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Classic Projects: 007 Lotus Esprit 'submarine car'

007 Lotus Esprit submarine car graphic

10 November 2014

DATE: 1976 (car), 1977 (submarine)

DESIGNER: Giorgetto Giugiaro (car)

COST: £616,000 at auction in 2013

Turing's morphogenesis theory drives research into self-configuring systems

Red and green zebra pattern

10 November 2014

Alan Turing's ideas on morphogenesis are helping scientists to develop ways to make complex materials build themselves.

What's new in modern avalanche safety devices?

Alf Alderson skiing through deep snow French Alps

10 November 2014

This month's new regular feature on sports technology looks at the gadgets fighting the 'white death', which, as the recent tragedy of the trekkers in Nepal shows, remains a grave danger for mountaineers.

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"This issue we honour a national hero, and the subject of Benedict Cumberbatch's latest film, codebreaker Alan Turing"

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