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The Philosophical Engineer

To do or not to do - that's the real question

25 Apr 2015 by Francis Goode

"Whadda we gonna do, Jim?"

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View from Washington

Can 'The HP Thing' kill Carly Fiorina's presidential bid

23 Apr 2015 by Paul Dempsey

Carly Fiorina, CEO of Hewlett-Packard from 1999-2005, is expected to go public on May 4 with her bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016. She could emerge as a fascinating and serious candidate with a rare background in management, politics and technology. However many observers believe fall-out from her controversial reign at HP will prove politically toxic. I'm not so sure.

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View from Brussels

Neglected Britain: what the election campaign misses

23 Apr 2015 by Pelle Neroth

Whoever wins the British General Election, and whether the UK stays in the EU or not, the country will have to deal with some of the fundamental weaknesses in its technology skills base.

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View from India

IP Wish List...

23 Apr 2015 by Kavitha Srinivasa

Ever since the first draft of the new National Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy was released in December 2014, media reports and analytical observations have been doing the rounds. But I decided to reserve my comments till this month because April 26 is celebrated as World Intellectual Property Day.

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After All

Always on time

20 Apr 2015 by Vitali Vitaliev

I was both amused and enraged to read in several UK's national newspapers earlier this year about an unfortunate 7. 29 daily train "service" from Brighton to London which failed to arrive on time (8.25) EVERY SINGLE DAY in 2014. Not that trains chronically late trains were a huge novelty to me - a signal-problems-and-engineering-works-weary commuter. But to have your morning "service" late every single day of the year - that's the Guinness Book of Records material, no less...

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Electronic connections

The cost of progress

19 Apr 2015 by Chris Edwards

On 19 April 1965, an article by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore that became the basis of the famous law of integrated-circuit manufacture appeared in the US magazine Electronics. After 50 years of rampant progress, the law does not look in very good shape for the future.

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Editor's letter

Immigration - the election issue

17 Mar 2015 by Dickon Ross

Immigration is shaping up to be just as big an issue as expected in the UK's May General Election. And it is not just an issue in little Britain. Many other countries in Europe and beyond are seeing a resurgence of nationalistic and immigration-sceptical parties. This should worry the engineering industry in particular.

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Jack's blog

Jack's Blog: March

9 Mar 2015 by Jack Devine

Nikola was round the other night. Just hanging out, at my place. She's been doing that quite a lot, lately. I'm drawing no conclusions; I'm just enjoying the moments. She had a big bag with her. I thought, some assignment or other. Or she keeps a laptop in there. Anyway, so she reaches inside, while we're all watching a film, and she's nestled comfortably into my side and she pulls out...

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