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British Gas blames data leak on external source

29 October 2015

The email address and passwords of 2,200 British Gas customers have leaked online, although the company claims that the data came from an external source.

MI6 recruiting spies from Mumsnet and launches cyber-security apprenticeship

29 October 2015

The British Intelligence service has launched a recruitment drive for intelligence officers on Mumsnet and is also looking for computer specialists to join its new higher apprenticeship.

Boy arrested over TalkTalk data hack

27 October 2015

A 15-year-old boy has been arrested over the TalkTalk cyber hack that compromised the data of four million customers.

TalkTalk hires BAE to investigate data breach

26 October 2015

BAE Systems has been hired to investigate the cyber-attack on TalkTalk’s computer systems that may have led to the theft of data on four million customers.

Chinese cyber-attacks on US continue, despite agreement

20 October 2015

Hackers associated with the Chinese government have continued their attacks on US companies, despite the recent agreement between Washington and Beijing not to spy on each other for commercial reasons, according to a prominent security firm.

Smart pavement for superfast Wi-Fi access unveiled in Chesham

15 October 2015

The UK’s first smart pavement that beams superfast Wi-Fi to urban users is being tested in Chesham. 

Nasa awards contracts for dedicated cubesat launches

15 October 2015

Virgin Galactic’s LauncherOne, still under development, is among launchers selected by Nasa to deliver small satellites to space – offering an alternative to ride-sharing for cubesat operators. 

Sainsbury’s mobile network to shut down

14 October 2015

Sainsbury’s has announced it is shutting down its mobile network less than three years after it was first set up.

Twitter lays off eight per cent of workforce

13 October 2015

Twitter has announced is it cutting 8 per cent of its workforce, amounting to 336 jobs.

Nasa unveils details of Mars exploration plan

12 October 2015

Nasa has released details of its Mars exploration plan, stating is has never been as close to sending astronauts to Mars.

Uber accuses rival of stealing data on its drivers

08 October 2015

App-based taxi firm Uber has accused rival company Lyft of hacking into its systems to steal the names and license numbers of 50,000 of its drivers.

NHS doctors sharing confidential data via unsecure devices

08 October 2015

UK doctors are putting patient confidentiality at risk by using their smartphones to share medical details with others in the profession, a study has found.

Ford trialling connected cars to warn drivers about hazards

07 October 2015

Ford has developed a prototype communications system for cars that can alert drivers to hazards and road blockages in real time.

Facebook defends itself after ruling on US data sharing

06 October 2015

An agreement designed to allow US companies access to the personal data of European citizens has been deemed invalid by a Luxembourg Court.

Text message tweak to appointment alerts could save NHS millions

01 October 2015

A new study based on one NHS Trust practice has found ‘Did Not Attend’ (DNA) rates can be significantly reduced simply by making reference to the £160 cost the NHS incurs from each missed appointment in the SMS text message sent to patients.

Twitter considering changes to 140-character limit

30 September 2015

Twitter is reportedly working on a new product that will allow users to write tweets longer than the current 140-character limit.

EU mobile roaming charges to be scrapped

30 September 2015

Plans to scrap mobile roaming charges in the European Union (EU) by 2017 are expected to receive final sign off by Member States tomorrow.

Facebook suffers second outage in a week

29 September 2015

Facebook went down yesterday for users in North America for the second time in a week.

Cyber talent to be recruited in virtual skyscraper

29 September 2015

A virtual skyscraper designed to discover cyber talent has been launched.

5.6 million fingerprints stolen in US government data hack

24 September 2015

The US government has admitted that a security data breach earlier in the year at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and the Department of Defense resulted in hackers obtaining a total of 5.6 million employee fingerprints.

EU court says countries can block US data spies

23 September 2015

EU countries should be able to block US spies from accessing their citizens' data, the ECJ has said, in what is being billed as a landmark ruling.

Solar-powered emergency mobile network developed in Pakistan

21 September 2015

A solar-powered portable mobile phone network that can be used if standard communication channels are down due to natural disasters has been developed by Pakistani researchers.

SSTL reveals 1-metre resolution images from mini-satellites

16 September 2015

UK satellite manufacturer SSTL has released the first images acquired by its new mini-satellite constellation. 

New research centre to accelerate advent of 5G

15 September 2015

A research centre designed to accelerate the development of the next generation communications technology - 5G - opens today.

Spyware snooping software found on Cisco web routers

15 September 2015

Cyber-spies have managed to plant snooping software in Cisco routers, located on three continents, which direct traffic around the Internet.

