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Modelling & Simulation lifts aerospace control systems

15 July 2014

Modelling and simulation software plays a critical role in supporting blue sky thinking at the early stages of  aircraft flight control systems design and validation.

Medical systems electronics: new inside stories

16 June 2014

Advanced medical imaging instruments are getting better at detecting life-threatening conditions - and treating them; but they are also becoming safer for both technicians and patients.

25 years ago: Smart tags, the distributed memory revolution

06 June 2014

Contactless electronic identification is something we take for granted now. When Peter Hewkin of Scientific Generics wrote the following article for E&T’s predecessor magazine IEE Review in June 1989 the idea of using data-storage badges to keep track of people, animals or car bodies on a large-scale basis was an exciting and potentially revolutionary prospect.

Changing paces in IC development: why slow is the new fast

19 May 2014

Staying ahead in the chip market is a challenge for designers and fabricators alike: for the former the need is to go slow, decreasing switch rates for lower power consumption; for the latter, finding ways to repurpose production processes more competitively.

Living in an electro-magnetic field: The IET’s latest health assessment

14 May 2014

Since the onset of electrification in the late 19th century, electromagnetic fields of various kinds and strengths have become a constant feature of the environment. But could they be bad for us?

Silicon carbide and gallium nitride set to oust silicon circuits

14 April 2014

Silicon's long-held dominance as the IC material of choice is being challenged. Novel new compounds, such as silicon carbide and gallium nitride, are enabling electronics power switches that will not break down quite so easily.

Pro-class digital movie cameras rely on ICs for market advantage

14 April 2014

Why a new generation of professional-class digital cameras have caused legacy incumbents like Panavision to take stock of their core technology and re-focus their futures.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

14 April 2014

The bankruptcy of bitcoin's famous Mt. Gox exchange has raised doubts about the cryptocurrency's future. We look at the latest developments in the world of cryptocurrencies and visit the world's first Bitcoin Embassy in Montreal.

Analysis: printed electronics stalled by lack of integration?

02 April 2014

Printed electronics is being held back by too close a focus on component technologies when potential users are more interested in being able to buy readymade processes that they can incorporate more easily. In response, some of the technology suppliers have begun to recast themselves as technology integrators.

Neuromorphic computing: bringing brain to bear

11 March 2014

Computers inspired by brain functionality have been with us for a while. Now a number of academic research projects are exploring circuit-level innovation based on the inner workings of the old grey matter.

Technology brands top for value in 2014

10 March 2014

Apple's success in pioneering new types of product has helped it top a global league table that assesses the value of corporate brands.

Embedded world faces up to growing security challenge

03 March 2014

Security has become an even more major concern for the makers of processors and software for embedded systems in the rush to connect them to wireless network – and even the wider Internet. It is driving a rethink in the way devices are designed to prevent network-based attacks and attempts to reverse-engineer the firmware inside.

Embedded technology powers cyber-physical systems

13 February 2014

The embedded computers used to control industrial machinery are starting to talk among themselves – and it's a process that could change the way we program managing systems.

Turing Lecture 2014 speaker interview: Dr Bernard Meyerson

12 February 2014

IBM’s vice president of innovation Dr Bernard Meyerson wants to change the future. Not simply in the direction of IT, but in using computers to sidestep traffic gridlock, deadly diseases, and energy blackouts. 

Dilemmas of Russia's £30bn winter Olympics

10 February 2014

The Sochi Olympic Games combines genuine technological achievements with persisting old myths, unprecedented costs and the heaviest ever security.

Quinone-based batteries for better energy storage

10 February 2014

The intermittent nature of renewable energy sources renders their energy output difficult to store, but researchers believe they have the solution: the low-cost flow battery.

Motion control - wave to the future

10 February 2014

Motion control has come on in leaps and bounds (and swipes and punches) in recent years, and hardware companies are getting all e-motional in a bid to engage with users. But do we really know what to use it for yet?

Noise from electronic circuitry causes design headaches

20 January 2014

Design teams are trying to find ways to overcome the apparently random nature of electronic interference.

Dr Brian May on stereographic photography

20 January 2014

Brian May might well be best known as a virtuoso musician of world renown, and most of us will be aware that his doctorate is in astrophysics, but he is also a world expert on early stereographic photography technology.

Smartwatches engage in the battle for the wrist

16 December 2013

Are smartwatches really smart enough to generate demand and make inroads into the accessorised timepiece and mobile devices markets? And what will they need to deliver to make them 'super smart'?

Nasa's Control Centers: design and history

16 December 2013

The design, architecture and technology of Nasa's legendary Mission Control Centers reflects the 20th century's tempestuous history and represents an important part of America's cultural identity from that period.

Sensors - an A to Z

11 November 2013

Sensor technology is now appearing everywhere, from kerbsides to kitchens, wheelie bins to robotic jellyfish – and sensors are increasingly proving themselves to be the critical interface between the virtual web and the Internet of Things.

Power pushes UK's electronics sector forward

11 November 2013

The field of power electronics is becoming a strong sector within the UK's technology base, thanks to unconventional techniques such as combining analogue and digital control devices.

Ray Dolby: the quiet revolution

11 November 2013

Following the recent death of electrical engineer Ray Dolby we take a look at his major achievements.

Big Analogue Data - why bigger isn't always better

15 October 2013

Big data sets are valued for the patterns and trends that they reveal when analysed by equally massive computing resources, but scientists are now questioning whether bigger is always better when it comes to deriving value from the analogue world.

Re-building the server - microprocessors to memory moves

16 September 2013

Concern over attributes like energy consumption is set to radically change the way computer servers are designed – but will we at last be able to move away from the conventions that have dominated design for the last 20 years?

