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Mark Payne: 'How to Kill a Unicorn'

Graphic showing a unicorn laying down in a dark forest

19 January 2015

Innovation is the one area in product design where you can guarantee that everyone will at some point get it wrong. But, says author Mark Payne, it doesn't have to be that way.

Cyber-security: organisations vulnerable to new swathe of attacks

Fruit machine graphic

19 January 2015

2014 saw Apple, Target, Ebay and Sony become victims of cyber theft, and while experts warn 2015 is set for further disasters, organisations are betting on not being targets rather than addressing the core problems.

Teenage privacy online: confronting the web's privacy boundaries

A graphic showing a women taking a selfie

19 January 2015

Media headlines scream about lax teen attitudes to privacy. The real story is more complex.

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A spy agency worker crashed a small remotely piloted aircraft in a White House garden

White House crash drone operated by spy agency worker

A US intelligence agency employee was identified as the pilot of an unmanned quad-copter that crashed on the  grounds of the White House on Monday spurring a major security debate. 
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"How do we balance security with civil liberties and privacy in today's high-tech but violent world? Can our private lives remain truly private?"

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