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Quantum tech commercialisation network launched

26 November 2014

Atomic clock and quantum cryptography research will receive a boost with the launch of a new research network aiming to get the technology from lab to market.

BT courting O2 and EE as it looks to re-enter mobile market

24 November 2014

BT is in early-stage talks to takeover UK mobile operator O2, which it sold off in 2001, and sources say it has also begun negotiations with EE.

Password warning as hackers access thousands of webcams

20 November 2014

A Russian-based website has been found showing footage from hacked webcams, CCTV cameras and even baby monitors, allowing criminals to spy on people from across the world.

Spoof-proof Galileo receiver wins satnav award

18 November 2014

An innovative and cost-effective Galileo signal receiver designed to simplify the use and speed-up uptake of Galileo navigation services has won the European satnav Oscar.

US collecting mobile data using flying snooping devices

14 November 2014

The US is gathering data from thousands of mobile phones using fake communications towers on aeroplanes, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Twisted light transmitted across roofs of Vienna

12 November 2014

Beams of twisted light have been transmitted across the rooftops of Vienna in an experiment that holds promise for high-capacity data transmission.

Obama backs regulating ISPs like utilities

11 November 2014

US President Barack Obama has called for Internet service providers to be regulated more like utilities, in a major boost to ‘net neutrality’ activists.

High-capacity MoD spectrum auction plans revealed

07 November 2014

Plans for an auction of high-capacity radio spectrum used by the MoD and ideal for 4G services have been announced by Ofcom.

Half the world’s population connected to mobile Internet by 2020

06 November 2014

Half of the world’s population will be using mobile devices to access the Internet by 2020, according to new data released by GSMA Intelligence at the GSMA Mobile 360-Africa event.

‘Connected traveller’ prompts airports to prioritise IT investment

04 November 2014

Improving passenger processes at the airport through information technology investment is the number one technology priority for airports around the world, according to the 2014 SITA/ACI Airport IT Trends Survey, released today.

Remote communication between dogs and humans

31 October 2014

A suite of technologies for enhancing communication between dogs and humans could be used for everything from search and rescue to training pets.

Yamaha recreates voice of dead artist

29 October 2014

Yamaha has recreated the voice of a deceased Japanese musician and made a recording of his previously unrecorded song.

New optical fibre could solve Internet capacity crunch

28 October 2014

A new type of optical fibre has been used to transmit 255 Terabits of data per second, about 21 times more than what is currently available in commercial communication networks.

China's lunar return probe carries European radio experiment

24 October 2014

China has launched a spacecraft to fly around the Moon and back in preparation for a sample return mission planned for 2017 carrying a European radio experiment.

Queen opens Information Age exhibition at Science Museum

24 October 2014

The Queen has officially opened a new exhibition celebrating the history of information and communication technologies, where she also sent her first royal tweet.

No tariffs for Chinese telecoms companies, says EU

20 October 2014

The European Union has ended a long-running telecoms dispute with China, dropping a threat to levy punitive tariffs on Chinese telecoms exports.

TV white space trial to provide flood warning

14 October 2014

Wireless sensors will use gaps in the TV spectrum to connect to an early-warning system for flood-prone areas in Oxfordshire.

Mobile operators embrace embedded SIM specification

13 October 2014

A host of mobile operators will support the GSMA’s embedded SIM specification to help boost adoption of Internet of Things technology.

Update to Passpoint Wi-Fi roaming system aims for new users

09 October 2014

An update to the Wi-Fi Alliance’s Passpoint Wi-Fi roaming system aimed at boosting user numbers will ease the process of registering with hotspot providers.

Faulty Russian rocket behind Galileo launch fiasco

08 October 2014

Investigators believe a Russian production flaw was behind the botched August launch of two satellites central to the development of Europe's satellite navigation system Galileo.

Turing’s Codebreaking machine voted engineers’ favourite

06 October 2014

A codebreaking machine nicknamed The Bombe, developed by Alan Turing at Bletchley Park during World War Two, has been voted the engineers’ favourite artefact in a new survey to mark the 30th anniversary of the Engineering Heritage Awards.

Research to scrutinise cyber-risks to infrastructure

01 October 2014

A new £2.5m research project will assess the risk posed by hackers and various cyber criminals to the UK’s vital infrastructure.

BT hits 1 Gbit/s with combination of copper and fibre

26 September 2014

BT has reached 'ultrafast' broadband speeds of one Gigabit per second using a combination of fibre optic and copper cabling.

FTSE 100 social star Burberry trials Twitter’s Buy button

23 September 2014

British fashion and luxury goods brand Burberry has signed up as one of the first high-profile brands to trial Twitter’s new Buy button. This e-commerce functionality enables Twitter users to purchase goods directly from a brand’s Twitter timeline, without having to leave the social media platform.

