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Electronic connections

Kickstarter: the market-research tool that pays for itself?

27 Nov 2015 by Chris Edwards

When Kickstarter and other online crowdfunding sites got underway they naturally became the home for keen amateurs and very early-stage startups to look for cash to complete their projects. So, when mobile graphics processor pioneer Imagination Technologies launched one earlier this week, the obvious question was: "Why do you need to do this?"

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After All

News from e-Estonia

26 Nov 2015 by Vitali Vitaliev

I have just learned that Estonia has become the first country in the world to try Li - Fi - a new form of data transmission which is, reportedly, 100 times faster than good old Wi Fi. What can I say? I am not at all surprised! This is just the latest entry in the long list of Estonia's pioneering digital-technology achievements which includes Skype, e-elections, e-government and e-voting, e-banking, e-schools and e-policing, to name just a few... How come that this tiny (population under 1.5 million) post-Communist nation has become the world's undisputed high-tech leader? Well, you only have to search E&T online archives for the last eight years or so to find several features in which I have tried to answer this question (including my interview with the incumbent President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves - himself a devoted technocrat, see The short answer to this question is that faced with the pressing need to find a new identity after the collapse of the USSR, little Estonia chose to invest considerable resources into the areas it had always excelled in - namely, science and engineering. Twenty five years later, the results are truly amazing. Having attended a number of technology events and conferences in Tallinn, Estonia's capital, I can vouch to the fact that leading e-government and cyber-technology experts from the USA, Germany, France, UK, South Korea and Japan regularly come to Estonia (or e-Estonia, as it is often referred to now) not to teach, but to learn!

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View from Brussels

Lockdown in Brussels highlights policing failures

26 Nov 2015 by Pelle Neroth

All eyes are on the Middle East. We may rue the times when our biggest problem was Brussels legislating about widgets and the democratic deficits associated with those decisions being made in Brussels.

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View from Washington

When we become the Yahoos

24 Nov 2015 by Paul Dempsey

The late comedian Bill Hicks had a jaundiced view of salesmanship. "If you work in marketing, just kill yourself," he declared. There was no punchline, no qualification, no mercy. Marketing ruins everything. His apparently uncompromising stance is often cited by those who want an Internet free of pop-ups, profiling and anything but altruistic proselytising.

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Editor's letter

The New DIY

19 Nov 2015 by Dickon Ross

We take a look at the phenomenal growth in the revolutionary maker movement in our latest issue of E&T out this week. Lawrie Jones reports on the rise of home repairs by DIYers and what it will mean for consumer electronics manufacturers, while Chris Edwards reports on how the broader maker movement is already beginning to change the world, one maker at a time.

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Eccentric engineer


18 Nov 2015 by Justin Pollard

Over the summer I've been reading a book on molluscs, as I'm sure many of you have, and it was whilst leafing through this tome that I came across the decidedly unpromising chapter heading 'Boring Bivalves'. That got me thinking how interesting boring actually is.

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