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View from Washington

Climate change and the limits of realpolitik

16 Sep 2014 by Paul Dempsey

The United Nations will host Climate Summit 2104 on September 23rd in New York. Hype and expectation around the event are lower than in the past. Everyone still remembers the misfires of 2009. And this prelude to the next round of detailed treaty negotiations in Peru this December has already been put in its place.

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After All

Why engineers like to cook?

15 Sep 2014 by Vitali Vitaliev

"Knives down!"

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View from Brussels

Whoops! When Nobel committee member endorsed cold fusion

13 Sep 2014 by Pelle Neroth

Three years ago I wrote about the Italian engineer who claimed to have solved the world's energy problems with an apparatus little larger than a shoebox.

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PCB inventor Paul Eisler honoured with commemorative plaque

11 Sep 2014 by James Hayes

A new blue plaque was unveiled at an inconspicuous house in north-west London this week, marking the life and legacy of one of electrical engineering's most influential - but arguably least-known - innovators. Dr Paul

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Electronic connections

Intel discovers developers and SoCs

9 Sep 2014 by Chris Edwards

You can tell when a computer architecture is having a wobble. It's when the CEO suddenly seems to acquire a keen interest in developers. Remember former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer chanting slightly crazily "developers, developers, developers" at one of the company's developers' conferences, where you could expect a large number of them to turn up in any case?

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The Philosophical Engineer

Back to work

1 Sep 2014 by Francis Goode

The first question the Goode father always greets me is, how is work going? To which your humble blogger always replies, which work do you mean? The tasks performed during office hours for money, or the studies and writing done for love that take up the remaining wakeful hours? Of course, he means the former since, like most other people, he's firmly of the school that considers that work can only be what's done for money. Everything else is leisure or recreation.  

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Editor's letter

Scottish independence and engineering

14 Aug 2014 by Dickon Ross

'Yes' or 'No, Thanks'? That's the choice for Scots in next month's referendum. What would Scottish independence mean for engineers and engineering?

IET on WordPress

#Rosetta comet landing site identified – J marks the spot – an annotated infographic

16 Sep 2014

Scientists have selected a landing site on the surface of 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko for the first-ever comet landing attempt in November. Dubbed ‘Site J’, the spot where the Philae lander carried by the Rosetta spacecraft will attempt to touch down lies on the head of the comet. The location was chosen from five candidate sites as part […]

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