targets, a study has concluded.

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