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Tactile internet: 5G and the Cloud on steroids

Using the Internet to control autonomous robots performing human surgery is just one of the possible applications of the tactile Internet

24 March 2015

What if the Internet could tickle yet another of your senses, not just eyes and ears but also touch? With the data rates of mobile broadband soaring, cutting-edge scientists are starting to build the tactile Internet.

Big Data giving retailers greater customer insights

Tesco supermarket

16 March 2015

From food to furniture, store owners are trying to profit from looking deeper into customer behaviour.

David Wood: why the future matters

Googles prototype driverless car

16 February 2015

He may have been a main player in developing smartphone software at Psion, but David Wood is not concerned with the past. His mission is to ensure society acts smart and doesn't squander a future that's there for the taking.

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