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Sports technology: ski design

Atomic Bent Chetler Pro Ski

15 December 2014

Due to rapid improvements in materials and design, skiing is now easier than ever before. The second of our regular sports technology features looks at the latest developments in this popular winter sport.

3D printing: fashion enters the technosensual era

Nicole Scherzinger wearing the Twitter dress

15 December 2014

3D printing and computer tools are changing the way fashion designers approach not just design but materials and manufacture.

Analogue recording: vintage and classic gear for studios

A lady playing the tambourine 1973 San Francisco

15 December 2014

Analogue gear is fighting off the digital revolution in music recording.

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Cyclists are the most vulnerable road users now Volvo is doing something to decrease their probability of being killed in collisions with cars

Car-connected helmets to save cyclists’ lives

Volvo is testing a new technology that enables cars to communicate directly with helmets of cyclists in their vicinity to help prevent dangerous collisions.

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