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Designs for new bridge for London revealed

21 July 2015

Four possible designs of a new bridge across the river Thames in London have been revealed today by Wandsworth Council.

Early radar tech found in ‘lost’ WW2 shelter in Dover cliffs

20 July 2015

A series of forgotten tunnels constructed beneath the White Cliffs of Dover and containing rare precursors to radar technology have been opened to the public following an 18 month-long period of excavation.

UK's first 'carbon-positive' house built in Wales

16 July 2015

The first house in the UK that produces more energy than it consumes has been built in a Welsh town by Cardiff University researchers.

Smart city innovation a 'huge journey' for Canary Wharf

08 July 2015

Canary Wharf’s smart city innovation competition has concluded with the announcement of the best innovators in the smart home and design category, although the group managing the east London estate says the real journey has yet to begin.

Cigarette smoke cleaned up by nano-catalyst filter

08 July 2015

A new air-cleaning filter device can get rid of all the harmful smoke substances in an enclosed space, where ten people are simultaneously smoking, within an hour, researchers say.

‘Ambitious policy' needed to meet 2050 carbon goals

07 July 2015

The UK would need a more ambitious policy package if it wanted to decarbonise its energy system in line with 2050 emission reduction targets, a study has concluded.

Sound map launched for UK’s coastline

22 June 2015

A crowd-sourced sound-mapping project collecting noises from around the UK coastline was launched today in an attempt to preserve them for future generations.

Robots to 3D-print Amsterdam canal bridge

19 June 2015

A Dutch start-up has unveiled plans to build the world’s first 3D-printed bridge across an Amsterdam canal, shaking up traditional construction methods.

Virtual reality floor unleashes Oculus Rift in Milton Keynes

16 June 2015

Milton Keynes-based Transport Systems Catapult has installed an advanced virtual reality system to test how pedestrians react to driverless cars in a safe environment.

World Trade Center tower: final design revealed

11 June 2015

Designs of the final World Trade Center tower to be built in Manhattan by the end of the decade have been revealed by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels.

Finland could abandon fossil fuels entirely by 2050

08 June 2015

Finland’s energy needs could be fully covered by renewable resources by mid-century, researchers have estimated.

Floor energy the next big thing in renewables

26 May 2015

Energy from footsteps will become the next big thing in renewables, a British firm says as it launches a crowd-funding campaign to make energy-generating floors as common as solar panels.

Lights beam ads to phones in supermarkets

21 May 2015

Smart and connected lights pioneer Philips has launched a trial of a new system that uses supermarket lighting to beam ads to shoppers’ phones as they move through a shopping centre.

Wind farm construction puts seals’ hearing at risk

20 May 2015

Harbour seals living close to wind farm construction sites risk hearing problems due to exposure to excessive noise levels, a study has found.

Smart city innovators take Canary Wharf by storm

15 May 2015

A waste-powered electricity generator for homes and a system designed to optimise energy usage of large buildings have won the second round of Canary Wharf’s smart city challenge.

Siemens to cut 4,500 jobs as part of reorganisation

07 May 2015

German engineering giant Siemens will shed 4,500 jobs across its global workforce as part of a major reorganisation.

Power-hungry New York shamed; Tokyo leads in sustainability

29 April 2015

A new study on ‘megacity metabolism’ has assessed how large metropolises around the world use resources such as water and energy and treat their waste, revealing those with the worst and best environmental impact.

Transparent window shutters act as LCD screens to transform view

28 April 2015

A technology developed by South Korean researchers would allow those living in uninspiring neighbourhoods to change the view from their windows with the flip of a switch.

Polysolar and Voyage Control win Cognicity Challenge

17 April 2015

Two companies fighting for funding in a 12-week programme have won £50,000 each to fast-track smart city technology in London’s Canary Wharf.

Dutch Windwheel combines generation with housing

10 April 2015

A futuristic wind turbine proposed for construction in the Netherlands promises to harness green energy as well as providing people with a home.

Jeddah makes headway with city-wide public transport plan

31 March 2015

A leading UK architecture practice has been appointed to develop an £8bn public transport system for Jeddah in Saudi Arabia that will include the metro, ferry, bus and cycle networks and interchanges.

Big data to cut delays on construction sites

27 March 2015

Engineers and construction companies will be able to tell what’s under the ground before they start digging after a data-analysis company was given access to troves of information.

Air-purification unit for cities cuts pollution by 40 per cent

26 March 2015

An air-purification unit the size of a bus shelter designed to remove dangerous pollutants from the atmosphere of busy cities has been tested in Hong Kong.

Gravity-powered lamp for people with no electricity

25 March 2015

A device that uses gravity to generate energy off the grid could benefit people around the world with no access to electricity after its developer received £150,000 to scale up.

Rentable computer servers to cut bills for heating

24 March 2015

Computer servers generating heat while solving complex computational tasks will be installed in five Dutch households as part of a trial testing a novel concept for cutting utility bills.

