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Great Firewall glitch redirects users to forbidden site

22 January 2014

A temporary glitch in China’s Great Firewall has redirected millions of Chinese Internet users to an anti-censorship website meant to be blocked by the system. 

'Chinese YouTube’ requires real-name registration

21 January 2014

China’s Communist Party is strengthening Internet control by ordering users of local online video websites to register under their real names to be able to upload content.

NSA reform inadequate says human rights group

21 January 2014

Reforms of the US National Security Agency announced by President Barack Obama have not gone far enough, says Human Rights Watch.

EE floatation put on hold by owners

17 January 2014

Plans to float EE, Britain’s largest mobile operator, have been put on hold by its owners.

Broadband voted greatest invention of 21st century

17 January 2014

Broadband has been voted the greatest engineering innovation of the first decade of the third millennium, receiving about 53 per cent of votes in the latest public survey by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

NSA implants secret technology in spyproof computers

15 January 2014

The US National Security Agency has implanted secret surveillance software in nearly 100,000 computers around the world to gain access to spy-proof machines.

Fund for broadband delivery pilots in remote areas

15 January 2014

A £10m fund will help technology firms come up with ways of delivering superfast broadband to the most remote parts of Britain.

Real-time data for payday lenders

15 January 2014

A new real-time information sharing system about consumer’s borrowing habits will be made available to payday lenders to support their lending decisions.

Utilities customers keen on smart services

15 January 2014

The advent of smart metering and multichannel customer services could revolutionise utilities’ strained relationships with consumers.

Hydrogen fuel cells for India’s mobile phone masts

14 January 2014

Mobile phone masts in India will be equipped with hydrogen fuel cells to serve as a backup for India’s failure prone power grid.

Future of EU’s broadcast spectrum to be probed

14 January 2014

An investigation into the future use of TV broadcast spectrum across the EU will be headed by former head of the WTO Pascal Lamy.

Instant messaging surges ahead of text in 2014

13 January 2014

Mobile instant messaging services will carry more than twice the number of messages sent by text in 2014, predictions show.

Mobile services to launch in Eurotunnel in March

09 January 2014

Passengers will soon be able to use 2G and 4G mobile services while travelling through the Channel Tunnel.

Algorithm to drastically speed up mapping of Internet

08 January 2014

A new algorithm could vastly simplify methods for finding the most efficient route across complex networks like the Internet.

Verizon to issue annual data request reports

20 December 2013

Verizon Communications has vowed to issue semi-annual reports on government requests for customer data.

Surveillance curbs urged by White House-appointed panel

19 December 2013

A White House-appointed panel has proposed curbs on some key National Security Agency surveillance operations.

Tech companies press Obama on cyber surveillance

18 December 2013

Top technology company executives have pressed US President Barack Obama to rein in his government's electronic spying.

Oversight of Huawei boosted over cyber spying fears

17 December 2013

Oversight of Chinese telecoms giant Huawei will be increased amid fears its equipment could be used for cyber espionage.

New engineering BTECs to be available next year

16 December 2013

New GCSE-level vocational engineering qualifications will be available to schools in the UK from September 2014.

Infrastructure cyber-security institute launched

13 December 2013

A new institute investigating cyber-threats to vital systems that control the UK’s industry and infrastructure has been launched.

Evidence for gender stereotyping in apprenticeships

11 December 2013

The number of women apprentices has doubled over the past decade, but they are more likely to end up in low-paid jobs.

European ministries attacked by Chinese hackers

10 December 2013

Chinese hackers broke into computer systems of five European foreign ministries last September by sending an email containing infected files that loaded malicious codes on the victims’ computers.

Next generation broadband satellite launched by Inmarsat

09 December 2013

London-headquartered satellite communications provider Inmarsat has launched the first of its Global Xpress (GX) family of satellites promising to kick off the revolution in Internet connectivity aboard aircraft.

Tool for radiation forecasting can warn satellite operators

09 December 2013

Finnish researchers have developed a computer model simulating the electron environment in space around the Earth that could inform satellite operators about spacecraft-damaging radiation.

Security agencies spied on online gaming community

09 December 2013

The US National Security Agency (NSA) and British GSHQ have spied on the international online gaming community, documents leaked by whistle blower Edward Snowden have revealed.

