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Geoff Colvin: the human factor

Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci

14 July 2015

We might be living in the Information Age where computers do all the repetitive donkey work for us. But, says author Geoff Colvin, we should not let this undermine our belief in the ability of humans to shape the future.

Interview - Rhys Vaughan Williams, Head of MEP Engineering, Crossrail

Large scale excavation at Liverpool Street

14 July 2015

London’s mammoth Crossrail infrastructure project recently completed the tunnelling phase. As the focus moves to fitting out the stations and tunnels, Rhys Vaughan Williams, head of mechanical, electrical and public health engineering, describes what lies ahead of and beyond the project’s 2019 deadline.

Keith Partridge - Taking technology to extremes

A loaded Land Rover negotiates rough terrain

15 June 2015

Adventure cameraman Keith Partridge has travelled to the ends of the earth in a career spanning a quarter of a century. But behind the amazing imagery there is a story of in-depth technical expertise.

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Keyless ignition systems can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning due to driver inadvertently leaving engines on

Automakers sued over 'dangerous' keyless ignitions

Ten of the world's biggest automakers were sued are being sued for concealing the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning due to keyless ignitions.

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