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Sir Dermot Turing ­- ‘Prof: Alan Turing Decoded’

Alan Turing finishing a race

09 November 2015

One of the great engineering pioneers of the 20th century, Alan Turing has become almost a mythological figure. His nephew Sir Dermot Turing discusses some of the myth-busting aspects of his new biography.

Comment: Why it’s time to take the ‘cyber’ out of cybercrime

Cybercrime cartoon

09 November 2015

Including online fraud in national crime figures is just the start of tackling this new type of wrongdoing, says Tim Erlin.

How the maker movement could change global manufacturing

3D printer head

09 November 2015

The maker movement has small beginnings but could alter the way we think of mass production, as consumers around the world pool resources to empower themselves and find better solutions.

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The most sophisticated point of sale malware to date has been discovered by American cyber researchers

Cash-register malware is the ‘most complex ever seen’

The most complex ever point-of-sale malware capable of stealing credit card details through infected payment terminals has been discovered by American cyber-security researchers. 

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