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Ex Machina movie asks: is AI research in safe hands?

In Ex Machina the robot Ava played by Alicia Vikande possesses the worlds first true artificial intelligence

21 January 2015

With the release of the movie 'Ex Machina' in mind, concerns over the existential threat posed to humankind by artificial intelligence reached a fever pitch in 2014. Are the fears justified or are there more pressing concerns?

Deliberate EMI poses threat to electronics

A graphical representation of an EM pulse

19 January 2015

Electromagnetic interference is turning into a weapon against computers and sensitive electronics.

Photonic computers promise energy-efficient supercomputers

Refractive index and refraction angle graphic

15 December 2014

Computers that process light instead of electrons could provide the boost supercomputers need to get to the exascale generation.

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