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Getting the heck out of Dodge

28 May 2015 by Chris Edwards

The chip industry's latest megadeal sees the centre of gravity of another US company effectively moving east and out of the country. Broadcom, with a HQ close to the west coast of California, is being bought by Avago Technologies, a company half Broadcom's size that is now based in Singapore but was once part of San Francisco Bay Area icon Hewlett-Packard. The deal is worth some $37bn, which is going to make some investment bankers very happy indeed.

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View from Washington

Why the FIFA indictments matter for all globalised industries

28 May 2015 by Paul Dempsey

A clean-out of football's rancid stable is overdue. FIFA, the sport's governing body, has been dogged by well-researched accusations of corruption for years, yet no legal authority seemed willing or able to act upon them until now. But the notion that this week's US and Swiss criminal indictments and investigations are solely about cleaning up an ugly game should be dispelled. From Washington, a message is also being sent to every major international industry, including ours.

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Editor's letter

Jurassic Clones and other sci-fi fantasies

26 May 2015 by Dickon Ross

In the movie 'Jurassic World', released next month, the attraction from 'Jurassic Park' is open but the kids are getting bored with the old dinosaurs. So, the scientists decide to make a new attraction: their own super-scary franken-dinosaur, which they call Indominus Rex. But guess what happens? She escapes! I know, it's just the last thing you'd expect.

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View from Brussels

Maybe Scotland would do well to resist the European commission's divide and conquer strategy

22 May 2015 by Pelle Neroth

I remember Jacques Delors, then boss of the European commission, nemesis of Margaret Thatcher, predicting the end of the UK.

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The Philosophical Engineer

To do or not to do - that's the real question

25 Apr 2015 by Francis Goode

"Whadda we gonna do, Jim?"

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After All

Always on time

20 Apr 2015 by Vitali Vitaliev

I was both amused and enraged to read in several UK's national newspapers earlier this year about an unfortunate 7. 29 daily train "service" from Brighton to London which failed to arrive on time (8.25) EVERY SINGLE DAY in 2014. Not that trains chronically late trains were a huge novelty to me - a signal-problems-and-engineering-works-weary commuter. But to have your morning "service" late every single day of the year - that's the Guinness Book of Records material, no less...

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E&T news weekly #52 – we choose our favourite engineering and technology news stories from the week

29 May 2015

Friday May 29 2015  Laura Onita, online news reporter Snoopers’ charter is here to stay after Queen’s Speech When Teresa May announced the draft communications data bill in 2012, labelled as a snoopers’ charter, it was subjected to widespread criticism and then blocked by the Liberal Democrats. The Conservatives resurrected the snoopers’ charter in the […]

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