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UK’s first fully solar-powered home for sale

01 October 2013

The Solar House in Leicestershire, the first house in the UK to be fully powered by solar energy, has been completed and is now available to potential buyers.

Automated system sorts out useful bricks after demolitions

17 September 2013

Danish researchers have developed an automated scavenging system to sort out demolition waste and pick out bricks that can be used again.

Tate modern displays gravity-defying sustainable staircase

16 September 2013

Inspired by artist Escher's endless staircase optical illusion, the American Hardwood Association, Arup and dRMM architects have combined sustainability forces to produce a sculpture showcasing tulipwood as an exemplary building material.

Age-friendly research projects get £8m funding

09 September 2013

The needs of older people are to be given special consideration with regards to how cities and care homes are designed, with the announcement of £8m in funding for research projects to this end spearheaded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

UK losing ground in cleantech ‘global race’, says report

28 August 2013

The UK is falling behind in an economic "global race" to develop clean technology and services, campaigners have warned.

Innovative coating makes smart windows even smarter

15 August 2013

Smart windows have become even smarter thanks to a coating that can control both visible light and heat-producing near-infrared.

Manila to expand airport capacity

14 August 2013

The main international gateway to the Philippines is to be expanded to cope with increased passenger traffic.

UK cities’ climate change plans 'need action'

13 August 2013

Many cities across the UK are failing to implement plans to deal with climate change, a report has found.

Shortlist for The Structural Awards 2013 revealed

01 August 2013

The Emirates cable car and the Halley VI Antarctic Research Centre have made the shortlist for The Structural Awards 2013.

Finance not poaching engineering graduates

31 July 2013

The myth that engineering graduates are poached by the finance industry appears to be fantasy, according to new figures.

Gatwick reveals extra runway plan to rival Heathrow

23 July 2013

Gatwick bosses say their plans for a second runway would be less expensive and less noisy than an extra runway at Heathrow.

Waste-handling improvements promised by new software tool

23 July 2013

A calculation tool created by a Spanish student uses 200 parameters to determine the best use for construction and demolition waste.

Cranes for assembly of Tokamak ITER

22 July 2013

German-French crane manufacturer NKMNOELL-REEL will deliver two powerful cranes for the assembly of ITER’s Tokamak.

Former Arup head honoured with engineering medal

18 July 2013

Leading civil engineer Terry Hill CBE FREng, who has delivered some of the UK’s most recognisable engineering projects and recently led a government review into the cost of infrastructure development, has been awarded the Royal Academy of Engineering’s prestigious President’s Medal.

Smart-building controls 'vulnerable' over lifecycle

17 July 2013

Building systems professionals need to better understand and manage the technological risks posed by intelligent buildings, according to the latest Technical Briefing published by IET Standards.

Zero carbon Britain possible by 2030, says charity

16 July 2013

A carbon neutral Britain is possible with today’s technology if only the political will can be found, according to a new report.

Renewable Heat Incentive now open to households

12 July 2013

Households installing green heating systems could receive hundreds of pounds a year in government incentive payments.

CBI urges ‘Victorian’ approach to rural broadband

10 July 2013

The government must pursue rural broadband with the “verve” and “passion” of the Victorian electrification and rail programmes.

Engineering for Growth announces partners

09 July 2013

A host of technology businesses have signed up to the Royal Academy of Engineering’s campaign to support growth in UK engineering.

Raising Japan's nuclear safety will ‘take a long time’

04 July 2013

Japan's nuclear regulator has said elevating safety culture to international standards will "take a long time".

Ethiopia plans more investment in infrastructure

04 July 2013

While Ethiopia’s economy is expected to keep growing, the east-African country plans to upgrade transport and energy infrastructure, it has been announced today.

PM opens world’s largest offshore wind farm

04 July 2013

The world’s largest offshore wind farm was officially opened today by Prime Minister David Cameron.

Grandson to challenge Costeau’s underwater record

01 July 2013

Jacques Cousteau’s grandson will attempt to beat his grandfather’s 30-day underwater living record in an underwater laboratory.

Lego algorithm devised for advanced construction

01 July 2013

A Swiss engineering graduate has created software that automatically transforms 3D images into Lego bricks and proposes a detailed plan for complex construction.

Space telescope to unravel mysteries of solar wind

28 June 2013

A space telescope launched today could improve our understanding of the solar wind and how it can affect technology on Earth.

