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Interview: Amy Zalman, president of the World Future Society

Amy Zalman

13 October 2014

Meet Amy Zalman, the new CEO and president of the World Future Society. Former global security professional, her job today is to engage everyone with a stake in the future in serious discussion about what happens next.

Comment: accountants could benefit from thinking like engineers

An accountant and an engineer on a bridge

13 October 2014

Applying technical ideas of uncertainty to financial measurements would bring them closer to how things work in the real world.

Ben Simpfendorfer: 'The Rise of the New East'

Shanghai at dusk

15 September 2014

There are many openings for technology firms in the Far East, but the region is becoming increasingly complex. We talk to Ben Simpfendorfer, whose new book explains all.

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Huaweis market share in Europe has risen from 25 per cent in 2006 to 25 per cent in 2014 EU believes Chinese state aid has contributed to the companys success

No tariffs for Chinese telecoms companies, says EU

The European Union has ended a long-running telecoms dispute with China, dropping a threat to levy punitive tariffs on Chinese telecoms exports.

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"Climate change in Antarctica is leading to interest in extracting the region's natural resources, but there's the small matter of a treaty."

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