EU-regulators define ‘right to be forgotten’ criteria

19 September 2014

EU regulators have agreed on criteria for assessing "right to be forgotten" requests rejected by search engines.

Smartphone Parkinson's detectors tested in the UK

08 September 2014

An experimental app claiming to be able to detect early signs of Parkinson's disease is being tested in the UK.

Hacking behind third of London’s car theft

04 September 2014

Car theft has entered the cyber age with more than one in three vehicles currently stolen in London being taken through sophisticated hacking methods, the Home Office has revealed.

M2M connections to increase by 21 per cent in 2014

18 August 2014

The number of mobile network connections for machine-to-machine communication will increase by 21 per cent in 2014.

Robots and drones to change office of the future

14 August 2014

European public sector workers are looking forward to have some boring tasks taken away from them by robots and drones, a survey revealed.

New Trans-Pacific subsea cable backed by Google

12 August 2014

A new subsea cable from Japan to the USA backed by Google will help address growing data traffic demands on the Trans-Pacific route.

Partial hack of Blackphone unveiled at Def Con

12 August 2014

The privacy-focused Blackphone has been cracked by a security researcher at the Def Con hacking conference in Las Vegas, though the exploits require physical access.

Microsoft launches £15 phone with video and music player

11 August 2014

Microsoft has announced a £15 phone that comes with video and a music player, but no data connection.

Anti-spying app heralds end of antivirus era

08 August 2014

An Android app that actively scans other apps to determine how risky they are has been launched, promising a new level of user safety.

Hacking aircraft satellite systems possible, says researcher

04 August 2014

A Spanish cyber-security researcher said he had figured out how to hack satellite communications systems on commercial jets through their Wi-Fi and inflight entertainment systems.

BlackBerry to open BBM up to Windows phones

01 August 2014

BlackBerry’s popular messaging system BBM will now be open to those using the Windows phone platform.

Internet of Things network protocol debuts with Thread launch

16 July 2014

The Thread Group, an Internet of Things (IoT) alliance, has been announced by its founders, which include Google's Nest Labs, Samsung and ARM.

Faster WiFi for UK commuter trains

07 July 2014

Passengers on commuter trains in England and Wales could soon enjoy WiFi access ten times faster than what is currently available.

US companies warned against ‘Energetic Bear’ virus

03 July 2014

The US government has warned critical infrastructure operators to make sure their systems haven’t been infected with malicious software from a hacking group known as Energetic Bear.

Infrastructure commission to end ‘chronic short-termism’

03 July 2014

Labour wants to establish an independent National Infrastructure Commission to end a culture of "chronic short-termism".

Telefonica given green light for €8.6bn German takeover

02 July 2014

Telefonica has won EU antitrust clearance for its €8.6bn takeover of E-Plus, marking a milestone in telecoms consolidation.

IET Digital Library launches flexible access scheme

27 June 2014

The IET has launched a new flexible way to access over 190,000 technical documents in its Digital Library.

Intelligent copters capable of learning

26 June 2014

University of Sheffield researchers have developed software enabling UAV fleets to autonomously coordinate their actions and learn from the environment.

Milestone in LTE for mission-critical comms

18 June 2014

Qatar plans to introduce advanced wireless broadband services for its public safety services based on standard LTE communications technology.

F1 connectivity innovation prize announced

10 June 2014

Engineers are being challenged to come up with the next-generation of connectivity technologies for Formula 1 racing, in a new $50,000 competition.

Vodafone reveals security agencies’ direct link to network

06 June 2014

Vodafone has disclosed that government agencies in a small number of countries in which it operates have direct access to its network, enabling them to listen in to calls.

BBC to trial ultra-high definition TV at World Cup

05 June 2014

The BBC will use the World Cup to trial the delivery of ultra-high definition TV over both broadcast and broadband networks.

Email encryption becoming widespread, says Google

04 June 2014

The volume of encrypted email is rising rapidly, according to new data, as providers try to shield their users from government spies and other snoopers.

Engineering GCSE, AS and A level to be scrapped

04 June 2014

GCSE, AS and A level courses in engineering are set to be ditched in the latest stage of a major shake-up of exams.

Improved aircraft-tracking to be introduced by September

02 June 2014

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) will introduce concepts for improved aircraft tracking in September.

Real-time Skype call interpreter developed by Microsoft

28 May 2014

Microsoft has demonstrated a project that aims to enable speakers of all world's existing languages to chat seamlessly with each other using Skype’s new spoken word translator.

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