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View from Washington

Sony. Dog. Bone... Still heed the teachable moment

19 Dec 2014 by Paul Dempsey

Amid the furore over Sony's decision to not release The Interview, fewer column inches have noted that eight former employees have already launched class action lawsuits against the company for failing to protect personal information. Much of the mainstream press will move on as, presumably, the more gossipy leaks dry up. CIOs (and CEOs) will know that a battle of potentially wider relevance is under way.

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Editor's letter

The Analogue Issue

18 Dec 2014 by Dickon Ross

A stroll down London's Brick Lane market on a Sunday market is a trip back through time. This area, just next to Hoxton, Shoreditch and not far from the Tech City of Old Street's 'Silicon Roundabout', now feels like Soho of the fifties or Camden Town of the eighties. It's full of young people and over-30s will feel a little conspicuous but surprised at how, well, old their tastes are.

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View from Brussels

Silence from governments on GCHQ Belgacom hack

18 Dec 2014 by Pelle Neroth

In 2011, GCHQ, the British signals intelligence agency, based in Cheltenham, hacked three employees at the Belgian telecoms company Belgacom. This enabled British intelligence to prowl the network of Belgacom subsidiary BICS undisturbed for two and a half years, according to reports in the Belgian and Dutch media. The communications of NATO, EU and the customers of hundreds of international telecoms carriers were all targeted.

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View from India

Of Social Media & Connectivity

17 Dec 2014 by Kavitha Srinivasa

Friends as the year is coming to an end, one can't help marvelling at the manner in which social media has made a difference to the outcomes in every possible vertical.

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Electronic connections

Another day, another "big data is great" report

16 Dec 2014 by Chris Edwards

Along with the announcement of a decision to donate £10m to the nascent Alan Turing Institute, the Lloyds Register Foundation published its own report on big data -  one in a growing series of reports from around the world that treat this as The Next Big Thing. Although it adds another 'V' -  Vs are important in the world of big data reports it seems - the document, which is tagged as a "foresight review" does not benefit from coming along relatively late in the game.

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After All

An Engineering Christmas Tale from Germany, Brothers Grimm-Style

15 Dec 2014 by Vitali Vitaliev

The Festive Season has always inspired all kinds of fairy tales to be told in front of the burning fire after a substantial Christmas lunch. I've got one for you today, my dear readers. My E&T Christmas tale will duly contain a strong engineering and technology element. It will also be entirely true-to-life.

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The Philosophical Engineer

Normally speaking

29 Nov 2014 by Francis Goode

"Why can't a woman be more like a man?" agonises a bewildered Professor Higgins in My Fair Lady. Sexism apart, it's the sort of question we all find ourselves asking from time to time. Why can't other people be more normal - like us? The question underlies all manner of discourse, from pub gossiping, newspapers editorialising, through to religious sermonising and political speechifying. How much better the world would be, if only other people could be more normal, like us!

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Eccentric engineer

Plant In A Suitcase

18 Nov 2014 by Justin Pollard

It is always dangerous to profess a desire to go to sea, especially to parents who might appreciate seeing less of you. Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward found this out the hard way when, having admired the ships crowding the dock around his home in the East End of London, his parents promptly sent him off on one to Jamaica, on his own, at the tender age of thirteen.

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