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Sports technology: Bike fitting

Lasers show up on the rider as he sits on a bike

16 March 2015

This month’s sports technology feature looks at the technique of bespoke bike ‘fitting’, where a bike can be exactly adjusted for the rider to achieve maximum comfort, flexibility and performance.

The problems of spacesuits 50 years after the first spacewalk

Alexei Leonov first space walk

16 March 2015

The first spacesuit almost became Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov’s bodybag. Fifty years on, the modern spacesuit is once again in for a radical restyling.

New frontiers in driverless vehicles

KMAX helicopter

16 March 2015

Whether it’s on land, in the air or underwater, unmanned autonomous vehicles are already becoming a part of everyday reality - especially in hazardous environments. Brad Pietras, vice president, UK engineering and technology at Lockheed Martin, explains the latest developments.

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Facebook said it flew its Internetdelivering drone in the UK

Facebook’s secret drone test flight in the UK

Facebook has completed the first test flight of its unmanned aircraft designed to deliver Internet to remote areas, the social network’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has revealed.

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