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GoPro Hero4 Black

10 November 2014

Are you ready for your close-up? Smartphones that outshoot cameras, 4K ultra-high-definition actioncams and a kettle that charges your phone.

What's new in modern avalanche safety devices?

Alf Alderson skiing through deep snow French Alps

10 November 2014

This month's new regular feature on sports technology looks at the gadgets fighting the 'white death', which, as the recent tragedy of the trekkers in Nepal shows, remains a grave danger for mountaineers.

Jon Kolko: 'Well Designed'

Three Apple devices iPhone iPad and Macbook

10 November 2014

There's more to designing best-selling products than simply loading them with features, says Jon Kolko, whose new book explains how the most important ingredient in design is human engagement.

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Storedots nanotech battery connected to a Samsung Galaxy smartphone

Novel nano-tech battery charged in seconds

One Israeli start-up has invented a novel battery system for smartphones that enables cutting charging times to minutes or even seconds.

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