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Superfast broadband reaches three million homes

12 August 2015

Superfast broadband has now reached three million homes and businesses as part of a government roll-out, said ministers.

Nokia plotting its return to consumer tech market

10 August 2015

Nokia is plotting a return to the consumer technology arena as it hires software experts and begins testing new products.

Zigbee's wireless security flaws threatens IoT devices

10 August 2015

The ZigBee wireless communications specification used by many Internet of Things (IoT) devices contains critical security flaws, IT firm Cognosec has claimed.

Dating app for blind ‘less superficial’

30 July 2015

A dating app for blind people using short voice messages instead of flashy selfies has been developed in a tech hackathon.

Nasa crashes plane to test emergency beacons

30 July 2015

American space agency Nasa has performed a controlled crash of a small aircraft to help improve the design of emergency beacons that automatically alert rescue centres of aviation accidents.

Nokia launches 360 degree camera for virtual reality movies

29 July 2015

Former smartphone maker Nokia has launched what it calls the first commercially available virtual reality camera for making movies to be watched on virtual reality headsets. 

Infected mobile phones could hack air-gapped computers

29 July 2015

Computers isolated from public networks could be hacked through GSM frequencies via infected mobile phones, Israeli researchers have found. 

Russians hackers used Twitter, photos to reach US computers

29 July 2015

Russian-backed hackers used Twitter posts combined with data hidden in photos to control US government and defence industry computers.

EU clears Nokia's acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent

24 July 2015

The European Commission has approved Finnish telecom equipment group Nokia's planned purchase of Alcatel-Lucent.

Contactless payment cards easy to hack, says Which?

23 July 2015

Hackers could steal basic data from contactless payment cards enabling them to carry out online transactions up to £3,000 of value, says consumer association Which?.

Stephen Hawking backs $100 million search for aliens

20 July 2015

The search for alien life has become a heavily funded reality, thanks to a $100m (£64m) boost from Russian tycoon Yuri Milner, announced today with the backing of UK physicist Stephen Hawking at the Royal Society in London.

MPs win snooping powers legal challenge

17 July 2015

Two Members of Parliament have won a High Court battle over the UK government’s emergency extension of surveillance powers.

False accusations down to 'data blunders' by police

16 July 2015

Innocent people have been wrongly associated to paedophile investigations because of clumsy attempts to access communications data, a watchdog has revealed.

Memory chip price war looms as China eyes USA's Micron

15 July 2015

Oversupply and a potential price war are threatening the global memory chip industry as a Chinese state-backed buyer eyes US firm Micron Technology.

Update 999 services for smartphone generation, says report

08 July 2015

The IET has called for radical changes to be made to the emergency services in the UK to allow people to use smartphones in an emergency.

Computer modelling key to an efficient NHS, report says

07 July 2015

Computer modelling can increase the efficiency of NHS services, improve care and cut costs, a group of academics say in a new report.

Italian surveillance firm left exposed after hack-attack

07 July 2015

Italy’s Hacking Team, which sells surveillance software, found itself the victim of hacking after it was hit by a data breach on Monday.

3D printing to improve properties of optical fibres

02 July 2015

Researchers want to use 3D printing to produce optical fibres in the hope that the additive manufacturing technique leads to improvement in the fibres' structure and enables new applications.

Entangled electrons pave way for future quantum networks

01 July 2015

Japanese researchers have created a pair of spin-entangled electrons that maintain their link even when separated on a chip.

Mobile roaming charges to be scrapped across EU by 2017

30 June 2015

Mobile roaming charges are set to be abolished in all 28 member states by June 2017 as part of an overhaul of Europe’s telecoms market to boost growth and innovation.

5G road map for future mobile networks outlined by ITU

22 June 2015

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has established a road map for the development of 5G mobile networks that are expected to fully unleash the potential of the Internet of Things and enable the creation of the tactile Internet.

AT&T fined $100m for throttling customer internet speeds

19 June 2015

US telecom company AT&T faces a $100m fine for slowing down the internet speeds of millions of customers without letting them know.

Thousands of apps leave data exposed to hackers

18 June 2015

Thousands of smartphone applications including the most popular ones store users’ data online in a way that makes them easily accessible to hackers, say German cyber security researchers.

Cumbria Constabulary police to replace notebooks with smartphones

18 June 2015

Police are putting aside their traditional notebooks and will be using smartphones instead as part of a scheme that could save more than £3m over the next three years.

Digital road signs get mobile phone real-time updates in Denmark

16 June 2015

Dynamic digital signs updated in real-time by mobile phones and motorists’ driving behaviour have been deployed in the Danish city of Aarhus to cut down delays and traffic.

