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Atomic time: 60 years of the ultra-precise atomic clock

Louis Essen and his colleague Jack Parry with the worlds first practical atomic clock

03 June 2015

On June 3 2015, the world celebrates an anniversary of one invention that truly changed the world: the birth of atomic time. Where has the technology moved since then and where will it go in the future?

Interview - Marc Goodman

A scene from iRobot

18 May 2015

Former Los Angeles policeman and FBI futurologist Marc Goodman has spent the past 20 years on the techno-crime fault line. Here he explains why technological villainy will always outstrip the lawmakers.

Securing smarter grids from the enemy

A Turkish business trying to cope during the recent power outages

18 May 2015

As smart grids become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks every day, what developments are in place to ensure a secure infrastructure?