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3D printing for space missions

Barry Wilmore with the ratcheting socket wrench

16 February 2015

3D printing is emerging as a popular technology in the space industry, where it increases the potential to reduce spacecraft mass and cut launch costs. But will it ever be possible to print the rockets themselves?

Classic Projects: Sealab I, II & III

Sealab annotated graphic

16 February 2015

Date: 1960s

Designer: United States Navy

Cost: Undisclosed

Who controls commercial drones?

Helicopter drone in flight

16 February 2015

Commercial drones are now available to the public at knockdown prices. But what lies ahead for the UAV? And what if it gets into the wrong hands?

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"The 1950s saw the first big wave of 3D films, but the novelty wore off. Sixty years later, 3D may be back to stay as the technology goes mainstream."

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