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The record industry's Cloud-based distribution challenge

06 September 2010

Cloud-based digital locker music services are the latest challenge that the record industry faces. But will these new streaming and download services allow the industry to reap financial rewards or will they legitimise pirated content?

Smart meters help improve home efficiency

02 August 2010

Artificial intelligence will soon be helping smart meters run your home, reports E&T.

Cloud Computing caveats

02 August 2010

Cloud Computing: the IT sector is going Cloud crazy - but much risk remains behind the silver lining, with several key aspect of the technology untested.

zEnterprise platform unites mainframe with x86 servers

02 August 2010

Can IBM win-over cautious customers with a 'hybrid' mainframe built to bond with virtualised PC servers? E&T reports.

Beneath the horizon

02 August 2010

Deepwater Horizon oil spill showcases ROV technology.

IT legislation: a complete guide to enterprise computing law

02 August 2010

IT legislation guide: bring yourself up to speed with the latest regulatory mandates enterprise IT must comply with.

Net neutrality debate comes to a head

19 July 2010

Net neutrality debate enters consultation phase.

High-end routers rise to meet Exabyte challenge

19 July 2010

High-end routers from Cisco, Juniper, and Brocade, are designed to meet the Exabyte Internet traffic level challenge.

Green IT enters new phase

19 July 2010

Five years ago the concept of 'green IT' was just a warm aisle whisper - now it is integral to shaping the future of enterprise computing.

Analysis: US Bill puts 'cyber-war' on legislative agenda

19 July 2010

Critics say a controversial bill going through Congress would let the US President 'turn off the Internet' if vital services were threatened.

My Way - IT at Barts and the London NHS Trust

02 July 2010

Barts and The London NHS hospitals are undergoing the largest and most complex hospital redevelopment project in the world, and ICT from vendors Siemens Enterprise Communications and Enterasys will play a major role in supporting the new facilities, deputy director, ICT Doug Howe explains to E&T.

Smart meters and privacy concerns

02 July 2010

E&T looks at the privacy concerns from consumers that energy companies will have to tackle to ensure a smooth rollout of the technology.

Software ownership: copyright and patenting

02 July 2010

Enterprises develop their own software, but don't realise that they thereby possess assets which can be turned into a revenue stream; but the thorny question of ownership must first be ratified, explains E&T.

Digital film production presents communications challenges

02 July 2010

Digital film-making means managing vast streams of data. E&T finds out how movie makers are coping.

Data communication in supercomputers goes optical

02 July 2010

Optical interconnect technologies are moving into the heart of the supercomputer.

Forecasting the future through 'weak signals'

14 June 2010

Our in-house futurologist explains the importance of so-called 'weak signals' for predicting new trends in technological and social development.

Future perfect: predictions for the year 2025

14 June 2010

Personal 3D displays, robot-run factories and companies owned by machines are all nearer than you think, reports E&T.

Analysis: where next for Nasa?

14 June 2010

E&T reports from the International Space Development Conference (ISDC) held in Chicago 27-31 May.

Supercomputers: getting inside invasive surgery

14 June 2010

Increased access to high-performance computing power means physicians and technologists can reshape the frontiers of surgical procedure.

Coalition Programme for Government: IT implications

14 June 2010

The UK's new government is shaking-up public sector IT in the UK: what are the implications for IT practice?

The science of predicting football results

01 June 2010

A statistician explains some mathematical models behind predicting results of international soccer games and risks his reputation by trying to guess the winners of the 2010 World Cup.

When football comes first

28 May 2010

At the very least the World Cup is going to create a major distraction for your work force - precious time and resources will be wasted on what's after all only a game. But as managers what should we make of all this?

Unstructured data: nail it - then mine it

28 May 2010

Unstructured data is growing at an alarming rate - some say it now poses a serious threat to the efficacy of enterprise IT; but properly handled, can it also yield valuable information?

Event management systems: FIFA World Cup

28 May 2010

Could the success of the FIFA World Cup event management system bring the 'all-singing, all-dancing' bespoke software solution back into fashion?

Electricity grid looks to smart solutions to integrate renewable energy

10 May 2010

In the continued drive to combat climate change most of the attention has been on the growth of renewable power, but as E&T discovers the transmission and distribution network is key to reducing greenhouse emissions and without the implementation of a smart grid it will not deliver.

