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Quentin Langley: ‘Brandjack’

Dave Carroll

14 July 2014

Social media campaigns and the related technology make brands vulnerable to a phenomenon called ‘brandjacking’. Nick Smith talks to author Quentin Langley whose new book explains all.

LGBT survey: E&T hears from the engineering industry

I am open about my sexual orientation at work graph

14 July 2014

Does your sexual orientation affect your progression in the workplace? Are your colleagues accepting of your sexuality? Is it irrelevant to your role or should you be out and proud in the office? We asked E&T’s LGBT engineering community to share their experiences of working within the industry.

HyperCat: Interoperability on the Internet of Things

A truly global Internet of Things needs interoperability but creating a framework to achieve this is no easy task Credit wilg

27 June 2014

The rise of The Internet of Things is gathering pace, but unlike the heady days of the early Web big corporations have got a head start and are building it around proprietary solutions that refuse to cooperate. Is there a way to break down the barriers?

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