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Mark Surman, outfoxing the cookie monster

20 January 2014

The Mozilla Foundation believes that the best way to increase user power on the Internet is to turn users into creators. We talk to executive director Mark Surman about how this could be achieved.

Cyber-psychopathy: what goes on in a hacker's head

20 January 2014

What goes on inside the hacker mind? How are their thought processes shaped by social and technological change? And could techniques like Neuro-Linguistic Programming help to turn talented but misguided IT personnel away from a beckoning Black Hat career?

Data storage technology rethought

16 December 2013

Storage technology is getting a rethink. It might seem straightforward - but it isn't. Alongside the pros and cons skirmishing between hard-disk and solid-state drives, new challenges are coming from data-intensive applications and the need to analyse massive data sets.

Interview with Jason Healey

16 December 2013

Jason Healey belongs to that rare breed of historians who have themselves made history. A qualified pilot, an experienced policymaker and respected academic, he founded a new scholarly discipline, History of Cyber Conflict, by putting together - 'A Fierce Domain: Conflict in Cyberspace, 1986-2012'.

Nasa's Control Centers: design and history

16 December 2013

The design, architecture and technology of Nasa's legendary Mission Control Centers reflects the 20th century's tempestuous history and represents an important part of America's cultural identity from that period.

Big Analogue Data - why bigger isn't always better

15 October 2013

Big data sets are valued for the patterns and trends that they reveal when analysed by equally massive computing resources, but scientists are now questioning whether bigger is always better when it comes to deriving value from the analogue world.

Healthcare identity assurance - warding off fraud

15 October 2013

The healthcare industry is under attack, with imposters, fraudsters and cyber-criminals pretending to be people they are not to acquire personal patient data. But the ID theft clampdown has begun.

Whatever happened to Broadband over Power Line?

15 October 2013

It looked like a meeting of technologies that promised much in principle, but the marriage of high-speed data and mains electricity supply has proved to be a challenge too far for the engineers hoping to channel broadband over power lines.

How to disarm an infrastructure hacker

14 October 2013

The media has been full of reports of cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure, but the fear is that there is far worse to come.

The State vs The People

14 October 2013

As the world becomes ever more digitised, the uneasy relationship between personal privacy and national security grows increasingly complex.

Identity - how safe are you online?

14 October 2013

With more and more people living out large parts of their lives online, cybercriminals are finding endless new ways of stealing identities.

Software reviews: Web browsers

14 October 2013

If you have only ever run the browser that came with your computer, an upgrade to something more modern could make using the Web both faster and safer.

News analysis: Should retailers push for a digital Christmas?

30 September 2013

The lead up to Christmas would not be the same without frantic, last-minute shopping trips, packed shopping centres and, of course, retailers pushing for purchases by any means necessary to avoid disappointing sale figures. Yet industry experts are urging retailers to switch their usual tactic of employing the ‘traditional’ selling channels, and instead adopt innovative technology to boost sales.

Hacking the Internet - bringing down infrastructure

17 September 2013

Why should hackers try to disable computers when they might be able to set their sights higher? Routers can be just as vulnerable as servers, so why not bring down the entire Internet?

Re-building the server - microprocessors to memory moves

16 September 2013

Concern over attributes like energy consumption is set to radically change the way computer servers are designed – but will we at last be able to move away from the conventions that have dominated design for the last 20 years?

Interview - Evgeny Morozov

16 September 2013

Technologists seek out problems in order to demonstrate their problem-solving technologies. And the Internet isn't the answer to everything, says Evgeny Morozov.

News analysis: Social media data security under the spotlight

29 August 2013

In 1999, Friends United first hit the social media radar, shortly followed by MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and most recently Snapchat and Vine. Initially designed for social interaction, social media channels now process other traits. 

News analysis: Calculating the true cost of cyber-crime

28 August 2013

While governments state that cyber security is now one of their top national challenges, the overall cost-impact cyber security is incurring – both in terms of necessary investment and damaging outcomes following an attack – is far from clear.

Bridging the divide: simple software combats isolation in the developing world

22 August 2013

Charities frequently talk about building bridges with the developing world, and one NGO has been building bridges for them since 2001. But thanks to a new software tool designed by young engineers in the UK the time is in sight when they will no longer have to.

Biometric authentication is reality not fiction

12 August 2013

Biometric authentication is finding more and more parts of the human body to prove we really are who we say we are. But will it ever fulfil the promise of so many sci-fi representations? And will it ever be worth pursuing in preference to simpler checks?

Firewall vendors revisit core technologies to win market

12 August 2013

Firewalls should still be an integral part of any enterprise's cyber security strategy, and vendors of the hardware variety are redoubling their R&D to win more market share.

Doctor Who turns to 21st century technology to restore historic series

12 August 2013

A team of Doctor Who devotees has for decades been advancing digital restoration techniques while recovering vintage episodes from some often obscure sources.

News analysis: Has the 4G hype ground to a standstill?

12 August 2013

Ofcom's latest '2013 Communications Market' report suggests UK smartphone users say 4G is not a necessity, but are they wrong and will 4G benefit smartphone users?

Data centres: six problems they are (unfairly?) blamed for

15 July 2013

Is it the data centres' fault if their technology is used in a way that throws up some contentious issues? Here are six examples showing how these 'tech satanic mills' have ended up as the scapegoats of the digital society.

Oracle seeks partners to keep cloud on course

15 July 2013

A US software giant is hit by headwinds from the cloud, while a new British firm digs deep for energy.

High-frequency trading systems - speed vs regulation

18 June 2013

In their obsessive pursuit of high-value market advantage, stock traders are pushing IT to its limits - and the lawmakers don't like it. New laws may aim to slow the systems down, but are regulators willing and able to acquire the technology they need to keep up with the City's need for speed?

