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Ex Machina movie asks: is AI research in safe hands?

In Ex Machina the robot Ava played by Alicia Vikande possesses the worlds first true artificial intelligence

21 January 2015

With the release of the movie 'Ex Machina' in mind, concerns over the existential threat posed to humankind by artificial intelligence reached a fever pitch in 2014. Are the fears justified or are there more pressing concerns?

Classic Projects: Sinclair C5

Sinclair C5 graphic

19 January 2015

The Sinclair C5 battery electric vehicle was neither as visionary nor as revolutionary as its inventor had envisaged.

Biometrics and privacy: Let your body be your key

Graphic showing a man with a yellow tshirt

19 January 2015

Passwords have been essential to the security of our personal information as well as that of large corporations. Now, groundbreaking technologies are striving to transform our bodies into the definitive guardians of our personal data. Will they succeed?

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Facebookowned Oculus VR has introduced its first short 360degree virtual reality movie

Facebook-owned Oculus enters movie business

Oculus VR, the Facebook owned company developing the highly anticipated Rift headset, has launched its own movie studio developing 360-degree virtual reality experience. 

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"How do we balance security with civil liberties and privacy in today's high-tech but violent world? Can our private lives remain truly private?"

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