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Modelling & Simulation lifts aerospace control systems

Eurofighter Typhoon in flight

15 July 2014

Modelling and simulation software plays a critical role in supporting blue sky thinking at the early stages of  aircraft flight control systems design and validation.

Chief data officers: the new ‘Big Data czars’?

Business data users

14 July 2014

The chief data officer is an emerging position tasked with overseeing projects that aim to derive value from enterprise data sets: some observers think that CDOs could assume a defining role in shaping corporate success for the next 10 years.

Comment: Avoiding the black hole of software development

Cartoon showing people being sucked into a vortex holding onto their gadgets

14 July 2014

Sometimes the ‘cheap’ option in a software project can end up being a lot more expensive, says Tim Fellows.

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Google has received more than 70000 requests to block links in response to the ECJ ruling

‘Right to be forgotten’ unworkable say Lords

The requirement for search engines to respect a "right to be forgotten" is unworkable and unreasonable and should be written out of future EU law, a House of Lords committee has said.

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