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Internet of Things network protocol debuts with Thread launch

16 July 2014

The Thread Group, an Internet of Things (IoT) alliance, has been announced by its founders, which include Google's Nest Labs, Samsung and ARM.

Faster WiFi for UK commuter trains

07 July 2014

Passengers on commuter trains in England and Wales could soon enjoy WiFi access ten times faster than what is currently available.

US companies warned against ‘Energetic Bear’ virus

03 July 2014

The US government has warned critical infrastructure operators to make sure their systems haven’t been infected with malicious software from a hacking group known as Energetic Bear.

Infrastructure commission to end ‘chronic short-termism’

03 July 2014

Labour wants to establish an independent National Infrastructure Commission to end a culture of "chronic short-termism".

Telefonica given green light for €8.6bn German takeover

02 July 2014

Telefonica has won EU antitrust clearance for its €8.6bn takeover of E-Plus, marking a milestone in telecoms consolidation.

IET Digital Library launches flexible access scheme

27 June 2014

The IET has launched a new flexible way to access over 190,000 technical documents in its Digital Library.

Intelligent copters capable of learning

26 June 2014

University of Sheffield researchers have developed software enabling UAV fleets to autonomously coordinate their actions and learn from the environment.

Milestone in LTE for mission-critical comms

18 June 2014

Qatar plans to introduce advanced wireless broadband services for its public safety services based on standard LTE communications technology.

F1 connectivity innovation prize announced

10 June 2014

Engineers are being challenged to come up with the next-generation of connectivity technologies for Formula 1 racing, in a new $50,000 competition.

Vodafone reveals security agencies’ direct link to network

06 June 2014

Vodafone has disclosed that government agencies in a small number of countries in which it operates have direct access to its network, enabling them to listen in to calls.

BBC to trial ultra-high definition TV at World Cup

05 June 2014

The BBC will use the World Cup to trial the delivery of ultra-high definition TV over both broadcast and broadband networks.

Email encryption becoming widespread, says Google

04 June 2014

The volume of encrypted email is rising rapidly, according to new data, as providers try to shield their users from government spies and other snoopers.

Engineering GCSE, AS and A level to be scrapped

04 June 2014

GCSE, AS and A level courses in engineering are set to be ditched in the latest stage of a major shake-up of exams.

Improved aircraft-tracking to be introduced by September

02 June 2014

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) will introduce concepts for improved aircraft tracking in September.

Real-time Skype call interpreter developed by Microsoft

28 May 2014

Microsoft has demonstrated a project that aims to enable speakers of all world's existing languages to chat seamlessly with each other using Skype’s new spoken word translator.

IET Innovation Awards open for entries

28 May 2014

A search for the world’s best innovations in science, engineering and technology has been launched today by the IET.

China’s Jade Rabbit Moon rover on its last legs

28 May 2014

China says bitterly cold lunar nights have "weakened considerably" the Jade Rabbit Moon rover’s ability to operate.

Flight MH370: Satellite data released for verification

27 May 2014

Raw satellite data used by telecommunications firm Inmarsat to determine the likely location of Flight MH370 wreckage have been made publicly available for independent experts to reassess.

The Internet of Pigs

27 May 2014

Internet of Things technology is providing real-time information from sensors implanted in pigs to improve their welfare and predict disease.

First city-wide Internet of Things network announced

22 May 2014

The UK’s first city-wide open access demonstration Machine to Machine and Internet of Things network will be launched in Milton Keynes.

Standards, not technology, lags behind in aircraft tracking, says Inmarsat’s COO

21 May 2014

The technology for constant worldwide aircraft tracking has long been available, however, the standards and regulations enforcing its use have not kept pace with the development, Chief Operations Officer of Inmarsat said to the E&T in an interview.

EE introduces UK’s first 4G WiFi mobile hotspot for cars

21 May 2014

Mobile provider EE has introduced three devices providing 4G WiFi Internet connectivity to cars and a new tablet designed to compete with Apple's iPad mini.  

Effect of mobile phones on children's brains probed

20 May 2014

The Department of Health has launched the world's biggest investigation into the effects of mobile phones on the developing brains of children.

IET calls for more rigour in mobile phone health effects research

20 May 2014

The quality of mobile phone health effects research is decreasing, says the IET in its latest position statement.

Openreach given tough new targets on line repairs

20 May 2014

The vast majority of phone and broadband faults will have to be fixed within two working days under new rules expected to be introduced this summer.

