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Interview - Kevin Warwick

Kevin Warwick

14 September 2015

Professor Kevin Warwick is one of the UK's most immediately recognisable engineers, largely as a result of his groundbreaking work with robotics and artificial intelligence. These days he finds himself in more of a management role, in charge of research at Coventry University.

British astronaut Tim Peake prepares for six months in space

Tim Peake

14 September 2015

Tim Peake, the first Briton to go to the International Space Station on a trip funded by the UK government, has spoken to E&T amidst his busy training schedule.

Interview - Steve Silberman, author 'Neurotribes'

A scene from the film Rain Man

14 September 2015

Whether we see autism as a developmental disorder or as a naturally occurring cognitive difference akin to genius, 'Neurotribes' author Steve Silberman describes it as the 'geek syndrome', largely because of its increasing prevalence in the world of engineering.

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The startup community around Londons silicon roundabout has helped to establish London as Europes startup epicentre

London named Europe’s start-up ‘epicentre’

London is the epicentre of the European start-up scene according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Study.

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