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View from Brussels

Germans criticise Russians for botched Galileo satellite launch

25 Aug 2014 by Pelle Neroth Comments (1)

Europe's equivalent of GPS, Galileo, received a setback when the project's two first fully operational capacity satellites were launched into the wrong orbit by a Soyuz rocket - provided and controlled by the Russians.

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How Intelsat took '60s TV to new heights...

22 Aug 2014 by James Hayes

Intelsat - the International Telecommunications Satellite Organisation - was established 50 years ago this week, the result of agreements between perspicacious governments and a range of operating entities. Intelsat's raison d'être was to provide the unifying communications infrastructures that would enable the international socio-economic development of nations, and the project connected directly with the world's populations through an ongoing series of high-profile satellite link-up projects.

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Electronic connections

Sorry, we can't remember it for you wholesale

20 Aug 2014 by Chris Edwards

One assumption about the internet of things (IoT) is that it will provide gobs of data to mine and investigate over time to look for trends that would otherwise remain hidden from view. Data-mining engines will sit and crunch through the numbers at leisure in between telling other machines what is happening in real time. The reality? Joe Salvo, director of GE Global Research, says they simply won't have time.

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Editor's letter

Scottish independence and engineering

14 Aug 2014 by Dickon Ross

'Yes' or 'No, Thanks'? That's the choice for Scots in next month's referendum. What would Scottish independence mean for engineers and engineering?

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After All

Back in the USSR

12 Aug 2014 by Vitali Vitaliev

In March 1957, E&T's precursor, The IEE Journal, published a lengthy feature "Three Weeks in the USSR" - a detailed account of the April 1956 visit to the Soviet Union by a "delegation of the British electricity supply industry". It was a reciprocal visit after a similar trip to Britain by a "deputation of Soviet electrical engineers" in August 1955. An interesting detail: the Soviet delegation to the UK was led by Georgy Malenkov (1901 - 1988), Stalin's closest henchman and successor, who after the dictator's death fell into disfavour and was demoted to the relatively menial Minister of Power Stations. The Journal described him as "a man of considerable charm, and an astute and witty minister with a grasp of electrical power problems." I thought that the word "electrical" could be safely removed from that statement.

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View from Washington

Luis Suarez and the law of unintended consequences

26 Jun 2014 by Paul Dempsey

Uruguay is in denial. Few others doubt that its star player Luis Suarez bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini in the countries' critical World Cup encounter. Yet many Uruguayans refuse to accept the evidence, and say in particular that the damning image of teeth marks on Chellini's shoulder has been Photoshopped.

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Jack's blog

Jack's Blog: June

9 Jun 2014 by Jack Devine

Mum celebrated the fact that the twins and I have agreed to come on holiday with her and Dad by getting a new haircut. "It's a bit short, isn't it?" said Dad, walking round her like she was a second-hand car and it was time to kick the tyres.

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The Philosophical Engineer

Pump it up

3 Jun 2014 by Francis Goode

Perhaps it was Roger Dettmer's fascinating piece on the renaissance of ram pumps that primed these thoughts about pumps in general. I had further cause to reflect on the usefulness of pumps during the long walk home after a puncture brought a recent cycling expedition to a premature end, and also while clearing out the murky waters from the bottom of the pool in the Goode garden pool - but not before taking great pains to move the attendant amphibian wildlife from the site, having once witnessed the pump's effect on a poor frog that strayed too close. Not a pleasant sight. Pumps may be wondrous things, but they can also be very dangerous. They require careful handling.

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Stop. Pause. Play.

Apple 'still got love for the street' with Beats acquisition

29 May 2014 by Kris Sangani

After already being leaked weeks ago, Apple finally announced its acquisition of the subscription streaming music service Beats Music and Beats Electronics - which makes the popular Beats headphones, speakers and audio software.

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E&T news weekly #14 – we choose our favourite engineering and technology news stories from the week

22 Aug 2014

Friday August 22 2014   Consumer adoption of 3D printing five to ten years away Well, it looks like the much-hyped printing of cars, factories and skyscrapers will have to wait for a while. In the meantime, I am told that Dassault Systemes have developed a fully functioning 3D version of human heart which they […]

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