New technologies come to libraries

10 May 2010

Smart tags, iBorrow, digitisation and other new library technologies.

How green was my company?

10 May 2010

In future all businesses will have to be sustainable. E&T reviews an important new book on the subject.

Boosting optical network flexibility with advanced photonics

10 May 2010

Tuneable lasers, wavelength selective switches and reconfigurable add-drop multiplexers are all helping to make optical networks more flexible, says E&T.

My Way - IT at the Royal Horticultural Society

19 April 2010

The Royal Horticultural Society's enterprise IT has to be very green - not always easy when data is growing like Japanese Knotweed, and there's a temptation to throw storage solutions of any hue at the problem. Manager of the RHS's IT Martin Taylor explains to E&T.

US voting technology

19 April 2010

E&T on a new - secure and verifiable voting system for the USA.

Estonia leading the world in e-voting

19 April 2010

James Oates, a former British Parliamentary candidate, reports from Estonia about the country's pioneering experience of e-voting, e-elections and e-government.

Social networking delivers campaigning power

19 April 2010

Social networks enabled by communications technology are providing powerful ways of delivering a political message, says E&T.

Voting Innovations

19 April 2010

Our resident inventors on info badges, vote tokens and scanners inside ballot boxes.

Location, location, location

22 March 2010

As the old joke says, On the Internet no one knows you're a dog. But they can get a very good idea of where your kennel is, and perhaps even work out where you go for walkies.

Mashup standards: crucial to enterprise acceptance

22 March 2010

Enterprise mashups need certified standards before organisations will place their data 'and trust' in them, reports E&T.

A sophisticated mess?

22 March 2010

Across technology, science, society and the arts, boundaries are blurring like never before. E&T asks, is life becoming one big mash-up? And what exactly is a mash-up, anyway?

Mashup tools: enterprise enablers for the mashed age

22 March 2010

Comprehensive tools enable businesses create their own mashed Web applications from multiple data sources. E&T looks at four leading examples.

Making mash-ups

22 March 2010

Mash-ups are widely available for public use on the Internet, but are only just beginning to fulfil their potential in business environments. Organisations are looking at ways in which they can integrate mash-ups with existing software to display information collected from multiple data sources in order to aid business efficiency.

After the earthquake: Chile's challenges

22 March 2010

E&T considers some of the infrastructure deficiencies that the Chilean earthquake brought to light.

When Web 2.0 sneezes, everyone gets sick

22 March 2010

Web 2.0 facilitates greater communication. But where consumers gather, so will the fraudsters and patterns are emerging on how fraudsters are utilising the weaknesses in social networks and Web 2.0.

Source code management: protecting the process

01 March 2010

Building software using a team of multiple programmers working from different time and geographical zones brings production efficiencies, but managing the source code effectively is essential.

Energy Efficiency Scheme: winners and losers

01 March 2010

The Energy Efficiency Scheme promises to reduce carbon profiles, but what will be the specific impact on enterprise IT departments?

Analysis: Operators caught out by data boom

01 March 2010

Mobile networks built for voice traffic will in future carry vast amounts of data. E&T looks at the implications.

New applications for steam in the Big Apple

01 March 2010

By most accounts, the steam age ended decades ago…but not in New York.

Software reviews

01 March 2010

This is the first of a regular software roundup we will be publishing on our site. Here we review Microsoft Office 2010.

News: Data centre on show at Walt Disney World

17 February 2010

A new exhibit at the Walt Disney World Epcot theme park in Florida is giving visitors a behind-the-scenes look at how information technology can address some of the world's most complex challenges.

Farm of the future

17 February 2010

Robots are taking over down on the farm.

IP Version 6 migration

17 February 2010

IT strategists should be planning for their organisations' transition to the impending introduction of IP Version 6.

Teleworking accelerates BT's development process

17 February 2010

Electronic whiteboards and video-conferencing equipment are being installed throughout BT's global development organisation to speed up the introduction of new services including the UK's next-generation access network. 

IT contractors bear brunt of downturn

02 February 2010

IT contractors are facing tough times as budgets bounce and new projects are parked. E&T details the pressures at play on the jobbing freelancer.

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