Special focus: Apollo 11 and beyond

Rocket lifting off  The Apollo 11 mission was a remarkable achievement. Our exclusive collection of features and news stories analyses the scientific, engineering and technology legacy of that era, with one eye on the future.


E&T continues to cover all aspects of space travel and exploration, from Yuri Gagarin's historic first orbit around the earth to the latest innovations, as man further explores the final frontier.


Selected Apollo news

Yuri Gagarin to be commemorated with London statue

Yuri Gagarin to be commemorated with London statue

The first man to go into space will be celebrated with a new statue marking the 50th anniversary of manned space flight.

Nasa joins probe of Toyota acceleration problem

Nasa and the National Academy of Sciences are joining the US government's investigation of the sudden acceleration problems that led to car giant Toyota's massive recalls.

British astronaut helps launch UK Space Agency

Britain now has its own space agency, represented by the Union Flag morphed into a soaring arrow. The UK Space Agency, as it is officially named, was launched with the help of British astronaut Major Timothy Peake.

Bringing space even closer

Astronomers wanting to view images from the world’s largest optical and infrared telescopes at the WM Keck Observatory on the summit of Hawaii’s Mauna Kea Volcano will no longer face a 4200 metre uphill trek.

Cisco partners with NASA to monitor climate change

Cisco and NASA are to develop an online collaborative global monitoring platform to capture, collect, analyse and report data on environmental conditions around the world.

Fuel prices drive new look at open rotor jet engines

'Open rotor' jet engines are back on the agenda. GE Aviation and NASA are teaming on a wind-tunnel test programme to evaluate counter-rotating fan-blade systems for new engine designs that could sharply reduce fuel consumption.

NASA traces Hubble glitches

NASA engineers have traced two glitches that shut down the orbiting Hubble space telescope.

Boeing vies for Nasa contract

Boeing has submitted a proposal to Nasa to bring innovative, affordable solutions to the agency's next-generation mission control centre and other facilities at Johnson Space Center in Houston

Martian soil investigated by lander

The footprint-like impression in this image was made not by a Martian, but by the Robotic Arm scoop of NASA's Phoenix lander, currently on Mars.

Mentor deal lets firm play part in Shuttle replacement

A small US company based near to NASA̵7;s Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama has won a deal to work with Boeing on the rocket that will transport astronauts into space after the Space Shuttle retires.

Billion dollar Moon observatory gets NASA cash

US space authorities are planning to create an array of radio telescopes on the far side of the Moon that would probe the earliest history of the universe

Mysterious ridges found on Mars

Mysterious ridges have been found on Mars at the mouth of the Tiu Valles channel system on the red planet. The images were taken by the High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) on board Mars Express. The pictures were taken in orbit 3103 on 10 June 2006 with a ground resolution of approximately 16 metres per pixel.

Norwegian gas measurement technology goes into space

The Norwegian technology that is to monitor astronauts' 'indoor' climate has gone into space. In the future, similar equipment may help to improve the climate of workplaces on Earth itself.

Blended wing research plane makes first flight

Boeing's innovative Blended Wing Body (BWB) research aircraft has flown for the first time. Tests on the 8.5 per cent scale model will provide valuable data on the performance characteristics of the novel design.

Selected Apollo features

Astronaut training beyond Russia and the USA

Astronaut training beyond Russia and the USA

In this special two-part feature on astronaut training, we look at why nearly 40 nations have taken the trouble to send their own citizens where so few of us have gone before.

First man of Space - the flight and plight of Yuri Gagarin

First man of Space - the flight and plight of Yuri Gagarin

The path to low orbit never did run smooth... E&T examines the life and times of both the first man to break into Earth orbit and the troubled engineer whose Vostok spaceship got him there

Technology of Vostok One

Technology of Vostok One

E&T celebrates the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's pioneering space flight and highlights the technology that made it possible

Picture essay - So long, Shuttle

Picture essay - So long, Shuttle

The USA began to wind down its Space Shuttle programme this month with the completion of Discovery's swansong mission

Rovers – learning from Lunokhod

Rovers – learning from Lunokhod

The USSR may have lost the race to the Moon, but future planetary exploration is likely to be undertaken by rovers inspired by Russian Space-Race era technology

Manufacturing for Space – the ISS

Manufacturing for Space – the ISS

In use for more than a decade, the International Space Station will remain in orbit until at least 2020. E&T visited Thales-Alenia Space in Turin where ISS pressurised modules were built.

One2Ten - Transport Launch Vehicles

One2Ten - Transport Launch Vehicles

In an off-beat look at off-world transport systems, E&T brings you its top ten space launch vehicles.

Solar space power: may the power be with you

Solar space power: may the power be with you

The concept of beaming power to Earth from orbiting satellites dates back to the 1960s so why is there still an energy crisis? E&T investigates.

Who owns outer space?

Who owns outer space?

E&T on why the principle of space as 'mankind's common heritage' is not always conducive to exploration.

Analysis: where next for Nasa?

Analysis: where next for Nasa?

E&T reports from the International Space Development Conference (ISDC) held in Chicago 27-31 May.


It's said to be hard to turn a profit from space, but the publishing industry seems to manage. E&T rounds up the best of the Apollo 11 anniversary tie-ins.

The great uncertainty of Apollo 11

The great uncertainty of Apollo 11

Looking back at Apollo 11's mission 40 years ago, E&T wonders whether the momentous flight was merely the first chapter of an even greater story that has yet to unfold.

It was a fake, right?

One in four of the British people don't believe in the Apollo 11 Moon landing, according to a new survey for E&T. Conspiracy theorists say the pictures were faked in a studio. Here's their 'evidence', and the rebuttals to them, provided by E&T.

Apollo on steroids

Apollo on steroids

How does NASA's new lunar programme, Constellation, compare with the 1960s moonshot? E&T examines the technologies.

Exploring the final frontier: robots in space

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is designing the next generation of space robotics to explore other planets. E&T visits the labs in Pasadena.

Apollo Guidance Computer revisited

The Apollo Guidance Computer was more capable than the myth would suggest. E&T pays tribute to the hard-wired hardware that flew Apollo 11 to the moon 40 years ago.

Building the Moon rocket

Building the Moon rocket

Rocket engines and fuel cells were two technologies that got a boost from the NASA Moon programme. E&T talks to the engineers who were there.

Houston, we have a…hello? hello?

Satellites around the Moon and mobile basestations on its surface may be necessary to provide communications for missions to the Moon and Mars; E&T explores.

Who owns the moon?

Who owns the Moon? E&T considers whether it's worth staking a claim, as we investigate the concept of space law.

Buzz Aldrin: out of this world

Buzz Aldrin: out of this world

Apollo 11 was one of the great voyages of exploration of the 20th century. It was also one of the greatest collaborative feats of engineering coordination. E&T speaks with Buzz Aldrin about how the project got off the ground.

Reaching for the stars

Sending humans to Mars, setting up off-world colonies and exploring asteroids may sound like science fiction, but they are in fact short-term commercial realities, requiring proper corporate structures, management teams and business plans. E&T explains how the 'NewSpace' companies of tomorrow are working today.

The final frontier

The landing of NASA's Phoenix craft on Mars on 25 May shows that robotics are to play a leading role in space exploration in the future.

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