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Titanic's legacy to communications

27 March 2012

How advanced wireless technology saved hundreds of lives on Titanic, and informs communications to this day.

PIN apps: Hacking on the hoof

26 March 2012

'Grey hat' apps are a new phenomenon in software that enable street hackers to delve into your smartphone and access your data, and more besides.

Have you heard the one about...?

26 March 2012

Christine Evans-Pughe looks at a group of computer programmers and researchers who are trying to turn gigabytes into giggles.

The dangers of hoax security breaches

26 March 2012

A fake hack attack can be as damaging as a real one and they're becoming increasingly common.

The Importance of e-Governance

26 March 2012

We take a short trip to France and Estonia in our quest for the true meaning of e-governance.

Scanning Titanic for the future

26 March 2012

Thanks to recent advances in technology, marine archaeologists are finally able to make a full 3D map of the world's most famous shipwreck more than 25 years after its discovery.

HPC cloud: supercomputing to go

20 February 2012

Many compute-intensive applications have a short-term need for supercomputing power but lack the long-term pockets to pay for it. High-performance computing is set to change all that.

IP-centric building design: rethinking the office

20 February 2012

The smartest office buildings of the near-future will be built around IP-enabled network infrastructures, rather than vice-versa.

Sony Vita now has even more to live for

14 February 2012

Last month Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE) CTO, Dr Masaaki Tsuruta, speaking exclusively to E&T magazine, offered a enticing glimpse of the company’s roadmap for fixed console computing; the interview generated global interest among Playstation futures pundits; but in fact did not tell the full story

Digital footprints are growing

23 January 2012

Are digital footprints treading on the toes of carbon footprints, as more of what we do - work, rest and play - moves online?

EU Data legislation amendments

23 January 2012

Proposed amendments to the EU data privacy laws propose to swap-out carrots for sticks in a redoubled effort to get European organisations to do a better job to protect everyones' data.

Programming through biology

13 December 2011

Researchers are taking inspiration from the workings of human organism when it comes to developing next-generation switches, sensors and chipsets.

Blade Runner and technology's past future

12 December 2011

How has the science, engineering and technology in cinema classic 'Blade Runner' progressed over the 30 years since the film's first release?

Data management - will we ever press 'delete'?

12 December 2011

In our 'Cover Your Ass' culture we are storing more unwanted data than ever, and it's costing a bundle – so what steps can we take to generate less and delete more?

Nanotechnology and IT: the missing links

15 November 2011

There are now many examples of how nanotechnology has the potential to revolutionise IT and communications technology - but it might take some time yet, reports Martin Courtney.

IT in Formula One

19 October 2011

Formula One car designers and mechanics now rely on IT-based performance-analysis tools to give their cars a winning edge.

Googleworlds - discovering the dark side

17 October 2011

The world of Google seems such a fertile place, but its simple, colourful hemisphere is backed by a murkier side, crawling with troubled, critical users and vexed regulators, legislators and watchdogs. Can the two sides be reconciled?

Profile: Steve Jobs

17 October 2011

Steve Jobs's emergence as a technology icon was not down to his technical achievements, but rather to his instinct as to what would work, and what experiences consumers would be eager to embrace.

Profile - Nathan Myhrvold

17 October 2011

E&T meets Nathan Myhrvold, former Microsoft chief technology officer and founder of patent acquisition company Intellectual Ventures, to find out why he is known as the world's biggest patent troll.

Software reviews: NI Labview 2011

17 October 2011

A look at National Instruments' Labview 2011 ahead of this year's NIDays conference in London.

ICT reuse: better than recycling?

04 October 2011

Businesses are missing out on generating a new revenue stream by overlooking the monetary value of reusing old ICT.

Data centres - the next big challenges

13 September 2011

Data centres are now integral to our economies and to national security, but just how ready for full-on professionalism is the data-centres sector?

Software Reviews

12 September 2011

Health in mind and body is a standout theme of this month's software reviews.

M2M and the Internet of Things

12 September 2011

A rash of standardisation efforts and new technologies is bringing the so-called Internet of Things a step closer; should we be worried?

Interview - Maggie Berry talks women

12 September 2011

More female technologists in the workplace would close the skills gap and boost UK plc's economic leadership, says Women In Technology MD Maggie Berry.

Pushing cable capacity to the max

15 August 2011

How far can communications cable wire-speeds be pushed? We look at how the theoretical limits of the past are being exceeded due to new bit-rate acceleration techniques.

