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Cyber-criminals target quake-hit network

16 April 2011

Japan's Internet infrastructure withstood quake and tsunami, but was also left working for cyber-criminals to exploit the anguish of survivors desperate for information

Software reviews - Pulling together ideas

15 April 2011

The software that can help you order your thoughts, hold virtual family get-togethers, or simply provide a distraction from getting your software review pages in on time.

Identity of ID

16 March 2011

Technology shapes and controls all forms of ID, but in an era when most of us carry more ID than ever before, are our bona fides starting to define not only who we are but what we are?

Big Blue at 100: what IBM has done for us

14 March 2011

On the eve of its 100th birthday, we look at how IBM's computing breakthroughs of 50 years ago are still reverberating in 2011.

Cloud Computing's uptake conundrum

14 March 2011

Solutions vendors may be ready to support the migration of applications into the 'cloud' model – but will groaning public networks be able to cope with all the added demand?

Word war - tapping the language of terror

14 March 2011

The US is looking to anticipate terrorist strikes by using IT to mine the enemy's online screeds.

Interview: Dr Richard Stallman

02 March 2011

The self-styled global crusader for computer users’ freedoms is in town – and ever-ready to challenge the orthodoxies of software dictatorship.

File not found: Archiving the Internet

14 February 2011

Archivists want to preserve the Web for posterity and halt the bit-rot as untended and reinvented pages collapse into useless error messages. We look into the dim and not-so-distant past.

Q&A: Andrew Newton, Keepmoat group

14 February 2011

Managing IT in the construction sector requires focus, agility, and accommodating technology partners, Keepmoat's IT boss Andrew Newton says.

One2ten: Ten websites to preserve

14 February 2011

Ideally, we'd preserve the world wide web and all its links in one gigantic, living database. But what if we could only pick ten? Which would they be and why?

Making the move to IPv6

14 February 2011

How one ISP is tackling the transition to a new addressing scheme for the Internet, and what it could mean for you.

The code-breakers you don't know

09 February 2011

The contribution made by the Government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley Park is well documented, but its First World War precursor has received much less attention.

Profile: Turing Lecturer Donald Knuth

02 February 2011

Meet the one and only professor of the art of computer progamming, algorithmic artist Don Knuth

The new IT crowd

19 January 2011

As the economy picks up, organisations will be looking to recruit new IT personnel – but not necessarily for the same jobs left empty in 2008. Here we present an exclusive inside guide to some of next year’s expected IT arrivistes.

Profile: Professor Erol Gelenbe

18 January 2011

His research into self-aware and autonomic networks explores the frontiers of probability and performance evaluation in online worlds: E&T profiles a true IT innovator.

Exascale supercomputers struggle with energy demand

17 January 2011

Exascale computers aren't as far-futuristic as you may think - you could build one now, so long as you have a dozen nuclear power stations to run it, reports E&T.

Taking hydro to a new low

17 January 2011

While the UK turns to ancient technology to tap energy from its waterways, German engineers have been working on a modern approach to meet their 2020 renewables targets.

Public eyes gets smart

17 January 2011

Latest-generation CCTV cameras are bringing intelligent observation to some of the world’s most scrutinised cities. E&T zooms in on the innovations.

Green IT gets personal

20 December 2010

Can rewarding techies for reducing the energy consumption of their employers' ICT estate yield environmental dividends? E&T investigates.

Cloud Computing and software licensing

19 December 2010

Sourcing enterprise software from the Cloud may bring operational and cost benefits, but factoring-in licensing complexities can obfuscate cost-of-ownership issues.

Cyber terrorism: the reality

09 November 2010

The future threat that the Stuxnet worm poses is a blueprint for attacks on real-world infrastructure, but what is being done to protect industrial control systems and who cares, asks E&T.

Unbundling the future of broadband

08 November 2010

Will a standard being developed by industry ensure that there's still competition for our business on next-generation broadband networks?

Analysis: electronica shifts emphasis

08 November 2010

E&T notes that a trade show once dedicated to electronic components is shifting its emphasis towards software and the virtual world.

20 years of the web: past, present and future

20 October 2010

In honour of the 20th anniversary of the world-wide web we look at past, present and future web technologies that have propelled the internet in to every corner of human existence.

