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Building acoustics: What to do when noise annoys

A man sitting in a meeting pod

16 March 2015

When architects design smart buildings, noise performance is quite often the last thing on their minds. But acoustic design is a critical factor in making sure your workspace is a place where you can actually work

Met Office supercomputer: the future of weather forecasting

A snowy country scene

16 February 2015

Will the new Met Office supercomputer, up and running later this year, improve the accuracy of weather forecasting in Britain's fickle climatic conditions?

Venus Project: future societies blueprint, 20 years on

Project Venus space station

12 February 2015

If you want to make the world a more sustainable place look no further than the Venus Project, a technology-based Utopia that for two decades has been proposing a radical overhaul to the way we think about the future. Does today’s technology take the dream any closer to reality?

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