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Falcon aims for greener, smarter grid

Computer screenshot of Project Falcon smart grid schematic

15 December 2014

While contributions to the grid from renewable resources prepare us for a greener future, they create unpredictable variations in supply and demand. Western Power Distribution's Project Falcon is aiming to address flexibility in energy management.

Law: the last analogue profession moves towards digital

Court stenographer using stenograph machine

15 December 2014

The legal system is undergoing a revolution, adopting digital systems to keep up with other professions. But could the law ever leave paper on the shelf?

Analysis: Why we need to revamp the credit card system

Credit cards require a makeover to secure payments

28 November 2014

The recent revelation that a website was openly selling credit card records to all comers is hardly surprising. 'Carders', as they're known in security circles, have been selling stolen records online for years, but normally via less popular channels, like IRC.

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