HS2 could cost more than £50bn

27 June 2013

The Government’s flagship High Speed Rail 2 project could cost more than £50bn after more funds were allocated to the scheme.

Employers 'must do more' to address skills shortage

26 June 2013

Employers struggling to recruit engineers and technicians must do more to address the skills shortage affecting them.

Rail route to have £40m spent on upgrades

24 June 2013

A key rail route from London to Scotland will receive £40m worth of upgrades in projects announced today by Network Rail.

Engineering scheme to address UK’s skill shortage

21 June 2013

Prime Minister David Cameron will announce a new initiative that aims to create 100,000 registered engineering technicians by 2018 to tackle the shortage of skills in several sectors.

Student’s road sign revolution

14 June 2013

A student hopes his new hologram road signs which ‘pulse’ at drivers will lead to a revolution in the way motorists are given information on the roads.

Nicaragua agrees canal deal to rival Panama

14 June 2013

Nicaragua has granted a 50-year concession to a Chinese firm looking to build a shipping channel to rival the Panama Canal.

Cambridge's £1bn energy saving upgrade

12 June 2013

Cambridge’s medieval college buildings, Victorian terraces, shopping centres as well as 20,000 private homes will get an energy-saving upgrade as a part of the city’s energy saving programme.

Egypt to protest against Ethiopia’s Nile dam

10 June 2013

Egypt's foreign minister will travel to Ethiopia to discuss a giant dam being built across the Nile despite Cairo's objections.

Severn Barrage plan rejected by energy committee

10 June 2013

A plan for a £25bn tidal energy barrage across the river Severn is "no knight in shining armour" for UK energy supplies.

Birmingham Airport announces expansion vision

10 June 2013

Birmingham Airport has announced ambitious expansion plans including a business park for the Midland's manufacturing sector.

Watchdog questions if Thameslink will meet deadline

05 June 2013

A public spending watchdog has cast doubt on the Government's ability to deliver the Thameslink project by the 2018 deadline.

Finalists for UK’s top engineering award announced

05 June 2013

Three technological breakthroughs developed in the UK have been shortlisted for the UK's premier engineering prize.

‘Ground-breaking’ deal for Hinkley Point workers

05 June 2013

A "ground-breaking" agreement on pay and conditions will benefit thousands of workers set to build a new nuclear power plant.

Heathrow’s new air terminal will open next June

04 June 2013

Heathrow’s Terminal 2, the replacement for an old terminal demolished in 2009, will commence its operations on 4 July 2014.

Innovations key to growth, says EEF

03 June 2013

The UK’s Engineering Employers Federation (EEF) urged the UK government to use this month’s Spending Review to prioritise investment in sectors key for future growth.

MPs urged to back decarbonisation target

03 June 2013

MPs are being urged to back a target to slash carbon emissions from the power sector by 2030 in a vote this week.

Crossrail tunnelling machine reaches Canary Wharf

31 May 2013

A 1,000 tonne tunnelling machine working on the Crossrail project has broken through into the new Canary Wharf station.

Ethiopia diverts Nile for hydroelectric dam project

29 May 2013

Ethiopia has begun diverting a stretch of the Nile to make way for a $4.7bn hydroelectric dam.

Inquiry into UK's science infrastructure

29 May 2013

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee have launched a new inquiry into the UK’s science infrastructure.

Wind turbine based on boating technology sets sail

24 May 2013

A wind turbine that draws on the technology of sailing boats to maximise efficiency has been designed by a firm from Exeter.

Nasa puts shuttle launch pad up for lease

24 May 2013

Nasa has put a "For Lease" notice on one of its launch pads in Florida, nearly two years after the final space shuttle launch.

Offshore wind farm project given go-ahead

24 May 2013

An offshore wind farm in East Anglia that will power as many as half a million homes has been given the go-ahead.

Experts needed to assist urban disaster relief

23 May 2013

Engineers expertise is being put to use helping humanitarian organisations deal with disasters in urban areas.

New weld inspection system to boost rail safety

23 May 2013

An ultrasonic device to test the strength of rail track welds could “radically improve safety standards” on Europe’s railways.

Solar panels power off-grid toll plaza

22 May 2013

Zimbabwe has opened a toll plaza believed to be the world’s first to meet all its electricity needs without a grid connection.