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Classic Projects: Watt steam engine

Watts steam engine diagram

14 July 2015

Sir James Watt’s steam engine 250 years on after he produced the first practical and efficient design, which was to play a central role in the Industrial Revolution and the emergence of Great Britain as one of the first modern economic superpowers.

Is China’s hydroelectric revolution as green as it sounds?

Three Gorges Dam

14 July 2015

China is pursuing an ambitious programme of hydroelectric expansion, with a series of ‘mega-dams’ on the way even bigger than the controversial Three Gorges project. But are there signs that this kind of hydropower might actually make climate change even worse?

Interview - Rhys Vaughan Williams, Head of MEP Engineering, Crossrail

Large scale excavation at Liverpool Street

14 July 2015

London’s mammoth Crossrail infrastructure project recently completed the tunnelling phase. As the focus moves to fitting out the stations and tunnels, Rhys Vaughan Williams, head of mechanical, electrical and public health engineering, describes what lies ahead of and beyond the project’s 2019 deadline.