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Microcanning takes craft beer by storm

Logan Plan

16 March 2015

Canned beer’s bad rep among beer aficionados is changing fast, thanks to the eager adoption by innovative craft brewers of new microcanning technologies

Sports technology: Bike fitting

Lasers show up on the rider as he sits on a bike

16 March 2015

This month’s sports technology feature looks at the technique of bespoke bike ‘fitting’, where a bike can be exactly adjusted for the rider to achieve maximum comfort, flexibility and performance.

Multiphysics brings the real world into simulations

Agile Justin

16 March 2015

Multiphysics software combines the different strands of engineering in to one simulation.

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Graphene inventor Konstantin Novoselov shows the worlds first graphene lightbulb to UK Chancellor George Osborne

Graphene light bulb heads for shops

A light bulb made of graphene claimed by its UK developers to consume less energy, offer longer lifetime and be manufactured at a lower cost than a conventional LED bulb, will hit the market in a few months.

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