What happened to the web?

18 October 2010

As we enter the third decade of the World Wide Web, you could be forgiven for thinking it’s simply a place full of people shouting at each other. What happened to the Web, asks E&T.

Security issues cloud internet use on smart grid

18 October 2010

The Internet could be the final piece making up the smart grid, but as E&T discovers, security concerns mean the solution may bring with it a host of new problems.

Dark Corners of the Web

18 October 2010

It's a technology that’s changed the world, but at a price. E&T delves into darker recesses of the World Wide Web.

Semantic Web's 'hidden meanings'

18 October 2010

Can the Semantic Web ideal prevail in the face of critics and rival approaches to organising information on tomorrow's Internet?

The beginnings and the future of the world wide web

18 October 2010

It is the 20th anniversary of the first Web client-server communication over the Internet. E&T looks at how the Web was won and where it's got us.

Future web interfaces

18 October 2010

Can the humble browser cope with all the different devices its content has to work on, or will the vested interests in the 'walled-garden' approach always win out?

My Way - IT at Chester Zoo

18 October 2010

Chester Zoo is one of the UK's leading species conservation centres, and a major visitor attraction. The challenges for its IT department are wide-ranging, unusual and even risky. E&T speaks to Chester Zoo IT colleagues Martin King and Phil Morris to get the inside story.

Networks under smartphone stress

18 October 2010

Mobile networks are suffering from smartphone stress. E&T finds out who's to blame, and what can be done about it.

The future of the Internet

18 October 2010

E&T combines science and science fiction in this 'preview' of the Web's future.

The world's top metals

04 October 2010

E&T describes sixteen most common metals.

Analysis: UN seeks business backing to meet Millennium goals

04 October 2010

Technology and private-sector funding will drive progress towards the UN's ambitious development goals.

Energy management software

04 October 2010

Software tools have appeared that enable IT managers to better control energy usage across the IT estate.

Software: Labview and mobile office apps

04 October 2010

E&T looks at National Instruments new version of Labview while we also compare mobile office apps for smartphone operating systems such as Apple, Microsoft, and Android.

Mobile data usage face global political challenge

04 October 2010

RIM is being pressured by governments to provide unencrypted access to its customer's data usage resulting in a conflict of interest in satisfying regulators and preserving its customer's privacy.

E-commerce growth creates IT career opportunities

04 October 2010

E-commerce market growth: what kinds of job-change opportunities is it creating for IT professionals?

Internet comes to schools

20 September 2010

E&T describes some latest cutting-edge technologies used in the UK's schools.

Cyber-terrorism concerns growing

20 September 2010

How worried should we be about the likelihood of cyber-terrorist attacks launched through the Internet?

Intel's McAfee grab points to security inside

20 September 2010

As Intel forks out $8bn in cash for security software specialist McAfee, industry watchers ask whether it's worth it - and what it means for the industry.

It's not cricket: technology usurps the umpire

20 September 2010

E&T on ball-tracking systems, high-speed infrared cameras and other little-known cricket technologies put in the limelight by the recent Pakistan team corruption scandal.

Convergence of IT and facilities management

20 September 2010

Enterprise IT and facilities management departments keep crossing paths. Has the time come for them to really get together?

Chile's great mine escape

20 September 2010

Engineering is playing a vital part in the race to rescue 33 men trapped in Chile's San Jose mine.

Drawbacks of virtualisation

06 September 2010

Virtual servers, virtual software, virtual storage are virtually rewriting job descriptions for IT practitioners.

Flash Crash spotlights financial IT risks

06 September 2010

Computerised trading systems make it possible to shift stocks at the speed of light - but with potentially disastrous consequences as those investigating the circumstances of the 6 May 'Flash Crash' have discovered.

Control networks at risk from car-hackers

06 September 2010

Hackers could take over a car's control networks with potentially fatal consequences.

Software: Apple's Safari 5 Web browser

06 September 2010

E&T checks out Apple Safari 5.0 web browser and reviews the various turn-by-turn navigation systems available on mobile phones.

The record industry's Cloud-based distribution challenge

06 September 2010

Cloud-based digital locker music services are the latest challenge that the record industry faces. But will these new streaming and download services allow the industry to reap financial rewards or will they legitimise pirated content?

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