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Share My Trip app

14 June 2016

We look at new ways to share your location and your media, and then clean the cached crud off your mobile device afterwards.

Kiruna, Sweden: A town on the move - literally

Kiruna Church

14 June 2016

To what lengths will a community go to stay alive? Kiruna, in Sweden, is answering that question by relocating the whole town rather than see it slowly disappear into sinkholes.

Ove Arup: Engineering at the heart of design

Sydney Opera House under construction 6 April 1966  Robert Baudin for Hornibrook Ltd Courtesy Australian Air Photos

14 June 2016

When it comes to pioneers in engineering, they don’t come much bigger than Ove Arup. That’s why the Victoria and Albert Museum is telling his story in the first exhibition of its engineering season.

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Not exactly what the majority of the engineering sector would have wished for

Will Brexit lead to 'Techxit'? What does the vote mean for UK engineering?

The voice of the public has spoken. 52 per cent of those casting their ballot in the Brexit referendum want to get out. However, earlier surveys conducted in the engineering, technology and manufacturing sectors suggested the industry would have wished a different outcome. What does the Leave vote actually mean for the engineering and technology sector? The answer is that we don’t know.

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