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Remote test for critical infrastructure

 Accurate fault location is essential for  submarine cables

18 August 2015

It is difficult to determine where the fault lies in non-destructive testing and remote conditioning monitoring techniques, but applications are now being devised to solve this.

Classic Projects: Watt steam engine

Watts steam engine diagram

14 July 2015

Sir James Watt’s steam engine 250 years on after he produced the first practical and efficient design, which was to play a central role in the Industrial Revolution and the emergence of Great Britain as one of the first modern economic superpowers.

Surfing the new wave: artificial pools hang ten

A surfer surfing at Wavegarden Spain

14 July 2015

This summer you no longer need to live on the coast if you want to experience the waves and get surfing: commercial wave pools have got bigger and better and are markedly safer than the unpredictable sea swell. But is there any comparison to the real thing?