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Comment: Bridging the gap that's slowing UK economic recovery

Graphic showing an employer meeting a graduate on a bridge

15 December 2014

There are plenty of practical things UK industry and academia can do to tackle the country's shortage of technical skills, says Dr Coorous Mohtadi

Eric Schlosser: 'Command and Control'

A nuclear blast with mushroom cloud

15 December 2014

According to author Eric Schlosser there are still an estimated 17,000 nuclear weapons out there somewhere, every one of them 'an accident waiting to happen'. So, how much of a threat do they really pose?

Mechanical watches: timeless timepieces

Omega de Ville Central Tourbillon

15 December 2014

Ubiquitous near-perfect digital timekeeping on our personal electronic devices should mean the last nail in the coffin of the mechanical watch. But, in the mid-to-lux sectors of the market, sales are healthier than ever. There are good reasons why your precision-engineered analogue timepiece is here to stay.

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Redundancies and cost cuts are the only way for the oil industry to survive the current oil price crises

Falling prices hurting UK oil sector but may help economy

Although the UK oil industry may be ‘close to collapse’ due to the plummeting prices of crude, the economy as a whole may benefit from the situation, experts have said.

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