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Analysis: Public Posturing on Cyber-security Fools No One

31 October 2014

Just what kind of political game was China playing in October? On 30 October, senior Chinese officials said that talks with the US were "unhindered" even though they had their differences. The statement was made less than two weeks after others in the Chinese government said that it had stopped talking to the US about cyber-security, following what it called "mistaken US practices".

Digital visual effects: shaping the next cinematic experience

Screen shot from Gravity

13 October 2014

As the high-end computing resources needed to generate eye-popping on-screen effects become more available the VFX industry is playing an ever bigger part in shaping the cinematic experience.

Software reviews

Untappd screenshot

13 October 2014

Life's too short to drink bad beer so, with Oktoberfest in mind, let your smartphone take the strain of finding – or brewing – something better.

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According to ENISA the number of web webbased attacks around the world increased by almost a quarter since 2013

Europe runs largest cyber-security exercise to date

More than 200 cyber-security agencies, energy and telecoms companies, financial institution and Internet service providers have taken part in Cyber Europe 2014, the largest cyber-security exercise to have been run in Europe to date.

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