Tinder matches made easy with new intelligent algorithm

10 September 2015

An intelligent algorithm developed by a Canadian researcher could provide Tinder users with a better selection of potential matches by taking into account their 'swipe right' history.

Bluetooth tech to provide step-by-step navigation to blind people

10 September 2015

An open standard for Bluetooth-based indoor navigation is being developed to provide visually impaired people with turn-by-turn directions in complex indoor spaces. 

Phone records predict dengue outbreaks, study finds

08 September 2015

Phone records could be used to predict the geographical spread and timing of dengue fever epidemics, new research shows.

Saved Scottish shipyard wins £97m order a year after going bust

01 September 2015

A Scottish shipyard that went bust a year ago has been named preferred bidder for a £97m contract to build new ferries after being saved by a local entrepreneur.

New method to remove satellites from space

01 September 2015

Spanish researchers have developed a new method that would allow removing satellites from space at the end of their designed lifetime.

Apple likely to launch new products on September 9

28 August 2015

Apple is expected to launch its latest iPhones and possibly a new version of its Apple TV set-top box on September 9, after engimatic invitations were sent to key media outlets.

Contactless spending up 500 per cent in a year

26 August 2015

Contactless spending is on the rise, having increased by 560 per cent in the past year, new data from MasterCard has revealed.

Church towers to deliver superfast broadband to rural areas

19 August 2015

Church towers will be repurposed to help deliver superfast broadband in rural communities in Somerset.

AT&T accused of helping NSA with Internet spying

17 August 2015

Telecoms provider AT&T has been helping the US National Security Agency conduct surveillance on Internet traffic, according to the New York Times.

Radiation shielding underwear revealed by inventor

13 August 2015

Underwear designed to prevent male infertility caused by radiation from smartphones and laptops has been unveiled by a British scientist.

Ofcom releases new mobile signal coverage checker

13 August 2015

A new web tool will let mobile phone users check the signal coverage of the four main networks across the UK.

Superfast broadband reaches three million homes

12 August 2015

Superfast broadband has now reached three million homes and businesses as part of a government roll-out, said ministers.

Nokia plotting its return to consumer tech market

10 August 2015

Nokia is plotting a return to the consumer technology arena as it hires software experts and begins testing new products.

Zigbee's wireless security flaws threatens IoT devices

10 August 2015

The ZigBee wireless communications specification used by many Internet of Things (IoT) devices contains critical security flaws, IT firm Cognosec has claimed.

Dating app for blind ‘less superficial’

30 July 2015

A dating app for blind people using short voice messages instead of flashy selfies has been developed in a tech hackathon.

Nasa crashes plane to test emergency beacons

30 July 2015

American space agency Nasa has performed a controlled crash of a small aircraft to help improve the design of emergency beacons that automatically alert rescue centres of aviation accidents.

Nokia launches 360 degree camera for virtual reality movies

29 July 2015

Former smartphone maker Nokia has launched what it calls the first commercially available virtual reality camera for making movies to be watched on virtual reality headsets. 

Infected mobile phones could hack air-gapped computers

29 July 2015

Computers isolated from public networks could be hacked through GSM frequencies via infected mobile phones, Israeli researchers have found. 

Russians hackers used Twitter, photos to reach US computers

29 July 2015

Russian-backed hackers used Twitter posts combined with data hidden in photos to control US government and defence industry computers.

EU clears Nokia's acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent

24 July 2015

The European Commission has approved Finnish telecom equipment group Nokia's planned purchase of Alcatel-Lucent.

Contactless payment cards easy to hack, says Which?

23 July 2015

Hackers could steal basic data from contactless payment cards enabling them to carry out online transactions up to £3,000 of value, says consumer association Which?.

Stephen Hawking backs $100 million search for aliens

20 July 2015

The search for alien life has become a heavily funded reality, thanks to a $100m (£64m) boost from Russian tycoon Yuri Milner, announced today with the backing of UK physicist Stephen Hawking at the Royal Society in London.

MPs win snooping powers legal challenge

17 July 2015

Two Members of Parliament have won a High Court battle over the UK government’s emergency extension of surveillance powers.

False accusations down to 'data blunders' by police

16 July 2015

Innocent people have been wrongly associated to paedophile investigations because of clumsy attempts to access communications data, a watchdog has revealed.

Memory chip price war looms as China eyes USA's Micron

15 July 2015

Oversupply and a potential price war are threatening the global memory chip industry as a Chinese state-backed buyer eyes US firm Micron Technology.

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