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Digital visual effects: shaping the next cinematic experience

Screen shot from Gravity

13 October 2014

As the high-end computing resources needed to generate eye-popping on-screen effects become more available the VFX industry is playing an ever bigger part in shaping the cinematic experience.

60 years of CERN: the nuclear heart of Europe

Maria and Giuseppe Fidecaro inside the spark chamber 1963

13 October 2014

CERN, the organisation that runs the world's largest particle physics laboratory, turned 60 last month. Its efforts to unravel the mysteries of the universe are well documented, but the pioneering role of the engineers and computer scientists supporting the physics is sometimes overlooked.

Photo essay: historic lawnmower restored

Andrew Hall on Ransome

13 October 2014

A landmark machine from the history of labour-saving devices is back at work thanks to the efforts of a British lawnmower enthusiast.

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The new airpurification and airconditioning system has been design to blend seamlessly into the Sistine Chapel interior

High-tech air-con to save Sistine Chapel art

Cutting edge energy saving air purification and lighting systems have been installed in the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel to protect precious frescoes created by renaissance master Michelangelo.

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