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Hospitals test Apple’s health tech to improve care

05 February 2015

Major US hospitals have launched trials of Apple’s healthcare technology designed to allow remote, low cost monitoring of patients.

Europe’s space data highway confirmed

30 January 2015

Europe will go ahead with the construction of a laser-based satellite data relay system following a successful test of the technology last year.

BT plans to launch six times faster broadband by 2020

30 January 2015

BT will launch trials of superfast broadband technology six times the speed of the fastest of today’s services, aiming for a 2016 nationwide rollout.

Security protocol for Internet-connected pacemakers

28 January 2015

Basque researchers have developed a security protocol that could allow pacemakers of the future to be connected to the Internet.

New search engine aims to beat Google in efficiency

27 January 2015

Finnish researchers have developed a new search engine which reportedly outperforms the existing ones, allowing people to find what they’re looking for more quickly.

Canary Wharf to get 'smarter' with tech competition

26 January 2015

Cognicity Challenge has selected 12 companies to take part in its smart city competition for the opportunity to implement innovative solutions in London’s Canary Wharf.

Twitter wants to curb link-posting from Instagram

23 January 2015

The social network sent some of its high-profile users a message, suggesting they should post photos directly to Twitter rather than sending links to Instagram photos.

Illegal fishing reeled in by new satellite tracking system

22 January 2015

A new satellite tracking and data analysis system has been unveiled to help combat illegal fishing in oceans around the world.

Baltic Data Highway provides fastest cross-European comms link

21 January 2015

The fastest data link connecting eastern and western Europe has been launched today covering 3,000km from Tallinn to Frankfurt with a single optic fibre.

Musk thinks there is room for another mega space network

20 January 2015

Elon Musk has confirmed he still plans to launch his own satellite constellation for direct Internet access despite a rival venture having been backed by Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson.

New biometric solution analyses touchscreen habits

20 January 2015

A start-up company has developed an innovative biometric approach for detecting identity theft, with specific application for mobile devices.

Obama proposes enhanced cyber-security laws to fight hackers

14 January 2015

US President Barack Obama sent a bill to Congress on Tuesday aimed at strengthening cyber-security laws after the recent hacking attacks against Sony Pictures, Home Depot, Target and the federal government.

Engineering and technology top news in 2014

24 December 2014

What a tumultuous year 2014 has been. E&T News has put together a timeline with this year’s most memorable events in engineering and technology, good and bad.

2014 engineering and technology highlights and what about 2015?

23 December 2014

Smartphones becoming 'remote controls' of our lives, the dawn of driverless cars, the Heartbleed software vulnerability and smart thermostats pave the way for engaged consumers – we asked IET experts what were the most significant engineering and technology trends of 2014 and what to expect from the upcoming year.

North Korea behind Sony hack-attack, FBI announced

19 December 2014

UPDATE – The US has officially blamed the North Korean government for the massive cyber-attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Car-connected helmets to save cyclists’ lives

19 December 2014

Volvo is testing a new technology that enables cars to communicate directly with helmets of cyclists in their vicinity to help prevent dangerous collisions.

Google risks $18m fine for web privacy violation, Dutch watchdog says

16 December 2014

Google could be $18.6m poorer in fines if web privacy violations of Dutch users won’t come to a halt, the country’s data protection agency announced.   

Alleged GCHQ hacking of Belgian telecoms firm was widespread, reports reveal

15 December 2014

Extracting data from Belgian telecoms firm, alleged to have been performed by British intelligence service GCHQ, was more widespread than initially thought without being detected for more than two years, according to reports.   

EU to impose aircraft tracking as aviation community takes too long

10 December 2014

The European Union wants to make flight tracking mandatory as the aviation community moves too slowly to decide on the technology widely discussed since the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Nokia opens security centre in Berlin

10 December 2014

Nokia has opened a new mobile security complex in Berlin aimed at creating robust telecommunications security for operators of mobile networks.

Internet of Things network launched nationwide

10 December 2014

The first sites of an Internet of Things (IoT) network have gone live in ten of the UK’s largest cities in a bid to improve services, reduce costs and protect people.

Intel to help turn Canary Wharf into London's smartest district

05 December 2014

London’s pioneering smart city project has teamed up with tech giant Intel to help start-ups turn Canary Wharf into the UK capital’s smartest neighbourhood.

Thousands of Sony passwords saved in ‘Password’ folder

05 December 2014

Sony Pictures Entertainment saved thousands of company passwords in a file directory labelled ‘Password’, it has emerged, after hackers leaked another chunk of data following the attack.

Bluetooth Smart even smarter with 4.2 update

04 December 2014

The new Bluetooth adopted specification is set to improve privacy and increase speed, further establishing the technology as the wireless standard for the Internet of Things.

Sony still struggling to recover after GOP cyber-attack

03 December 2014

Sony Pictures Entertainment is still struggling to recover from an extensive cyber-attack with security experts dismissing the theory that North Korea is the culprit.

