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Manhattan Project: nuclear power 70 years after Hiroshima

Hanford located on the Columbia River

14 July 2015

It's 70 years since two devastating atomic bombs forced Japan's surrender and ended the Second World War. The energy in atoms has since been harnessed for peaceful ends, but an isolated Manhattan Project site shows both the promise of nuclear power and the limits of our ability to cope with it.

Is China’s hydroelectric revolution as green as it sounds?

Three Gorges Dam

14 July 2015

China is pursuing an ambitious programme of hydroelectric expansion, with a series of ‘mega-dams’ on the way even bigger than the controversial Three Gorges project. But are there signs that this kind of hydropower might actually make climate change even worse?

Great Britain's power struggle

Oil pouring from a barrel

15 June 2015

Like all countries, the UK is obliged to shift its energy mix away from over-reliance on oil, natural gas and coal and move towards renewables. But what is economically feasible, and which long-term directions are acceptable to the public at large?