Cobham to buy microelectronics expert Aeroflex

20 May 2014

Defence supplier Cobham will buy the US maker of wireless systems used in medical scanners and components for the robotic arm on Nasa's Curiosity mars rover.

Lockheed Martin under cyber-siege

15 May 2014

US defence giant Lockheed Martin said the number of attacks on its computer systems has quadrupled since 2007.

Aviation industry to join forces to improve aircraft tracking

14 May 2014

The international aviation industry has committed to finding solutions to improve aircraft tracking as the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) focuses on developing new regulations

Samsung’s hacking-proof system safer than BlackBerry's

14 May 2014

Samsung’s KNOX system designed for public sector services dealing with sensitive data is secure enough to handle classified information, the UK government has said.

World’s first satellite-based railway management system

13 May 2014

The world’s first railway management system communicating with satellites has been tested in Italy.

Black-box streaming and free aircraft tracking offered by Inmarsat

12 May 2014

London-headquartered satellite operator Inmarsat will offer free aircraft tracking via its satellite network to all long-haul aircraft worldwide and propose a black-box data streaming service to prevent aircraft from going astray.

Berners-Lee calls for Internet ‘Magna Carta’

08 May 2014

Internet founder Sir Tim Berners-Lee has called for a global 'Magna Carta' to be created to make Internet safer and more democratic.

New ‘dark fibre’ network to test future Internet tech

07 May 2014

A new ‘dark fibre’ network will help researchers develop the technologies that will power the future of the Internet.

Facebook to allow users to limit private data sharing

01 May 2014

Facebook has introduced new privacy features allowing users to limit the amount of personal information shared with third party mobile apps.

Telemedicine to cut infant death in the Amazon

01 May 2014

Health professionals in South America can use satellite communication terminals to tackle high infant and maternal mortality rates.

Wildebeest migration mapped with HerdTracker app

25 April 2014

A new web app that follows the herds of Africa’s wildebeest, as they make their annual migration across the Serengeti and Masai Mara National Parks, allows anyone to track this natural spectacle in real-time, with instant updates of the migration's precise location.

Nokia ends phone production as sale to Microsoft complete

25 April 2014

Nokia, once the world’s number one mobile phone manufacturer, has completed the sale of its mobile phone business to Microsoft, prompted by a continuous decline in sales the company has been struggling with since switching to Windows Phone in 2011. 

UK’s slowest broadband street named

24 April 2014

Two streets with 30 times slower download speeds than UK average have been named the slowest broadband locations in the country.

Power-saving breakthrough in mobile mast design

14 April 2014

A breakthrough in the design of mobile phone masts could cut their demand on the UK power network by 200MW.

Israel launches satellite to keep tabs on Iran

10 April 2014

Israel has launched a new military Earth-observation satellite to monitor Iran’s nuclear progress.

Earth observation challenge opens for submissions

10 April 2014

The European Space Agency has announced a new round of its Copernicus Masters, competition seeking innovative space application ideas, will open for submissions next week.

Sentinel to improve flood and earthquake monitoring

04 April 2014

The European Space Agency (Esa) has launched its new Earth-observation Sentinel-1A satellite marking the start of the Copernicus programme, which will provide Europe with unprecedented access to environmental data.

Holograms allow singers perform duets across continents

04 April 2014

Singers MIA and Janelle Monae have performed a duet being present at each other’s gigs as holograms enabled by advanced 3D projection and video mapping technology.

Virtual language teacher on your mobile

01 April 2014

A virtual language teacher on your mobile phone that can recommend real-world reading material tailored to your ability has launched today.

World must adapt to climate reality, says IPCC report

31 March 2014

A clean industrial revolution has been urged in the wake of the publication of a major report on the impacts of climate change.

Slideshow: EPSRC photography competition winners

31 March 2014

A picture of a joke-telling robot that can tailor its stand-up routine in real time has won the EPSRC photography competition.

Apps prevent undesired encounters

31 March 2014

A new app uses data from social networks to help people prevent from bumping into those they wish to avoid.

Governments want more personal data, says Google

28 March 2014

The number of government requests for personal information has gone up by 120 per cent since 2009 according to Google’s Transparency Report.

2014 Raspberry Pi Competition shortlist announced

27 March 2014

A system that helps reduce vehicle emissions by enabling drivers to locate empty car parking spaces, and a tool for making recycling easier, are among the finalists of the PA Consulting Group’s second Raspberry Pi programming competition.

Flight MH370: satellite images reveal field of debris

26 March 2014

More than 100 objects possibly related to the MH370 disappearance were spotted in the southern Indian Ocean on images acquired by Airbus-operated satellites.

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