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Analysis: AirAsia crash raises questions over flight preparation

AirAsia plane

19 January 2015

The flight data recorders have been recovered, but events leading up to the crash of Flight QZ8501 in the Java Sea in December are still shrouded in mystery.

Airport of the future in Mexico

Graphic showing large glass reception area

19 January 2015

Mexico needs a new international airport. Its designers have come up with a radical approach.

Europe's Spaceport: 35 years and counting...

Jupiter launch control centre

19 January 2015

Recent Hollywood blockbusters like 'Gravity' and 'Interstellar' give space a sci-fi image. But when it comes to transporting real-life hardware (and people) into space, it's "less Buck Rogers, more Eddie Stobart". We visit the Guiana Space Centre to see space transportation in action. 

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Europes laser data highway will allow realtime evaluation of data from remotesensing satellites

Europe’s space data highway confirmed

Europe will go ahead with the construction of a laser-based satellite data relay system following a successful test of the technology last year.

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