Cyber-attacks on airlines, energy and defence by Iranian hackers, says report

02 December 2014

Coordinated attacks by Iran-based hackers have been directed at major airlines, energy firms and defence companies worldwide according to a report released by a US cyber-security firm.

Future highways to use self-healing concrete

02 December 2014

Roads populated with autonomous cars, highway surfaces made of solar panels and concrete that automatically repairs damage – that’s a vision of highways of the future presented by engineering consultancy Arup.

Space data highway experiment delivers first images

01 December 2014

Two European satellites have exchanged data across a 45,000km distance using a laser communications terminal designed to form the basis of a future space data highway.

EE confirms takeover talks with BT

26 November 2014

EE’s owners have confirmed they have entered talks to sell the mobile network to BT as part of a wider review of its options.

Quantum tech commercialisation network launched

26 November 2014

Atomic clock and quantum cryptography research will receive a boost with the launch of a new research network aiming to get the technology from lab to market.

BT courting O2 and EE as it looks to re-enter mobile market

24 November 2014

BT is in early-stage talks to takeover UK mobile operator O2, which it sold off in 2001, and sources say it has also begun negotiations with EE.

Password warning as hackers access thousands of webcams

20 November 2014

A Russian-based website has been found showing footage from hacked webcams, CCTV cameras and even baby monitors, allowing criminals to spy on people from across the world.

Spoof-proof Galileo receiver wins satnav award

18 November 2014

An innovative and cost-effective Galileo signal receiver designed to simplify the use and speed-up uptake of Galileo navigation services has won the European satnav Oscar.

US collecting mobile data using flying snooping devices

14 November 2014

The US is gathering data from thousands of mobile phones using fake communications towers on aeroplanes, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Twisted light transmitted across roofs of Vienna

12 November 2014

Beams of twisted light have been transmitted across the rooftops of Vienna in an experiment that holds promise for high-capacity data transmission.

Obama backs regulating ISPs like utilities

11 November 2014

US President Barack Obama has called for Internet service providers to be regulated more like utilities, in a major boost to ‘net neutrality’ activists.

High-capacity MoD spectrum auction plans revealed

07 November 2014

Plans for an auction of high-capacity radio spectrum used by the MoD and ideal for 4G services have been announced by Ofcom.

Half the world’s population connected to mobile Internet by 2020

06 November 2014

Half of the world’s population will be using mobile devices to access the Internet by 2020, according to new data released by GSMA Intelligence at the GSMA Mobile 360-Africa event.

‘Connected traveller’ prompts airports to prioritise IT investment

04 November 2014

Improving passenger processes at the airport through information technology investment is the number one technology priority for airports around the world, according to the 2014 SITA/ACI Airport IT Trends Survey, released today.

Remote communication between dogs and humans

31 October 2014

A suite of technologies for enhancing communication between dogs and humans could be used for everything from search and rescue to training pets.

Yamaha recreates voice of dead artist

29 October 2014

Yamaha has recreated the voice of a deceased Japanese musician and made a recording of his previously unrecorded song.

New optical fibre could solve Internet capacity crunch

28 October 2014

A new type of optical fibre has been used to transmit 255 Terabits of data per second, about 21 times more than what is currently available in commercial communication networks.

China's lunar return probe carries European radio experiment

24 October 2014

China has launched a spacecraft to fly around the Moon and back in preparation for a sample return mission planned for 2017 carrying a European radio experiment.

Queen opens Information Age exhibition at Science Museum

24 October 2014

The Queen has officially opened a new exhibition celebrating the history of information and communication technologies, where she also sent her first royal tweet.

No tariffs for Chinese telecoms companies, says EU

20 October 2014

The European Union has ended a long-running telecoms dispute with China, dropping a threat to levy punitive tariffs on Chinese telecoms exports.

TV white space trial to provide flood warning

14 October 2014

Wireless sensors will use gaps in the TV spectrum to connect to an early-warning system for flood-prone areas in Oxfordshire.

Mobile operators embrace embedded SIM specification

13 October 2014

A host of mobile operators will support the GSMA’s embedded SIM specification to help boost adoption of Internet of Things technology.

Update to Passpoint Wi-Fi roaming system aims for new users

09 October 2014

An update to the Wi-Fi Alliance’s Passpoint Wi-Fi roaming system aimed at boosting user numbers will ease the process of registering with hotspot providers.

Faulty Russian rocket behind Galileo launch fiasco

08 October 2014

Investigators believe a Russian production flaw was behind the botched August launch of two satellites central to the development of Europe's satellite navigation system Galileo.

Turing’s Codebreaking machine voted engineers’ favourite

06 October 2014

A codebreaking machine nicknamed The Bombe, developed by Alan Turing at Bletchley Park during World War Two, has been voted the engineers’ favourite artefact in a new survey to mark the 30th anniversary of the Engineering Heritage Awards.