Engineering innovation prize open for entries

06 December 2013

Engineering firms are being urged to enter the Royal Academy of Engineering’s MacRobert award for innovation.

Young Woman Engineer of Year announced

06 December 2013

A space engineer from Hertfordshire has been named Young Woman Engineer of the Year by the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Network operators must adapt for M2M market

05 December 2013

Cellular network operators need to think about more than connectivity if they want capture a slice of the emerging M2M market.

Apprenticeships get £40m boost in Autumn Statement

05 December 2013

An additional 20,000 higher apprenticeships will be offered in England up to 2014/15 with employers being funded directly for them.

Lack of engineering ‘new blood’ concern for UK

02 December 2013

A shortfall of under-19s taking advanced engineering apprenticeships could jeopardise the UK’s ability to compete, a new report says.

Demand-Attentive Networks concept introduced

27 November 2013

The future of the UK’s digital economy could come under threat unless policy makers take action to upgrade telecoms networks.

Parking assistant for ships tested in Irish port

27 November 2013

A system for high-speed precise port navigation, designed to improve safety and efficiency of port traffic and reduce fuel consumption of ships, has been tested in Ireland.

World’s most advanced academic computer network

26 November 2013

Janet6 – the world’s most advanced academic computer network – has been rolled out today in the UK, addressing growing connectivity demands of British research and academic institutions.

Android is ‘low-hanging fruit’ for cyber-criminals

26 November 2013

The rapid expansion of the Android operating system is being mirrored by an alarming increase in the amount of malware targeting it, according to an expert.

Engineering education may foster 'disengagement'

25 November 2013

Engineering education may foster a “culture of disengagement” when it comes to issues of public welfare, according to new research.

Arms regulations urged for internet surveillance systems

22 November 2013

New arms sale regulations urgently need to be introduced to clamp down on the export of electronic surveillance technology.

Smartphone usage on planes criticised by aviation experts

22 November 2013

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has put forward a proposal to allow airline passengers to use smartphones to make phone calls during flights.

Immigration key to closing engineering skills gap, says panel

21 November 2013

Immigration will be vital for filling the engineering skills gap in the near future, but cannot be relied upon in the long term.

Nokia shareholders set to approve Microsoft buyout

19 November 2013

Nokia shareholders are set to approve the sale of the company's mobile phone business to Microsoft later today.

Super-fast broadband will save UK £270m, says report

14 November 2013

Super-fast broadband will save British households a total of £270m and 60 million hours of leisure time each year by 2024.

Parents' attitudes towards apprenticeships improving

14 November 2013

Nearly half of parents would recommend an apprenticeship to their children but 14 per cent still see them as inferior to degrees.

Spaceport by 2018 part of UK space action plan

14 November 2013

Building a spaceport in the UK is one of the ideas introduced as part of an action plan designed to improve Britain’s position in the global space race.

Hydrogen smartphone chargers for Africa introduced

13 November 2013

Portable mobile phone chargers relying on hydrogen fuel cells will be rolled out in Africa to help overcome impacts of frequent power shortages.

Credit cards of half million EU users feared hacked

12 November 2013

Credit card details of some 500,000 European users might be at risk as a marketing firm running award schemes for companies across Europe admitted being a victim of a major hacking attack.

Satellite broadband catches up with speed of cable

11 November 2013

Prototype modems for satellite-based broadband connectivity matching the speed of terrestrial services relying on cables have been introduced by two European companies.

Geo-tagging tool wins sat nav applications competition

06 November 2013

A project management tool for remote team working has won the UK arm of European Satellite Navigation Competition.

Huawei to plough £370m into 5G technology

06 November 2013

Telecoms giant Huawei has announced plans to plough at least £370m into developing a new superfast 5G mobile network.

Skype in courtrooms to help cut trial costs

05 November 2013

Video-call technology such as Skype and FaceTime could be introduced to the UK’s courtrooms to allow criminal defendants to take part in court hearings from home.

'World’s fastest 4G network' switched on in Tech City

05 November 2013

London’s Tech City has become the first place to be covered by what EE claims is the world’s fastest 4G mobile network.

Youngsters reject engineering due to lack of awareness

04 November 2013

Young people are rejecting engineering as a career choice because they don’t know enough about the profession.

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