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The irrigation project that gave the US a new sea

14 October 2013

Engineers who wanted to bring water to a Californian desert didn't bank on creating a new sea.

Why engineers need to learn to take risks

14 October 2013

Big infrastructure projects can provide a talent magnet for the engineering profession, says Steve Fowler, so long as engineers appreciate the importance of risk.

How to disarm an infrastructure hacker

14 October 2013

The media has been full of reports of cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure, but the fear is that there is far worse to come.

What's in your shed? E&T's new photo competition

16 September 2013

Shed-shooting - a new photo challenge for E&T readers. Is your shed a place you retire to in search of solitude and quiet? Or is it a place where you can safely pursue your creative endeavours? Share your photos with us.

What's in your shed? E&T's new photo competition

16 September 2013

Shed-shooting – a new photo challenge for E&T readers. Is your shed a place you retire to in search of solitude and quiet? Or is it a place where you can safely pursue your creative endeavours? Share your photos with us.

News analysis: Calculating the true cost of cyber-crime

28 August 2013

While governments state that cyber security is now one of their top national challenges, the overall cost-impact cyber security is incurring – both in terms of necessary investment and damaging outcomes following an attack – is far from clear.

Bridging the divide: simple software combats isolation in the developing world

22 August 2013

Charities frequently talk about building bridges with the developing world, and one NGO has been building bridges for them since 2001. But thanks to a new software tool designed by young engineers in the UK the time is in sight when they will no longer have to.

Q&A: Terry Hill, former Arup chairman

14 August 2013

E&T talks to former Arup chairman Terry Hill, who was awarded the Royal Academy of Engineering’s President’s Medal in July 2013 in recognition of his significant and far-reaching contribution to the sector

Stanley Kubrick's prophetic vision of future technologies

12 August 2013

Stanley Kubrick’s groundbreaking movie ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ was an almost documentary vision of how engineers and scientists saw the future. As time goes on, more and more of Kubrick’s designs are becoming reality.

PhotoEssay: the built environments of SF movies

12 August 2013

Makers of science-fiction TV and movie entertainment have used both imaginary and real-life built environments to inspire their visions of what our future architecture will look like.

Technology of the future - predictably unpredictable

12 August 2013

Throughout the years predictions for the technology of the future have abounded in everything: from reports by government think-tanks to science-fiction.

Sci-fi artist Chris Foss talks through his inspirations

12 August 2013

Chris Foss is, for many, the artist who brought science fiction to life with his vivid illustrations for book covers and film.

Can a complex canal system solve Britain's water woes?

12 August 2013

Can a radical spin on the water grid save the nation from drought and slash the cost of long distance power transmission?

Data centres: six problems they are (unfairly?) blamed for

15 July 2013

Is it the data centres' fault if their technology is used in a way that throws up some contentious issues? Here are six examples showing how these 'tech satanic mills' have ended up as the scapegoats of the digital society.

Disaster prediction - can we anticipate deadly natural events?

15 July 2013

As tornadoes trigger more natural disasters, researchers worldwide are striving to predict where the next climate catastrophe will hit.

Royal Docks redevelopment - floating new ideas

17 June 2013

Could an innovative floating village breathe new life into London's Royal Docks?

Floating cities: life on the water

17 June 2013

When their homeland became submerged beneath the Indian Ocean, the Maldivians took to living on top of the water. Is this a lifestyle choice we should all explore?

Power to the people: solar energy in Africa

20 May 2013

The rural requirement for sustainable economic growth and an ever-increasing supply of energy is perhaps most pronounced in Africa. Are renewable energy technologies mature enough to meet the demand?

Taming the desert: energy out of Africa

20 May 2013

Harvesting the vast energy potential from Africa's deserts could provide a much needed boost to Europe's energy supply.

Tianjin Eco-city - blueprint for the future

11 March 2013

There is no single internationally accepted definition of an 'eco-city', but China believes it has a pretty good suggestion in Tianjin Eco-city.

Engineering Grand Challenges

11 February 2013

On 12-13 March the IET hosts a major international summit in London organised by the national engineering academies of the UK, US and China to discuss progress on 14 'grand challenges' identified five years ago by America's National Academy of Engineering. We look at what they are and how close the world is to solving them.

Classic Projects: Second Severn Crossing

11 February 2013

Three decades after the opening of the original Severn Bridge a second crossing was opened to alleviate congestion caused the huge growth in traffic streaming into Wales.


11 February 2013

Advanced technology can improve our urban infrastructure, but the heart of any city still lies with its inhabitants.

How to... save a city centre

21 January 2013

With countless high streets being slowly colonised by charity shops and discount stores, the future looks bleak for many UK town centres. Can technology provide the answer?

