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The demand for additive manufacturing is growing

Is additive manufacturing the right approach to take?

While not a new concept, 3D printing has in recent years been touted as the next big thing to revolutionise the world of manufacturing. But is it always the right approach to take?

Can Apple develop a more dazzling vehicle than 'Stained Glass, Driverless, Sleeper Car of the Future' by artist Dominic Wilcox?

Project Titan: even Apple can’t do it alone

Apple’s first foray into the car market, the development of an autonomous electric vehicle dubbed ‘Project Titan’, is well underway. But, the Silicon Valley giant can’t go it alone.


3D printing offers tremendous potential for medical application

Patent filings reveal true potential of 3D printing in medical science

According to patent filing research conducted by intellectual property firm Withers & Rogers, the 3D printing of medical devices and prosthetics is set to become common practice over the next 10 years. Due to the commercial limitations however, we’re unlikely to see 3D-printed drugs manufactured on such a wide basis.

An efficient and high-performing production chain allows businesses to save money

Five ways to improve your manufacturing chain

Fixation or not, one of the most important targets for business people is how to improve the production chain management. In fact, an efficient and high performing production chain allows businesses to save money and is essential to achieving positive customers’ satisfaction.

Wearable technology is generating big data issues for healthcare practitioners

The NAC to securing the healthcare industry

While the healthcare industry is often at the forefront of innovation, creating new ways to save mankind, it can also struggle to keep pace with other technological advancements and trends such as the rise of mobility, data analytics and security.

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Most popular readers’ articles

  • Centres of excellence explained

    The term Centre of Excellence (CoE) is becoming a popular way of focusing attention in many organisations, but what exactly is a CoE? How can it be incorporated into an organisational structure? And, is it just another ‘excellence’ fad? Kerrine Bryan and Ian Herbert answer some typical questions.

  • Powerline versus WiFi - the pros and cons

    Comparing two wireless solutions and examining their relative merits in a home networking environment.

  • Alternative fuel vehicles: past, present and future

    The study of alternative fuel sources for cars actually dates back to the 19th century, when research and experiments were conducted with electric motors. Today, there is a variety of alternative fuels under active development.

  • Deploying predictive maintenance solutions in rail operations

    At a time when rail delays, disruptions and the rising cost of travel are rarely out of the press, pressure is understandably mounting on UK rail operators to improve the quality of service for commuters. As the recent bout of bad weather across the UK highlighted, rail travel is still frequently disrupted by signalling problems, broken-down trains and congestion.

  • A cool approach to cutting fluids

    Which industrial cutting fluid should you be using for optimal lubrication?

  • How do you unleash the potential of engineers in SMEs?

    Research by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has examined how you can achieve competitive advantage through people in SMEs, taking an engineering company as one of the central case studies.

Top editors’ picks

  • Spitfire enters the digital age

    3D digital scanning specialist Physical Digital has captured the very essence of the last airworthy Spitfire.

  • Controlling the car of the future

    Cars have seen great improvements in styling, safety and performance over the last 40 years. The next area for evolution is likely to be the interior, in particular the interfaces between the car systems and the occupants.

  • 2D and 3D design: Let's work together

    There's no need for an either/or decision – the goal should be to blend 2D and 3D design tools and processes, and get the best of both.

  • i-Give: a new era of charity donation

    A professor from the School of Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University presents details about the first highly interactive donation system, providing a user-friendly multimedia interface for promoting, motivating and assisting people to make donations at any particular time.

  • Isolated DC-DC performance in an ultra-small form factor

    Presenting innovative silicon integration, power-system-in-package and proprietary control architectures to enable benchmark isolated DC-DC performance in an ultra-small form factor.

  • Deepwater Horizon Drilling Platform Explosion

    There has been widespread coverage of the Gulf of Mexico disaster in many news papers but the report which is more interesting to control systems engineers, was published in The Times on the May 18th 

  • Do we still need to find black boxes?

    Could better aircraft communications help make aircraft black boxes obsolete?

  • Danish railway gets in-carriage network

    Network enabled trains integrate security, surveillance, passenger counting and infotainment technologies.

  • Using customer experience management to meet the challenges of next-generation mobile

    Mobile operators could benefit from understanding how customers experience their services 

  • Migrating to Linux: how and why

    Linux is firmly established in the embedded market, but migrating existing source code to the operating system is a considerable undertaking. This article explores the steps necessary to migrate, the technical requirements and possible pitfalls and the differences between buying an established Linux implementation and developing one internally.

  • Ultrawideband: not dead yet

    Marty Colombatto, chief executive officer of wireless USB chip company Staccato Communications, says that the ultra-wideband based technology is just beginning to take off.

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Chinese space station mock-up in Beijing science museum

What will China’s space station mean for international cooperation? The problems of space debris. Small rocket launches redux. Mark Williamson reports from the 66th International Astronautical Congress, held in Jerusalem.

I found the maps feature very useful when cycling

The aesthetics of Huawei’s Watch device really make it stand out in the increasingly crowded wearable technology market. Is this enough to elevate it to must-have status?

Lexus car made of cardboard

A drivable full-size model car built from precision-cut card was an eye-catching attraction at October’s Grand Designs Live show in Birmingham.

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