Elderly to get screening technology to block nuisance calls

15 June 2015

Thousands of pensioners could be rid of nuisance calls after the government revealed it plans to give out free call-screening technology.

Comet-lander awakes after months of hibernation

15 June 2015

European space scientists had a reason to celebrate this weekend as they received data from the Philae comet lander feared dead seven months ago.

Mobile phone usage shows when people are unemployed

15 June 2015

Mobile phone data can provide insights in to employment levels, as people’s communication patterns change when they are not working, an MIT study has revealed.

Anywhere Sim card aims to kill off signal dead zones

12 June 2015

A mobile phone sim card is set to go on sale which automatically switches between UK mobile networks offering the best signal at any given moment.

Ofcom to make it easier to quit slow broadband providers

11 June 2015

The broadband industry’s watchdog has announced it will make it easier for customers to leave broadband contracts if their speeds are too slow.

Landmark length photonic fibre created in Southampton

10 June 2015

Southampton University researchers have created an 11km-long hollow-core photonic bandgap fibre, a significant increase on what was previously possible.

'Brainprint' signals proposed as unique human ID

03 June 2015

The unique way the brain of every person responds to certain words could be used for identification purposes instead of passwords, researchers have proposed.

UK intelligence officers ‘don’t abuse their powers’

02 June 2015

British spies do not carry out “random mass intrusion” into lawful citizens’ lives, a senior intelligence official said on Tuesday.

Facebook opens AI lab in Paris

02 June 2015

Facebook is opening a new artificial intelligence (AI) lab in Paris to expand its research outside the US, it was announced on Tuesday.

End to US data collection powers as Senate deal falls

01 June 2015

The legal authority for US intelligence agencies’ to bulk collect Americans’ phone records has expired, after the Senate failed to pass legislation to extend the deal.

Tweeting seals help gather polar data

01 June 2015

Seals equipped with satellite tags have helped researchers to create a huge database of information about environmental conditions in the world’s most inaccessible regions.

Encryption mobile app ‘can’t be broken by the NSA’

01 June 2015

A smartphone app going live this month claims to be the 'dark Internet tunnel' that thwarts snooping on calls and texts.

Twitter and mobile phone data to gauge how big crowds are

28 May 2015

Geographical data from Twitter and mobile phones could be used to estimate the size of a large crowd, a new study has shown.

Snoopers’ charter is here to stay after Queen’s Speech

27 May 2015

The snoopers’ charter returns after it was included in the Queen’s speech today, giving the police and intelligence agencies greater powers to monitor internet and phone use.

Communication system to improve cerebral palsy in children

26 May 2015

A brain-computer interface system could enhance communication skills of people with cerebral palsy from childhood, new research has found.

Robo-journalist and human reporter at loggerheads

21 May 2015

A program called WordSmith that writes simple stories beat a human reporter at writing an article by five minutes, but the human version read better.  

Ship management firm trials GPS back-up system

21 May 2015

A ship management firm has launched a trial of a GPS back-up system designed to provide positioning data to ships on the sea in case of disruption of satellite navigation services.

Lights beam ads to phones in supermarkets

21 May 2015

Smart and connected lights pioneer Philips has launched a trial of a new system that uses supermarket lighting to beam ads to shoppers’ phones as they move through a shopping centre.

Chinese academics charged with theft of code from US tech firms

20 May 2015

Six Chinese nationals have been accused of stealing wireless technology from two American companies on behalf of the Chinese government, the US Department of Justice says.

New technology paves way for global roaming on 4G

20 May 2015

A new technique that requires only one channel for two-way communication and could enable global roaming on 4G has been devised by UK researchers.   

Data usage set to double over the next four years

19 May 2015

Data traffic generated by smartphones will approach the equivalent to over 10 billion Blu-ray movies, new research has revealed.

Smallest beamsplitter paves way for superfast computing

18 May 2015

A miniature beamsplitter created by American researchers could be the first step towards silicon photonic chips needed for next generation super-fast computers using light instead of electrons.

BT and Ofcom clash over 'dark fibre'

15 May 2015

Ofcom plans to force BT to open up its high-speed ‘dark fibre’ network to direct access by rivals, although BT is expected to resist the communication watchdog’s pressures.

'Right to be forgotten' online ruling reaches anniverary milestone

13 May 2015

One year after the European Union’s top court ruled that people had the “right to be forgotten” online, officials and search engines such as Google are still in dispute over action to be taken.

NSA ‘asked’ Germany’s BND to snoop on Siemens

11 May 2015

The US National Security Agency (NSA) wanted to spy on Siemens with the help of German intelligence, a German newspaper reported, in what could be a shaming episode for Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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