Building Information Modelling - DNA for buildings

21 January 2013

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the software-based method of mapping every aspect of a built structure's equivalent to DNA, from initial design and construction to refurbishments and eventual destruction.

Classic Projects: the Severn Bridge

21 January 2013

The original suspension bridge road crossing linking England and Wales at the Severn Estuary helped economic and industrial development. But the designers seriously under-estimated the growth in traffic volumes...

How to... cut traffic jams

21 January 2013

Traffic congestion is the bane of modern motorists, but mobile communications may soon be supplying the answer for the beleaguered commuter.

Looking forward - 2013 predictions

17 December 2012

E&T staff and contributors take a punt at predicting what's in and what's out across the seven engineering sectors in 2013.

Classic Projects: Great Wall of China

17 December 2012

You can't see it from space, but the Great Wall of China is undoubtedly one of humankind's greatest construction achievements.

The importance of protecting transport infrastructure

17 December 2012

Recent terrorist attacks on infrastructure have highlighted the vulnerability of our rail and road networks, reinforcing the importance of good risk assessments to protect some of our biggest assets.

Hannover Messe 2013 celebrates new age of industrial integration

16 December 2012

E&T magazine is once again a preferred media partner for this year's Hannover Messe showcase of industrial and engineering technology innovation. This first of three previews introduces the 11 technology-specific trade shows that make-up Hannover Messe 2013 - including details of FREE ENTRY for IET members.

PhotoEssay: inside Google’s secret data centres

13 December 2012

Google’s data-centres, the biggest in the world, could easily set the bar for an industry-wide standard, apart from the fact that it builds everything itself.

Extreme floods and the need for better monitoring

19 November 2012

Extreme flooding has become a problem on a global scale, affecting the UK to Australia. Is flood monitoring technology the answer to preventing the devastation experienced in the past?

Hashima: Japanese island inspiration for Bond's Skyfall

23 October 2012

Hashima is a tiny industrialised island situated off the south west coast of Japan. Once home to a thriving mining community, it is now almost completely deserted - although not quite, as the plot of the latest James Bond film, Skyfall, would have us believe.

Electric vehicles ready for prime time

22 October 2012

Governments have brought in subsidies to boost the sales of electric vehicles. But are they really justified?

Better inspections at height

22 October 2012

Inspections at height are part of the modern regulatory framework, but with a little forward-thinking they could provide much more useful results.

Desalination: is it the saviour of drought-ridden countries?

22 October 2012

A reported drop in water quality is causing serious health problems among some of the world's fastest-growing populations. Could new developments in desalination provide an answer?

RCA showcases furniture-making finalists

17 September 2012

This month we look at the work of 12 students from the Royal College of Art who were set a challenge of designing and manufacturing a seat from American hardwood.

Why do we no longer value woodcraft?

17 September 2012

Crafting in wood is part of our national heritage, but traditional woodworking skills are undervalued by modern industry.

Wooden high-rise buildings

17 September 2012

Eco-friendly engineered wooden panels are helping architects reach for the ply.

CCTV at the 2012 Olympics: the great zoom boom

17 July 2012

The London Olympics authorities have rerouted existing CCTV services in a bid to boost security at the Games, but not everyone is happy about it.

London Olympics sets the blueprint for the sustainable future of the games

16 July 2012

When London won the rights to stage the 2012 Olympics it based its presentation on the sustainable legacy.

Olympics logistics

16 July 2012

Logistics may not grab all the Olympic headlines but without this most prosaic of disciplines the Games would grind to a halt.

Smart Special - Smart Transport

19 June 2012

Smarter transport systems are encouraging cities to enhance mobility, reduce emissions and personalise the user experience.

London data centres will feel the effects of the 2012 Games

19 June 2012

How significant will the impact of the London 2012 Games be on the capital's data-centre operators?

Smart Special - Smart Buildings

18 June 2012

If smart buildings are to deliver the energy savings that are hoped for they will need to evolve from their present reactive state and become truly predictive.

Smart Special - Smart Cities

18 June 2012

Despite the relative prevalence of the term there is no universally agreed-upon definition for what exactly makes a city smart. We round up six modern cities implementing cutting-edge strategies to up their smart credentials.

Smart Special - Smart Appliances

18 June 2012

Smart appliances are being hailed as the new technology to make our lives easier. Are they just technological gimmicks or do they have a place in our homes?

Smart Special - Smart Farming

18 June 2012

Automation is now the norm for the manufacturing industry, but how has the dairy farming industry overcome integrating robots with livestock?

Plugging in offshore wind power

21 May 2012

With wind farms being built at greater distances to shore, the challenge is to channel the energy they generate to shore.

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