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Proximity hat lets blind people 'feel' spaces

28 January 2016

A hat fitted with ultrasonic sensors that provide the sense of proximity to physical objects could help blind people to better navigate in interiors.

South Korea accuses North Korea of cyber-attacks

27 January 2016

South Korea has said it believes North Korea recently attempted to hack into its government computer systems following a nuclear test earlier in the month.

Children now spend more time online than watching TV

26 January 2016

Children now spend more time online than they do watching television, according to a new report from research agency Childwise.

Solution found for GPS hacking

25 January 2016

Researchers at the Horst Görtz Institute in Germany have developed a system to prevent hackers from manipulating GPS signals.

India-Vietnam satellite could sour Chinese relations

25 January 2016

India is setting up a satellite tracking and imaging centre in southern Vietnam that will allow it to observe the area, which includes China and the South China Sea, from space.

Simplistic passwords blamed for rise in cyber attacks

20 January 2016

Computer users are compromising their own cyber-security with simplistic passwords that are easy to guess according to password management firm SplashData.

Pakistan lifts YouTube ban

19 January 2016

The ban on YouTube in Pakistan has been lifted after Google agreed to launch a localised version that would allow the government to remove any material that it deemed to be offensive.

Cyber-attack on Kiev airport prompts security review

18 January 2016

The Ukrainian government is looking into the security of its computer systems after the country’s main airport in Kiev suffered a cyber-attack launched from a server in Russia.

EE and BT merger poorly received by the industry

15 January 2016

The telecoms industry has raised concerns over the approval of the merger between EE and BT by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

Replacement EU/US data protection treaty in the works

15 January 2016

European Union privacy regulators will try to reach a new agreement about data transfers between Europe and the US following the end of the Safe Harbour treaty.

New Internet of Things research hub launches

08 January 2016

A group of UK universities, with support from Government and industry, has launched an interdisciplinary research hub to drive forward UK research in the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Learning through computer games improves concentration

08 January 2016

Despite plentiful evidence that playing too much on computer games can harm children’s development, if designed and used correctly, the games can actually improve learning, a new study has suggested. 

China wants to tighten its grip on the internet

07 January 2016

China's internet regulator has said it wants the country's ruling Communist Party to become the "strongest voice in cyberspace".

Twitter to increase character limit ‘up to 10,000’

06 January 2016

Twitter is set to increase the number of characters allowed in a single tweet to 10,000 from the current limit of 140.

Anti-IS group admits attack on BBC online services

04 January 2016

An anti-Islamic-State hacking group has claimed responsibility for a cyber-attack on the BBC that brought down many of its services on New Year’s Eve.

Apple Pay, smart home tech and Internet of Things impressed IET experts in 2015

24 December 2015

The arrival of Apple Watch and Apple Pay, the first UK man on the International Space Station, as well as the rise of the Internet of Things and smart home technologies were the major engineering and technology milestones of 2015 according to IET experts. And what do they think that 2016 will bring?

Google developing AI messaging app

23 December 2015

Google is building a new mobile messaging app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) in order to compete with Facebook according to the Wall Street Journal.

2015 in engineering and technology

23 December 2015

2015 has been a big year for the world of tech and engineering. The rise and rise of driverless cars and wearable technology foreshadow much bigger things to come in these sectors over the next decade, as evidenced by the release of the Apple Watch and Google, Nissan, Ford and others embracing vehicular autonomy.

Free Wi-Fi to be installed across the NHS

21 December 2015

All NHS buildings are to be equipped with free Wi-Fi in order to boost medical treatment and the experience of patients Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said.

Secret back doors found in government network equipment

21 December 2015

The US government has warned that secret code embedded into equipment made by networking provider Juniper Networks could leave back doors for attackers to infiltrate into corporate and government bodies.

Facebook users vulnerable to ID theft and fraud at Christmas

21 December 2015

Facebook users are being warned against showing their full name and email address on their profiles this Christmas because it leaves them open to identity fraud.

Satellites and solar to provide internet to remote African villages

15 December 2015

A satellite operator and a solar panel provider are teaming up to deliver internet acccess to remote villages in Africa.

MoD using 3G to view live video feeds from distant drones

09 December 2015

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is developing a data link system that uses 3G to view live video feeds from distant drones.

Average age of cyber-criminals drops to 17

08 December 2015

The average age of suspected cyber attackers is now just 17 according to the National Crime Agency (NCA).

Obama wants to stop terrorists using social media

07 December 2015

US President Barack Obama has called on technology firms to help address the threat of militant groups using social media and electronic communications to plan and promote violence and terrorist activities.

