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3D printing for space missions

Barry Wilmore with the ratcheting socket wrench

16 February 2015

3D printing is emerging as a popular technology in the space industry, where it increases the potential to reduce spacecraft mass and cut launch costs. But will it ever be possible to print the rockets themselves?

Sports technology: cue sports balls

Cued up for a shot on red

16 February 2015

Winter is the time of year when a lot of activities take place indoors. Our regular sports technology feature looks at three of the most popular cue sports - snooker, billiards and pool - which all have one thing in common: the balls.

Getting more from the motor

Lenze Smart Motor

16 February 2015

Industry could save an estimated $264bn every year by using the latest electric drive technology to make motor systems run more efficiently.

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Fujitsu has developed an iris authentication system that fits into a smartphone

Unlocking smartphones with a stare

Unlocking smartphones with a blink of the eye has just become a possibility with a new iris authentication technology developed by Fujistu and debuted at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona today.

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"The 1950s saw the first big wave of 3D films, but the novelty wore off. Sixty years later, 3D may be back to stay as the technology goes mainstream."

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