Cyber security - small firms now in the firing line

17 June 2013

Small businesses need to upgrade their awareness of - and abilities in - cyber security if they are to avoid becoming the 'soft underbelly' of the UK's fights against hackers and cyber threats.

Maritime ICT: a new wave of technology

17 June 2013

From real-time cargo tracking to crew and passenger management applications, Windows-based radar to floating data centres, ocean-going vessels are increasingly taking on-board the benefits of ICT.

Aid projects help Africa become ICT competitor

20 May 2013

Africa is becoming a global player with the help of ICT vendors implementing their innovative technologies. Here we focus on examples of how the smart deployment of often basic ICT technology has brought big benefits to some of its communities.

ICT innovation: the history of the hybrid

20 May 2013

Many of the ICT technologies that are now taken for granted came about through lucky accidents or unintended consequences as the equipment vendors attempted to 'cross fertilise' different disparate types of product line – a tradition that continues to this day.

Star Trek: real-world holodeck technology today

03 May 2013

With a new Star Trek film due out this Summer, get ready for the regular slew of tenuous associations, philosophical and technological. Given that, let’s say upfront that the likely arrival of this concept, as just floated by chipmaker AMD, is years away.

Quantum cryptography: using photons to create secure keys

14 April 2013

It is essential that cryptography remains well ahead of the hackers, and that's precisely the motivation for a project that uses the quantum mechanical properties of photons to create tamper-proof keys.

Cloud regulation: laws and compliances

12 April 2013

Why should governments wait to follow the European Commission's lead before legislating for cloud computing services within their national boundaries? And what binding rules apply anyway?

Apps augmenting reality to drive retail sales

12 April 2013

Leading retailers are turning to augmented reality to drive sales, brand reinforcement, customer relationships, and to improve the shopping experience.

Point-of-sale cyber security: hacking the check-out

11 March 2013

As point-of-sale systems embrace mainstream software, they will have to deal with the security threats that come with it. After all, what cybercriminal wouldn't go after Windows-based devices handling credit and debit cards?

Raspberry Pi: hobbyist hardware 'grows-up' for mainstream applications

11 March 2013

As the Raspberry Pi celebrates its first birthday, designs intended for the hobbyist are getting mainstream attention from developers of 'grown up' applications.

Big data at large - you may not see it, but it will see you

11 March 2013

When an E&T writer set off to attend an industry event in Amsterdam he discovered that his trip was being helped along at all stages by an unseen force.

Analysis: safe-code revision grapples with automated checking

28 February 2013

The Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA), a group that developed one of the most widely-used coding standards for safe, reliable software, launched at Embedded World, Nuremberg this week, marking the first major update to the standard for almost a decade.

Engineering Grand Challenges

11 February 2013

On 12-13 March the IET hosts a major international summit in London organised by the national engineering academies of the UK, US and China to discuss progress on 14 'grand challenges' identified five years ago by America's National Academy of Engineering. We look at what they are and how close the world is to solving them.

Public sector cloud: casting shadow over traditional IT skills?

11 February 2013

Cloud computing models are changing the way governments procure – and at the same time look set to usher in a period of profound change for public-sector IT careers.

Hannover Messe 2013: industrial integration will prove key.

08 February 2013

E&T magazine is again a preferred media partner for this year's Hannover Messe showcase of industrial and engineering technology innovation. This last of three previews surveys in brief the technology-specific trade shows that make-up Hannover Messe 2013 - and includes details of FREE ENTRY for IET members.

Broadcast - lessons from London 2012

21 January 2013

For the BBC the 2012 Olympics presented one of the biggest technological challenges in the corporation's history of sports coverage - so what were the key lessons the broadcaster learn from the experience?

Whatever happened to thin clients?

21 January 2013

It doesn't seem so long ago that analysts were predicting leaner, greener terminals that almost harked back to the original tenets of centralised computing... So where has the 'thin-client' concept ended up?

Building Information Modelling - DNA for buildings

21 January 2013

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the software-based method of mapping every aspect of a built structure's equivalent to DNA, from initial design and construction to refurbishments and eventual destruction.

Hannover Messe 2013 celebrates new age of industrial integration

21 January 2013

E&T magazine is once again a preferred media partner for this year’s Hannover Messe showcase of industrial and engineering technology innovation. This second of three previews introduces the 11 technology-specific trade shows that make-up Hannover Messe 2013 - including details of FREE ENTRY for IET members.

Professional development tools for the web generation

10 January 2013

What do engineering employers expect from universities in preparing students for the workplace? Firstly it is to turn out students who have a strong grounding in engineering; secondly to educate them in problem solving. The graduate engineer is a generalist and becomes a specialist later.

Ethical hacking: bad in a good way

17 December 2012

More and more organisations are being targeted in cyber-attacks, and they must get to know their enemy if they are to protect vital networks. Meet the professional, ethical hacker.

Looking forward - 2013 predictions

17 December 2012

E&T staff and contributors take a punt at predicting what's in and what's out across the seven engineering sectors in 2013.

Big Data analytics: putting the puzzle together

17 December 2012

If you want to keep your big-data jigsaw in order, the experts advise integrating your applications. But when it comes to seeing the big picture it's all about value-driven analytics.

Hannover Messe 2013 celebrates new age of industrial integration

16 December 2012

E&T magazine is once again a preferred media partner for this year's Hannover Messe showcase of industrial and engineering technology innovation. This first of three previews introduces the 11 technology-specific trade shows that make-up Hannover Messe 2013 - including details of FREE ENTRY for IET members.

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