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£350m for new training centres for future engineers

22 November 2013

Over 70 new training centres will be established across the UK to train postgraduates to work in science and engineering disciplines, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) announced today.

Immigration key to closing engineering skills gap, says panel

21 November 2013

Immigration will be vital for filling the engineering skills gap in the near future, but cannot be relied upon in the long term.

Study reveals what frustrates job-hunting grads most

20 November 2013

According to a new report, there are four major flaws in organisational recruitment processes that frustrate graduates.

Make-it-yourself Raspberry Pi kit reaches funding target

20 November 2013

A make-it-yourself computer and coding kit powered by the Raspberry Pi has reached its crowd funding target in just 18 hours.

Parents' attitudes towards apprenticeships improving

14 November 2013

Nearly half of parents would recommend an apprenticeship to their children but 14 per cent still see them as inferior to degrees.

Siemens launches first ‘junior factory’ for apprentices

13 November 2013

Siemens is opening the first ‘junior factory’ for apprentices, a ‘small factory within a factory’ run by a mixture of commercial and technical apprentices aged 16 to 21.

Comic creators team up with science educators

13 November 2013

The creators of some of Marvel and DC Comics’ famous characters have teamed up with a university to design an educational comic.

Engineering marvels of 21st century revealed

08 November 2013

London, wind energy or 3D movies have made it to the top eight contemporary engineering wonders list as selected by young engineers from across the UK.  

Industrial fellowships support research engineers

06 November 2013

Eight scientists and engineers have each been awarded £80,000 worth of funding by the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851.

'Don’t rely on migrants to fill engineering gap', review says

04 November 2013

UK’s dependence on importing engineers from abroad is not sustainable, a government-commissioned review has said, stressing the importance of inspiring young Britons to take up engineering as a career.

Youngsters reject engineering due to lack of awareness

04 November 2013

Young people are rejecting engineering as a career choice because they don’t know enough about the profession.

Parliament experiences a Big Bang before bonfire night

04 November 2013

Pupils and businesses from across the UK brought a slice of The Big Bang Fair to Parliament today.

UKESF scholarships garner industry support

30 October 2013

The UK Electronics Skills Foundation (UKESF) has announced industry backing for 60 scholarships for the 2013/14 academic year.

NWAA’s first Business University Challenge a great success

30 October 2013

Eight teams from universities and aerospace businesses in the UK’s north-west competed against each other earlier this month in the North West Aerospace Alliance (NWAA) Business University Challenge.

‘Mundane’ classes put thousands off computer science

28 October 2013

Lessons in "mundane office skills" have turned hundreds of thousands of young people off computer science, the vice-chancellor of Reading University has warned.

Apprenticeship reforms put industry in the driving seat

28 October 2013

Revamped apprenticeships will put employers in the driving seat so they can deliver the skills businesses need.

Aberdeen to host European Student Energy Summit

23 October 2013

Europe’s biggest student energy summit will be held in Aberdeen next June following a successful bid to stage the event.

Lego to give UK schools Mindstorms sets to boost STEM

23 October 2013

Popular Danish construction toys manufacturer Lego will give its Mindstorms kits to 25 schools to boost interest in engineering.

UK team wins space robotics challenge

18 October 2013

A team from Manchester has won in the 11 to 13 years category of the space robotics competition creating the most efficient design for unloading cargo from a mock-up spacecraft

Flying cleaner robot swarm wins design award

18 October 2013

A swarm of flying mini-robots that clean your house has won an international design competition.

Apprenticeships not ‘poor cousin’ of the degree

17 October 2013

Apprenticeships should not be seen as the poor cousin of the degree, according to the head of the IET.

Proposal for 'career colleges' linked to local employment

15 October 2013

A former education secretary wants to set up "career colleges" training young people in vocational skills linked to local employment.

Dutch team rules at World Solar Challenge again

10 October 2013

The Dutch Nuon Solar Team has won the World Solar Challenge for the fifth consecutive time, covering the 3,000km distance between Australian cities Darwin and Adelaide in 33 hours.

Young Britons don't have basic skills, says OECD

08 October 2013

Italy and Spain have come bottom of a new OECD ranking of literacy and numeracy skills, with British youngsters performing worse than their grandparents.

Raspberry Pi celebrates one million UK-manufactured units

08 October 2013

The Sony UK Technology Centre has produced its millionth Raspberry Pi unit, underlining the global success of the gadget.

