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Earth observation challenge opens for submissions

10 April 2014

The European Space Agency has announced a new round of its Copernicus Masters, competition seeking innovative space application ideas, will open for submissions next week.

Sentinel to improve flood and earthquake monitoring

04 April 2014

The European Space Agency (Esa) has launched its new Earth-observation Sentinel-1A satellite marking the start of the Copernicus programme, which will provide Europe with unprecedented access to environmental data.

Holograms allow singers perform duets across continents

04 April 2014

Singers MIA and Janelle Monae have performed a duet being present at each other’s gigs as holograms enabled by advanced 3D projection and video mapping technology.

Virtual language teacher on your mobile

01 April 2014

A virtual language teacher on your mobile phone that can recommend real-world reading material tailored to your ability has launched today.

World must adapt to climate reality, says IPCC report

31 March 2014

A clean industrial revolution has been urged in the wake of the publication of a major report on the impacts of climate change.

Slideshow: EPSRC photography competition winners

31 March 2014

A picture of a joke-telling robot that can tailor its stand-up routine in real time has won the EPSRC photography competition.

Apps prevent undesired encounters

31 March 2014

A new app uses data from social networks to help people prevent from bumping into those they wish to avoid.

Governments want more personal data, says Google

28 March 2014

The number of government requests for personal information has gone up by 120 per cent since 2009 according to Google’s Transparency Report.

2014 Raspberry Pi Competition shortlist announced

27 March 2014

A system that helps reduce vehicle emissions by enabling drivers to locate empty car parking spaces, and a tool for making recycling easier, are among the finalists of the PA Consulting Group’s second Raspberry Pi programming competition.

Flight MH370: satellite images reveal field of debris

26 March 2014

More than 100 objects possibly related to the MH370 disappearance were spotted in the southern Indian Ocean on images acquired by Airbus-operated satellites.

Call for e-voting in the UK

26 March 2014

The UK needs to completely overhaul its voting system introducing new technologies including e-voting to help the public engage with politics, said Electoral Commission Chair Jenny Watson.

Cisco to invest $1bn in ‘world’s largest cloud network’

25 March 2014

Cisco will invest more than $1bn over the next two years to build the 'world’s largest' network of computing clouds.

EE service disruption resolved

20 March 2014

Mobile phone network EE said its services are back to normal after a signal problem affected some of its 27 million customers last night.

Near-miss solar superstorm could have cost $2.6tn

20 March 2014

Solar blasts that could have badly damaged electrical grids and disabled satellites in space narrowly missed Earth in 2012.

Vodafone to buy Spain's largest cable operator

17 March 2014

Vodafone has agreed a €7.2bn deal to buy Spain's largest cable operator Ono.

Challenges and opportunities as the Web turns 25

12 March 2014

The World Wide Web turns 25 today, but despite the celebrations the system faces both challenges and opportunities.

Europe to foster environment monitoring from space

12 March 2014

The European Parliament has approved the Copernicus satellite-based Earth observation programme aiming to advance understanding of the environment and climate change processes.

4G auction kept market competitive, says NAO

12 March 2014

An audit of Ofcom’s 4G spectrum auction found that it achieved its objective of keeping the UK market competitive.

Entangled photons to secure future digital transactions

12 March 2014

An international research team has demonstrated how to secure online financial transactions and ATM withdrawals using quantum cryptography.

Ukraine under cyber attack

10 March 2014

Ukraine’s telecommunications system had been subject to a string of cyber-attacks most likely from Russia, Ukraine’s security agency said.

Internet of Things research gets £45m boost

10 March 2014

Funding for research into the Internet of Things will be doubled in a drive to make the UK a world leader in digital technology, David Cameron has said.

Glass is Go at Heathrow

10 March 2014

Virgin Atlantic is running a pioneering trial of Google Glass technology at London Heathrow airport to investigate how wearable products can help deliver personalised customer service and improve efficiency.

Radar could be used to predict sinkholes

07 March 2014

Radar could be used to predict the appearance of sinkholes, according to new analyses of Nasa airborne radar data.

New engineering prize for African researchers

06 March 2014

A new engineering prize for universities and research institutions in sub-Saharan African countries has been launched by RAEng.

Facebook considers buying drone firm

05 March 2014

Facebook is considering buying an American company developing solar-powered drones that could be used to provide Internet access to people in remote areas in developing countries.

