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Modelling & Simulation lifts aerospace control systems

Eurofighter Typhoon in flight

15 July 2014

Modelling and simulation software plays a critical role in supporting blue sky thinking at the early stages of  aircraft flight control systems design and validation.

Medical systems electronics: new inside stories

MRI scan through a human head

16 June 2014

Advanced medical imaging instruments are getting better at detecting life-threatening conditions - and treating them; but they are also becoming safer for both technicians and patients.

25 years ago: Smart tags, the distributed memory revolution

Contactless electronic identification is now something we take for granted

06 June 2014

Contactless electronic identification is something we take for granted now. When Peter Hewkin of Scientific Generics wrote the following article for E&T’s predecessor magazine IEE Review in June 1989 the idea of using data-storage badges to keep track of people, animals or car bodies on a large-scale basis was an exciting and potentially revolutionary prospect.

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Tesla believes the Gigafactory could shake up the electric vehicle industry

Tesla partners with Panasonic to build Gigafactory

Japanese electronics manufacturer Panasonic will become Tesla Motors’ partner in the Gigafactory project, aiming to revolutionise production of long endurance lithium ion battery packs.

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