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View from Brussels

German goal line technology installed in Brazil to prevent another 1966 ghost goal controversy

18 Jul 2014 by Pelle Neroth

There have been more serious disputes between the English and Germans. World Wars 1 and 2 spontaneously come to mind. But surely few more recent contretemps rank higher than the disputed goal in the World Cup final of 1966, where the referee ruled in England's favour. England went on to win the trophy.

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Electronic connections

Return of the joule

9 Jul 2014 by Chris Edwards

In response to lobbying by groups such as the International Energy Agency and the Energy Saving Trust, national governments and the European Union decided to put stringent limits on the amount of power some consumer electronics could draw from a wall socket, such as mobile-phone chargers and TVs. The IEA is found a new target just in time for the rise of the internet of things (IoT): the networked gadget, from home routers to smart TVs.

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View from Washington

Luis Suarez and the law of unintended consequences

26 Jun 2014 by Paul Dempsey

Uruguay is in denial. Few others doubt that its star player Luis Suarez bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini in the countries' critical World Cup encounter. Yet many Uruguayans refuse to accept the evidence, and say in particular that the damning image of teeth marks on Chellini's shoulder has been Photoshopped.

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After All


23 Jun 2014 by Vitali Vitaliev

The other night I saw a dream, in which E&T magazine was ... a train, with the cover being a locomotive, the contents page - a driver, news and features - carriages, and this end column of mine - erm ... a braking signal light on the train's tail! Wherever I go and whatever I do, I feel as if I am either part of a train - like, for example, when standing in a supermarket queue - or am surrounded by trains, as was the case during a recent press trip to Paris as a guest of the famous Dassault Systemes software company.

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Editor's letter

First World War Centenary Special

19 Jun 2014 by Dickon Ross

This month's cover star saved thousands of lives but remains an unsung hero.

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Cloudspeak #27

11 Jun 2014 by James Hayes

An occasional series that celebrates notable outpourings and rehashes of cloud computing buzzterms, hoopla, and over-stated market insight...

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Jack's blog

Jack's Blog: June

9 Jun 2014 by Jack Devine

Mum celebrated the fact that the twins and I have agreed to come on holiday with her and Dad by getting a new haircut. "It's a bit short, isn't it?" said Dad, walking round her like she was a second-hand car and it was time to kick the tyres.

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The Philosophical Engineer

Pump it up

3 Jun 2014 by Francis Goode

Perhaps it was Roger Dettmer's fascinating piece on the renaissance of ram pumps that primed these thoughts about pumps in general. I had further cause to reflect on the usefulness of pumps during the long walk home after a puncture brought a recent cycling expedition to a premature end, and also while clearing out the murky waters from the bottom of the pool in the Goode garden pool - but not before taking great pains to move the attendant amphibian wildlife from the site, having once witnessed the pump's effect on a poor frog that strayed too close. Not a pleasant sight. Pumps may be wondrous things, but they can also be very dangerous. They require careful handling.

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Stop. Pause. Play.

Apple 'still got love for the street' with Beats acquisition

29 May 2014 by Kris Sangani

After already being leaked weeks ago, Apple finally announced its acquisition of the subscription streaming music service Beats Music and Beats Electronics - which makes the popular Beats headphones, speakers and audio software.

IET on WordPress

Malaysia Airlines #MH17 – airlines ban flights over trouble hot spots – an annotated infographic

23 Jul 2014

Airlines around the world are addressing global trouble spots by cancelling or rerouting flights to avoid them. A new sense of urgency is being displayed in dealing with global trouble spots, following the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine. U.S. and European airlines have already cancelled flights to Israel’s Tel Aviv airport due […]

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