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Space-based solar power: the new space race

Close up of the Sun

13 October 2014

Today's agenda for space is no longer focused on merely getting there. The modern space race is about getting the engineering in place to exploit space-based solar power (SBSP). But how will energy be beamed back down to Earth without breaking the bank?

Renewables Britain: why the UK isn't green enough

Onshore wind farm

13 October 2014

With only 5 per cent of our energy coming from renewable sources, Britain is falling way behind its international neighbours. Why isn't the renewable energy sector delivering what we need to keep the lights on and make us more sustainable?

La Confluence in Lyon - Europe’s biggest urban development project

La Confluence Lyon

13 October 2014

Whereas Paris is known as ‘The City of Light’, Lyon – France’s third largest metropolis – is pushing ahead with a city centre regeneration project whose futuristic sustainable architecture can be best described as ‘Factory of Light’.

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