BBC to push technology education

08 October 2013

The BBC wants to lead a push for a new generation of Britons with world-class computer skills to drive the digital economy.

Cutting-edge Mars rover to undergo tests in Atacama

07 October 2013

Europe’s future Martian rover ExoMars will be tested this week in Mars-like conditions in the south-American Atacama Desert.

IAC wants to hear apprentices’ views

03 October 2013

The Industry Apprentice Council (IAC) is asking apprentices to answer an online survey that it hopes will help shape future campaigns, discussions with government and education organisations.

Students invited to design microgravity and centrifuge experiments

02 October 2013

European Space Agency (ESA) has launched this year’s Drop Your Thesis campaign, inviting European PhD and Master students to design free fall experiments.

Nasa shutdown might delay Mars probe launch by 3 years

02 October 2013

Only three per cent of Nasa staff working on critical ISS support are staying at work while the US budget crisis threatens to delay scheduled launch of a new Martian probe by three years.

£200m for science and engineering teaching facilities

30 September 2013

The Government will invest £200m in new teaching facilities for engineering and science subjects in UK universities.

Accord aims to align IT skills benchmarks

20 September 2013

The SFIA Foundation and employer body E-Skills UK have launched a joint project that they say will strengthen the UK’s role in defining standards for IT skills.

Hundreds of new roles for young engineers at Atkins

18 September 2013

Atkins has welcomed over 400 new graduates and apprentices to its business, one of its largest ever intakes. The new recruits will work across a range of sectors including energy and aerospace.

UK universities to offer free online IT courses

18 September 2013

UK universities will offer free online courses in subjects like maths and computer science to anyone around the world from today.

Distributor launches free tool to drive 3D design and printing

12 September 2013

RS Components aims to make 3D printing more accessible to electrical and electronics engineers with the launch of a free solid-modelling tool that works with the distributor’s existing DesignSpark PCB layout software.

IET Diamond Jubilee Scholarships encourage top students

10 September 2013

The IET is supporting a cohort of UK engineering students this autumn with an investment of £2m through the first IET Diamond Jubilee Scholarships. The institution will make the contribution to 540 of the top UK students who are starting an engineering degree in 2013/14.

Robotic IV insertion device reduces pain for kids

02 September 2013

A prototype robotic device for inserting intravenous catheters could help reduce pain for hospitalised children.

IET President: universities must share IP with SMEs

28 August 2013

The outgoing president of the IET says more universities must share research with SMEs.

School science experiments pushed 'into margins'

28 August 2013

Practical science experiments are being pushed "into the margins" amid pressure to achieve good GCSE and A-level results.

14-year-old designs vaccination-reminding app

23 August 2013

Fourteen-year-old Francesca Turnball has won the IET’s Product Innovation Challenge designing a medical mobile phone application.

Nuclear waste specialist Sellafield takes on 121 apprentices

22 August 2013

Cumbria-based nuclear-waste management specialist Sellafield has accepted 121 apprentices guaranteeing a permanent-job offer to those who finish the course.

Rise in A-Level students taking maths and science

15 August 2013

The proportion of A-levels awarded top grades has fallen for the second year amid a rise in students taking science and maths.

PhD students awarded engineering scholarships

14 August 2013

Five exceptional engineering students have been awarded scholarships of up to £10,000 by the IET.

Engineering course applications on the rise

13 August 2013

Applications to practical university courses like engineering have risen by more than a quarter in the last five years.

German physicists stop motion of light for one minute

06 August 2013

German researchers have managed to halt the motion of light for one minute using glass-like crystals containing low concentration of ions of praseodymium.

‘Flying Laptop’ for small satellites developed by German students

05 August 2013

A super-fast and compact on-board computer for satellites of up to 130kg has been developed by the University of Stuttgart students.

Atmospheric research drones developed by UK scientists

02 August 2013

University of Southampton researchers are working on an unmanned aircraft that could help collect data about the atmosphere.

Maths graduates offered £20,000 to teach

01 August 2013

Maths graduates will be offered £20,000 to teach in colleges as part of a move to improve students’ numeracy.

Finance not poaching engineering graduates

31 July 2013

The myth that engineering graduates are poached by the finance industry appears to be fantasy, according to new figures.

Teleport 'unfeasible' according to physics students

30 July 2013

A group of University of Leicester students has calculated the energy, time and data capacity required to teleport one person from Earth to Space.

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