Canary Wharf smart city competition tackles automated buildings

23 February 2015

The second batch of twelve companies has joined the Cognicity project aiming to turn Canary Wharf into London’s smartest district.

Plea for women to take up engineering backed by big businesses

18 February 2015

The UK Government’s plea for more women to reach top jobs in industries where they are underrepresented has sparked a flood of support from businesses, including engineering companies and organisations.

Japan’s sustainable smart town to encourage community living

17 February 2015

The development of a smart and sustainable district in Japanese city of Fujisawa has reach a new phase, focusing on cultivating opportunities for sustainable and community-oriented life.

Pero’s Bridge in Bristol transformed by artist Nakaya's fog

17 February 2015

A 'weather conjuror', Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya, has created a Fog Bridge across Bristol's harbourside to celebrate the city's status as European Green Capital 2015.

‘Smart’ CCTV cameras to detect violence ‘before it happens’

16 February 2015

‘Smart’ cameras that can automatically alert the police when fights break out in the streets are being developed by British researchers in a bid to clamp down on violence.

Tequila waste combined with recycled plastic to make wood substitute

12 February 2015

A recycling company in Mexico has combined reusable plastic and tequila waste to create a new building material with grater resistance to be used as framework for benches, tables or chairs.

Straw houses go on sale

09 February 2015

The first straw houses in the UK have been put up for sale in the open market this week in Bristol, and could cut heating bills by 90 per cent.

Canary Wharf to get 'smarter' with tech competition

26 January 2015

Cognicity Challenge has selected 12 companies to take part in its smart city competition for the opportunity to implement innovative solutions in London’s Canary Wharf.

Street lamp fully powered by wind and sun

20 January 2015

Spanish researchers have developed the world’s first street lamp powered solely by solar and wind energy.

John Laing plans initial public offering

19 January 2015

Infrastructure investment firm John Laing has announced plans to list on the London stock market to raise about £130m for new investment and US expansion.

Underwater observatory to monitor organisms during typhoons

08 January 2015

A new underwater observatory has been launched to monitor with advanced technology what happens underwater with small organisms during a typhoon, it has been announced.

Ethiopian dam project to double energy output

02 January 2015

A delayed dam project along an Ethiopian river worth $1.8bn could be generating power by June and nearly doubling the country’s energy output, according to officials.  

Engineering and technology top news in 2014

24 December 2014

What a tumultuous year 2014 has been. E&T News has put together a timeline with this year’s most memorable events in engineering and technology, good and bad.

2014 engineering and technology highlights and what about 2015?

23 December 2014

Smartphones becoming 'remote controls' of our lives, the dawn of driverless cars, the Heartbleed software vulnerability and smart thermostats pave the way for engaged consumers – we asked IET experts what were the most significant engineering and technology trends of 2014 and what to expect from the upcoming year.

Japan maglev construction begins

19 December 2014

Central Japan Railway Company has started to build the stations for a magnetic-levitation rail line between the cities of Tokyo and Nagoya, which is expected to open in 2027.

Fuel cell power plant keeps lights on in German ministry complex

12 December 2014

The first fuel cell power plant in Germany has been launched powering the offices of the country’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Intel to help turn Canary Wharf into London's smartest district

05 December 2014

London’s pioneering smart city project has teamed up with tech giant Intel to help start-ups turn Canary Wharf into the UK capital’s smartest neighbourhood.

CBI calls for infrastructure and R&D support in Autumn Statement

24 November 2014

Infrastructure investment and encouraging innovation should be the key focus of the Chancellor's Autumn Statement, according to the CBI.

Telescopic elevator buffer paves way for 1km skyscrapers

21 November 2014

The world’s largest elevator buffers have been certified, paving the way for building skyscrapers of up to 1km heights.

New York’s largest transport hub opens to the public

10 November 2014

New York’s biggest underground terminus will open to the public this morning following a decade-long infrastructure project.

Flexible photovoltaic cloth wins solar industry Oscar

07 November 2014

A photovoltaic textile material that can be used to cover non-load-bearing roofs has been named the best solar tech innovation of 2014.

Cyber-security guidelines for safer buildings

05 November 2014

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has warned about risks related to modern Internet-connected buildings and launched new guidelines to help owners protect their assets against hackers.

World's first white solar panels promise ‘nicer’ roofs

28 October 2014

Swiss researchers hoping to increase the appeal of photovoltaics to architects and consumers who have been rejecting the technology for aesthetic reasons have developed technology to make white and coloured solar panels.

Spanish city tests acoustic sensors in EU future internet project

23 October 2014

The city of Santander in Spain has turned itself into an experimental research facility, SmartSantander, as part of an EU future internet concept. The city is the test bed for EAR-IT’s outdoor applications: traffic-flow monitoring at a junction near the city’s hospital and analysis of the traffic density on two city streets.

Climate change adaption rising concern for EU countries

14 October 2014

Countries across Europe are beginning to look at adapting to climate change in the face of recent extreme weather conditions, a study has found.

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