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Quantum teleportation: beam me up, Einstein and Schrödinger

Beam me up Credit Allstar

10 February 2016

Early theories of ‘quantum steering’ are informing today’s researchers in their quest to establish secure quantum teleportation and with it the un-hackable communication networks of tomorrow.

Bluetooth and the Internet of Things: Mark Powell, Bluetooth SIG

Bluetooth is inspiring all sorts of products such as Ashley Chloes Helix Cuff bracelet with wireless earphones inside

03 February 2016

Bluetooth's prime-time may well now be imminent, with the Internet of Things and the happy marriage of smart devices in smart homes set to sidle into people's lives incrementally, connected gadget by connected gadget.

Analysis: Ukraine grid hack is wake-up call for network operators

The preChristmas attack on Ukraines electricity grid affected customers in the IvanoFrankivsk region of Ukraine

19 January 2016

A cyber attack on Ukraine’s power grid that caused a six-hour blackout before Christmas raises concerns about the cyber-preparedness of infrastructure operators around the world.

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