'Nobel Prize' for engineers opens for nominations

04 March 2014

The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering has opened for nominations today while pledging to attract more girls and young women to technical disciplines.

Recruit geeks to boost cyber-defence, says MP

04 March 2014

IT geeks in army reserves could be the solution for the UK to defend the country against growing cyber-threats, a Conservative MP said today.

Study looks for concepts to test in space

28 February 2014

The Satellite Applications Catapult, a UK technology and innovation company, is looking for technology ideas to be demonstrated in space.

Boeing introduces self-destructible smartphone

27 February 2014

Defence giant Boeing has unveiled an encryption-enabled smartphone that can delete all data and make itself inoperable in less than thirty seconds.

BT creates 1,000 technology and engineering jobs

27 February 2014

BT is creating more than 1,000 new apprenticeship and graduate jobs in engineering, technology, research, IT and software design.

New radar technology to free-up radio spectrum

27 February 2014

New radar technology could help free up highly sought after radio spectrum currently used for air traffic surveillance.

Webcam spying ‘whole new level of violation’

27 February 2014

UK spy agency GCHQ has been accused of intercepting and storing webcam images of millions of Yahoo users.

Hackers threaten Brazilian World Cup

27 February 2014

Hackers have joined protests against the football World Cup to be held in Brazil by threatening to attack the event through jamming websites and data theft.

Smartphone monitoring fights chemo side-effects

26 February 2014

The University of Surrey researchers have launched a telemedicine project for remote monitoring of cancer-patients undergoing chemo to treat breast, bowel and blood cancers.

Colluding apps a growing smartphone threat

26 February 2014

Four UK universities will share £3m of funding to develop systems protecting smartphone users against malicious colluding apps.

EE floatation could be resurrected in the future

26 February 2014

Plans to float Britain’s largest mobile operator EE put on hold last month may be revived in the future.

Electronic communication overtaking oral

25 February 2014

Oral communication is being overtaken by electronic methods in the UK, according to a YouGov survey published today.

WhatsApp to introduce free voice-calls

25 February 2014

WhatsApp will offer free voice-call services to its customers by the end of this year. 

Inmarsat appoints former Yellow Pages CFO

24 February 2014

Inmarsat has appointed Tony Bates as its new finance chief. Bates was previously CFO of Hibu (formerly Yell), the company that produced Yellow Pages, before that company went into liquidation in November 2013.

Ono dismisses Vodafone overtures

12 February 2014

Vodafone may have to raise its takeover bid for Ono after the cable operator said it will press ahead with a stock market sale.

Vodafone moves for Spain’s largest cable operator

11 February 2014

Spain's largest cable operator must decide whether to accept a takeover offer from Vodafone or list the company on the stock market.

M2M market to reach $20bn globally in 2015

05 February 2014

Machine to machine service revenues will reach $20bn globally in 2015, according to new research.

Quantum technology research fund launched

04 February 2014

A £155m fund for a national network of quantum technology hubs has been announced by the EPSRC.

NPL named birthplace of atomic time

03 February 2014

The National Physical Laboratory has been officially declared the birthplace of atomic timekeeping.

Smartphones converted into avalanche tranceivers

03 February 2014

Smartphones could soon be used to help locate those buried by avalanches thanks to a system that turns them into a transceiver.

Critical infrastructure hack data found in public domain

28 January 2014

Data available from mainstream online media – such as blogs, social networking websites, and specialist online publications – could be used by malevolent agents to mount a cyber-attack on UK critical national infrastructure (CNI), the findings of an investigative assessment to be presented next week will warn.

BBC slammed for failed digital system project

28 January 2014

The National Audit Office (NAO) has criticised the BBC for wasting £100m of licence fee money on the Digital Media Initiative project that was eventually scrapped due to technical shortcomings. 

Broadband on planes, trains and automobiles

22 January 2014

Beaming superfast broadband to boats, planes and other vehicles via satellite has been given the go-ahead by Ofcom.

Great Firewall glitch redirects users to forbidden site

22 January 2014

A temporary glitch in China’s Great Firewall has redirected millions of Chinese Internet users to an anti-censorship website meant to be blocked by the system. 

'Chinese YouTube’ requires real-name registration

21 January 2014

China’s Communist Party is strengthening Internet control by ordering users of local online video websites to register under their real names to be able to upload content.

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