5G mobile model challenged by 'spectrum crunch'

13 August 2013

Experiments in so-called 5G mobile communications have begun, but early indications suggest that it's going to be a fundamentally different kind of cellular network that emerges.

Engineers race to create real sonic screwdriver

12 August 2013

There could be some real-life applications for this fictional device from the Doctor Who universe.

Printed circuit board design tools

15 July 2013

Printed circuit boards now need to come in all shapes and sizes – and so the computer-based tools available to design them have to offer enhanced flexibility and functionality.

The changing face of optoelectronics

15 July 2013

The days of high-volume manufacture of low-cost, off-the-shelf optoelectronics components in the UK have all but disappeared as the emphasis has shifted to China. Commercial director of OMC William Heath explains how the market has changed.

High-frequency trading systems - speed vs regulation

18 June 2013

In their obsessive pursuit of high-value market advantage, stock traders are pushing IT to its limits - and the lawmakers don't like it. New laws may aim to slow the systems down, but are regulators willing and able to acquire the technology they need to keep up with the City's need for speed?

Teardown: Ouya games console

17 June 2013

The designers of the Ouya open-source games console actually want you to tear it down. 

Africa struggles toward building a viable technological infrastructure

20 May 2013

African countries with ambitions to find a place among the world's innovators certainly face big challenges, but there is no shortage of ideas from the continent's brightest minds.

ICT innovation: the history of the hybrid

20 May 2013

Many of the ICT technologies that are now taken for granted came about through lucky accidents or unintended consequences as the equipment vendors attempted to 'cross fertilise' different disparate types of product line – a tradition that continues to this day.

Star Trek: real-world holodeck technology today

03 May 2013

With a new Star Trek film due out this Summer, get ready for the regular slew of tenuous associations, philosophical and technological. Given that, let’s say upfront that the likely arrival of this concept, as just floated by chipmaker AMD, is years away.

Radar development and tracking technology go parallel

12 April 2013

Radar and tracking technology continues to develop into new, innovative application areas, from UAV navigation to archaeological mapping.

'Data hunger' will cause 4G roll-out to feel the bite

11 March 2013

Smartphones designed to exploit the emerging 4G networks are ravenous for data, and that's good news for service operators who need ways to maximise usage-based revenue models. But the transition from 3G to 4G is likely to throw up several contentious issues that will take time and effort to reconcile.

Analysis: safe-code revision grapples with automated checking

28 February 2013

The Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA), a group that developed one of the most widely-used coding standards for safe, reliable software, launched at Embedded World, Nuremberg this week, marking the first major update to the standard for almost a decade.

The Cubesat standard: affordable satellite technology for all

11 February 2013

The future of the satellite launch is cubed: meet the Jack-in-the-box that can carry your experiment into orbit on a realistic budget

Hannover Messe 2013: industrial integration will prove key.

08 February 2013

E&T magazine is again a preferred media partner for this year's Hannover Messe showcase of industrial and engineering technology innovation. This last of three previews surveys in brief the technology-specific trade shows that make-up Hannover Messe 2013 - and includes details of FREE ENTRY for IET members.

Analysis: Scotland’s silicon survivors

31 January 2013

During the 1990s, Scotland’s Silicon Glen looked as though it could rival other world centres for chipmaking. It could not compete with California’s Silicon Valley itself but the country looked an attractive choice to a number of Far Eastern technology companies who promised to build and expand plants there.

Smartphones gear-up for envelope tracking and antenna changes

21 January 2013

Smartphones are geared up to crunch through a lot of data in delivering apps and Internet service, but all this new funky stuff places new drains on battery staying-power. Emerging envelope-tracking technologies may be able to help.

Hannover Messe 2013 celebrates new age of industrial integration

21 January 2013

E&T magazine is once again a preferred media partner for this year’s Hannover Messe showcase of industrial and engineering technology innovation. This second of three previews introduces the 11 technology-specific trade shows that make-up Hannover Messe 2013 - including details of FREE ENTRY for IET members.

Modelling technology transforms design down to education

18 December 2012

Computer modelling, simulation and emulation technique is changing the way we understand the world as well as the control strategy innovations that underpin the systems we use.

Looking forward - 2013 predictions

17 December 2012

E&T staff and contributors take a punt at predicting what's in and what's out across the seven engineering sectors in 2013.

Hannover Messe 2013 celebrates new age of industrial integration

16 December 2012

E&T magazine is once again a preferred media partner for this year's Hannover Messe showcase of industrial and engineering technology innovation. This first of three previews introduces the 11 technology-specific trade shows that make-up Hannover Messe 2013 - including details of FREE ENTRY for IET members.

PhotoEssay: inside Google’s secret data centres

13 December 2012

Google’s data-centres, the biggest in the world, could easily set the bar for an industry-wide standard, apart from the fact that it builds everything itself.

Cheap technologies muscle into niche markets

19 November 2012

When humble transistors first appeared they were too expensive for consumer use. Now silicon technology developed for the consumer business has been finding its way into specialised niches once the exclusive preserve of pricey proprietary components.

Minimizing energy consumption in capacitive sensing applications

06 November 2012

This paper looks at capacitive sensing applications, how they operate and the benefits over alternative solutions. It considers how energy consumption can be mitigated using a microcontroller (MCU) that can remain in a deep-sleep mode while still responding to sensor inputs quickly and reliably.

What next for IC materials?

22 October 2012

For 50 years, silicon has been the material of choice for making integrated circuits; but some say that it's been living on borrowed time - and chipmakers are developing innovative new material bases for future processors.

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