Estonia moves all government data to cloud due to Russian threat

04 December 2015

Estonia is planning to upload all of its government data to the cloud so that the country can be run from abroad if necessary.

Hackers steal data on 650,000 Wetherspoons customers

04 December 2015

UK pub company JD Wetherspoon has admitted that the personal details of 650,000 people may have been stolen in a data hack on its website.

Google accused of storing data on children by EFF

02 December 2015

Google has been accused of collecting the personal data of schoolchildren by The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

Blackberry pulls out of Pakistan over spying allegations

01 December 2015

Blackberry has announced it is ceasing operations in Pakistan because the government wanted to spy on the communications of its users.

Government wants UK businesses to undergo 'cyber health check'

19 November 2015

The government is trying to convince the UK’s largest firms to get a ‘virtual health check’ in the light of recent data breaches from company’s such as TalkTalk.

Anonymous shutting down IS Twitter accounts

18 November 2015

The Internet hacking group Anonymous said it has identified the social media accounts of Islamic State (IS) sympathisers which has resulted in many of them being shut down.

Paris terrorists may have used PS4 for communication

16 November 2015

Terrorists involved in Friday night’s attacks in Paris could have been using Sony’s PlayStation 4 games console to send encrypted messages.

55,000 UK businesses boosted by superfast broadband

16 November 2015

A government scheme to get businesses to sign up to superfast broadband - defined by the EU as reaching download speeds of 24Mbps and above - has attracted 55,000 small and medium businesses since April.

Facebook launches news app

13 November 2015

Facebook has launched a new iPhone app called Notify that presents users with a news feed that is tailored to their interests.

British Museum offers cyber tours via Google Street View

12 November 2015

The British Museum has partnered with Google to offer tours of its collections via the Street View mapping tool.

Radio spectrum allocated for global flight tracking

11 November 2015

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has allocated radio spectrum for global flight tracking for passenger aircraft using satellite-based systems. 

Apple boss critical of new UK cyber security bill

10 November 2015

Tim Cook, chief executive of Apple, has said that any attempts to weaken data security to provide a digital ‘back door’ for spies would also benefit criminals.

Vodafone accuses BT of unfair practice

10 November 2015

BT is forcing broadband firms to use its old network, resulting in slow Internet speeds for customers, according to Vittorio Colao, chief executive of Vodafone.

UK residents to be guaranteed 10Mbit/s Internet speeds

09 November 2015

The government has announced that Internet access is to be considered an essential utility, with all British homes and businesses given the right to a 10Mbit/s connection.

Smart case makes any phone friendly for elderly

09 November 2015

A smart case that can make any phone friendly and easier to use for elderly and disabled people is launching on crowd-funding web site Kickstarter.

Smartphone spying allowed under new Government law

04 November 2015

Communication companies will be legally obliged to allow the government to spy on the smartphones of criminal suspects under new digital laws being unveiled today.

UK public assets up for sale to fund infrastructure projects

30 October 2015

The government is identifying public assets to be sold in order to raise money to fund major infrastructure projects to be overseen by the new National Infrastructure Commission. 

Google balloons to offer internet access to Indonesians

29 October 2015

Google is about to launch its internet-beaming balloons into orbit over Indonesia in order to boost online access in the country.

British Gas blames data leak on external source

29 October 2015

The email address and passwords of 2,200 British Gas customers have leaked online, although the company claims that the data came from an external source.

MI6 recruiting spies from Mumsnet and launches cyber-security apprenticeship

29 October 2015

The British Intelligence service has launched a recruitment drive for intelligence officers on Mumsnet and is also looking for computer specialists to join its new higher apprenticeship.

Boy arrested over TalkTalk data hack

27 October 2015

A 15-year-old boy has been arrested over the TalkTalk cyber hack that compromised the data of four million customers.

TalkTalk hires BAE to investigate data breach

26 October 2015

BAE Systems has been hired to investigate the cyber-attack on TalkTalk’s computer systems that may have led to the theft of data on four million customers.

Chinese cyber-attacks on US continue, despite agreement

20 October 2015

Hackers associated with the Chinese government have continued their attacks on US companies, despite the recent agreement between Washington and Beijing not to spy on each other for commercial reasons, according to a prominent security firm.

Smart pavement for superfast Wi-Fi access unveiled in Chesham

15 October 2015

The UK’s first smart pavement that beams superfast Wi-Fi to urban users is being tested in Chesham. 

Nasa awards contracts for dedicated cubesat launches

15 October 2015

Virgin Galactic’s LauncherOne, still under development, is among launchers selected by Nasa to deliver small satellites to space – offering an alternative to ride-sharing for cubesat operators. 

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