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I’d like that job – Sarah Doughty, Geographical information systems consultant, Atkins

Sarah Doughty works as a graduate geographical information systems consultant at Atkins

28 January 2015

Sarah works in Atkins’ Bristol-based geospatial mapping and analysis team, capturing data from satellite imagery and aerial photography, digitizing information from existing maps and plans and collecting data in the field.

Back to the Future's technology predictions

The Hendo Hover

21 January 2015

The Back to the Future films portrayed 2015 as a futuristic world of hoverboards and flying cars. So have any of the trilogy’s technology predictions become reality?

Teenage privacy online: confronting the web's privacy boundaries

A graphic showing a women taking a selfie

19 January 2015

Media headlines scream about lax teen attitudes to privacy. The real story is more complex.

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ARM IoT kit to drive maker projects at UCL

ARM has started to provide development kits for Internet of Things designs to universities to help encourage engineering students to engage with practical embedded-systems projects.

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