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David Wood: why the future matters

Googles prototype driverless car

16 February 2015

He may have been a main player in developing smartphone software at Psion, but David Wood is not concerned with the past. His mission is to ensure society acts smart and doesn't squander a future that's there for the taking.

Bernie Bulkin: 'Crash Course'

A management meeting

16 February 2015

What do you do when you've been promoted to the management team but are too busy to learn how to lead? Take a crash course, says author and former chief scientist at BP, Bernie Bulkin.

Mark Payne: 'How to Kill a Unicorn'

Graphic showing a unicorn laying down in a dark forest

19 January 2015

Innovation is the one area in product design where you can guarantee that everyone will at some point get it wrong. But, says author Mark Payne, it doesn't have to be that way.

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Pilot projects to get more women into engineering

The UK government has announced two employer-led projects that are expected to open up new routes into engineering for women and help them hone their skills to advance in engineering careers.

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