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Software-defined networking: data centres' soft option

Server graphic with stack them high written across a monitor

10 November 2014

Software-defined networking promises cheaper, more flexible communications but is that winning over converts in the data centre?

Enterprises embrace the world of mobility

John Cleese at a desk in a forest clearing

10 November 2014

Businesses need to stay ahead of the game and go further than staff if they wish to keep their finger on the pulse and remain secure when it comes to IT on the move.

Europe's next shot to land on Mars

Mars yard Stevenage UK Earth

10 November 2014

Only one country has so far managed to land objects on Mars successfully - the USA. Not wanting to get left behind, Europe is building its own rover - the ExoMars. Its three prototypes are currently roaming a mock section of Mars built at Airbus's facilities in Stevenage, UK.

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