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Teardown: Sony aR7 II mirrorless digital camera

Major components of the Sony aR7 II mirrorless digital camera

09 November 2015

Sony pushes the envelope but keeps things tight.

The new DIY culture: taking back control of technology

Fixing technology graphic

09 November 2015

Remember the days when we tinkered with our cars and repaired our electronics? Today’s devices, in contrast, are ‘black boxes’: to be admired, not repaired. However, this attitude is starting to change.

Miniaturisation: the big issues

Airbus collected data from tens of thousands of embedded sensors during A380 test flights

28 October 2015

Automated manufacturing and precision engineering are driving demand for ever-smaller components that are also smarter and save money.

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"Do-It-Yourself in technology is becoming a quietly subversive act against prescriptive globalisation, as well as a general force for good"

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