Vincent McGann, Cineworld: Q&A

15 August 2011

At Cineworld the business of entertainment technology and computing are getting ever closer: its IT head Vincent McGann explains how.

Digital signs: public displays of interaction

15 August 2011

Digital signage is shifting the way many organisations interface with the world, and its success is driving innovation in areas like display and systems integration.

James Bond technology vs reality

13 August 2011

James Bond has been transported into the modern world in more ways than one, as IT rather than weaponry takes over in the spy's armoury of gadgets.

E-tailing buys into own-site social media

22 July 2011

Online retailers are building social nets into their e-commerce to turn their customers into their new sales people.

IT can learn from hardware designers

11 July 2011

Designers of electronic hardware and critical embedded systems have embraced techniques to avoid expensive errors. Mainstream IT could learn from the experience.

Terrorism's invisible propaganda network

11 July 2011

Global militant organisations are tapping into the vulnerabilities in mobile technologies for propaganda and recruitment, as well as to filch data for financial gain.

VoIP: voicing security concerns

10 July 2011

Channelling voice calls over IP networks has brought many advantages to enterprise communications, but it also creates some security risks.

IT Security Legislation Guide

08 July 2011

IT is one of the most rigorously regulated parts of an organisation, and legislation affecting information security is spearheading the legal changes.

ID access management's cloud challenge

15 June 2011

With users accessing systems from ever more obscure points of entry, how do you keep control of access privileges? We look at the software that may have the answer.

G-cloud: government runs into trouble

14 June 2011

The UK Cabinet Office thinks that cloud computing can deliver cost savings to public sector IT expenditure; but insourcing outsourcing is throwing up some dilemmas.

Digital animation: moving stories

13 June 2011

Beyond the CGI-rich Hollywood blockbusters thrives a world of digital animation that manages to produce eye-catching results with limited IT resources.

Data Protection and Privacy Issues

13 June 2011

Should modern society adapt to digital reality? We look at the issues, and canvas the opinion of two key government supremos.

Software Reviews

13 June 2011

With online video and cloud storage two of the hottest topics around, we look at some applications that suggest inspiring and productive futures for both.

Photo Competition: Can you tell what it is?

13 June 2011

Your chance to win a prize by simply guessing what the role of our photo competition winner is. We'll give you a clue: it's in engineering. 

Infrastructure cyber attack threat grows

13 June 2011

Despite high-profile attacks, there is still a lack of IT security in key public infrastructure. We ask if it will take a major meltdown to prompt governments to take action.

Isle of Man re-engineers its economy

13 June 2011

As the UK and Irish economies threaten to sink without trace, the Isle of Man is getting along nicely - and even has room for a Space industry. E&T says 'fastyr mie' to the Isle of Man.

IT systems in Universities – case study

17 May 2011

IT manager Steve Bowes-Phipps reveals how the University of Hertfordshire has upgraded to meet the demands being placed on academia's data centres.

IT security: isolating the problem

17 May 2011

PC operating systems are full of security holes, which is why some are now turning to software first developed for 'hidden' computers to better protect them

Professional migration trends

16 May 2011

With the global economic zones variously swelling and shrinking at alarming rates, where does that leave the tide of talent? E&T investigates global migration trends and their effect on the dispersion of skills.

Blueprint for innovation clusters

16 May 2011

Everyone wants to emulate Silicon Valley, but clusters are rarely the result of central planning.

Building better backhaul

16 May 2011

The rise of smartphones is testing the radio capacity of mobile networks. But what about the connections from the basestation to the core network?

Cyber-criminals target quake-hit network

16 April 2011

Japan's Internet infrastructure withstood quake and tsunami, but was also left working for cyber-criminals to exploit the anguish of survivors desperate for information

Software reviews - Pulling together ideas

15 April 2011

The software that can help you order your thoughts, hold virtual family get-togethers, or simply provide a distraction from getting your software review pages in on time.

Identity of ID

16 March 2011

Technology shapes and controls all forms of ID, but in an era when most of us carry more ID than ever before, are our bona fides starting to define not only who we are but what we are?

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    Experienced Process Control Leader providing leadership and technical support for Oil Refinery. Extensive Compensation and benefits package.

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    You will be required to lead the regional Customer Services strategy and resources to maximise Customer satisfaction.

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