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FixMyStreet app

16 May 2016

Making our cities smarter is more than just infrastructure. It’s also about getting real benefits to residents, not just to administrators, and that’s where mobile apps could help.

Will Jones: ‘How to Read Modern Buildings’

Battersea Power Station

16 May 2016

Modern architecture can be seen as a huge book that describes the state of society, its concerns, wealth and technology. Author Will Jones explains how to read between the lines of an extremely complex set of concepts.

Securing the Smart City

A graphic showing IP address of houses on a laptop

16 May 2016

The web of connections underpinning the smart city needs to be well protected against evil-doers.

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"We visit Barcelona, one of the smartest cities in the world, to find out what makes it so special. What does it look like and what is the future?"

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