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I’d like that job - Andrew Sunderland, patent attorney, Haseltine Lake

Andrew Sunderland works as a patent attorney at Haseltine Lake

28 August 2015

Did you know that a STEM degree is a prerequisite for becoming a patent attorney, or that it takes the same amount of time as getting a second degree to become fully qualified? We found out this and more when we talked to newly qualified patent attorney Andrew Sunderland. 

Country focus – Thailand

Thailand is investing in its national transportation network including Bangkoks MRT and Mass Transit System Credit Corbis

26 August 2015

In our latest country focus, we take a look at the opportunities for young engineers in Thailand, what skills employers are after and what kind of engineering projects are planned and already underway.

Enterprising engineers

Engineering entrepreneur Sam Etherington

21 August 2015

Young entrepreneur Sam Etherington is keen to show young people how their interest in engineering can be combined with starting a business.

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The nonstereotypical computer science classroom was decorated with plants and nature posters

'Geeky' classrooms put girls off computer science

Redesigning computer science classrooms to be less "geeky" could encourage more girls to take up the subject, new research suggests.

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