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Gary Klein - 'Seeing What Others Don't'

Watson and Crick

18 May 2015

Psychologist Gary Klein thinks that corporate management is too wrapped up in monitoring and reviewing its staff, forgetting that the type of insight that leads to innovation can get stifled in the process.

Interview - Marc Goodman

A scene from iRobot

18 May 2015

Former Los Angeles policeman and FBI futurologist Marc Goodman has spent the past 20 years on the techno-crime fault line. Here he explains why technological villainy will always outstrip the lawmakers.

Herminia Ibarra: 'Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader'

A man with his head on a disorganised desk

20 April 2015

The best way to break out of negative management mindsets is to create new projects, challenges and tasks. This practical, hands-on approach will break the cycle of micromanagement, says author Herminia Ibarra.

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