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Argentina: from Huemul island fusion fraud to physics fortune

Ronald Richter built a huge concrete bunker to house his experiments

18 August 2015

It was arguably the scientific fraud of the century, but a hugely expensive failed project to create energy from nuclear fusion laid the foundation for Argentina’s success in physic.

Power grid quality control: new challenges for engineers

 Wind turbines can push highfrequency harmonics into the grid

18 August 2015

The recently introduced IEC 62586 standard has defined a range of test techniques for power quality, but what is the impact of this standard and of what should HV engineers be aware

Manhattan Project: nuclear power 70 years after Hiroshima

Hanford located on the Columbia River

14 July 2015

It's 70 years since two devastating atomic bombs forced Japan's surrender and ended the Second World War. The energy in atoms has since been harnessed for peaceful ends, but an isolated Manhattan Project site shows both the promise of nuclear power and the limits of our ability to cope with it.