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View from Brussels

UK tech and science communities scramble after Brexit vote

28 Jul 2016 by Pelle Neroth

Making the best of it seems to be the signal emerging from the London tech community about the Brexit vote. There is talk of turning "adversity into opportunity" and mustering the entrepreneurial spirit that made them successes in the first place. Fintech channels the spirit of Dunkirk. Or maybe the Battle of Britain.

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Electronic connections

The long ARM of SoftBank

18 Jul 2016 by Chris Edwards

The last time the pound slumped in value, speculation bubbled up of a possible hostile takeover by Intel, aiming to take out the biggest threat to the x86 architecture. This time it's a lot friendlier and from a company with very few concrete reasons to make the deal other than to make some sort of claim on the internet of things (IoT).

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After All

Brave New World

15 Jul 2016 by Vitali Vitaliev

I have just returned from Kiev - my first visit to my native Ukraine after 22 years of absence (last time I was there in 1994 making a Channel 4 documentary "The Train to Freedom", and Ukraine was then crumbling apart - on the brink of social and economic collapse).

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Editor's letter

The Brexit Fallout

14 Jul 2016 by Dickon Ross

Industry is still reeling from the UK's referendum vote to leave the European Union, now known worldwide as the Brexit. It's hard to recall a more eventful few weeks in British or European politics and the financial markets have been all over the place, but the most important legacy will be what long-term effects it has on the economy and business in the UK and beyond.

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View from Washington

Sorry, I have no answers either...

25 Jun 2016 by Paul Dempsey

The signature British response to a crisis is (1) sleep on it, (2) make a cup of tea, (3) roll up those sleeves and 'get it sorted'. But that isn't going to work this time, is it? After the referendum's 'Leave' victory, there has been plenty of talk about bringing the nation together but, admittedly viewed from a distance, the task seems insurmountable.

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Eccentric engineer

Stand Aside Bill Gates

9 Jun 2016 by Justin Pollard

Having a wonderful idea and making any money out of it can be two very different things, as many an engineer can be heard muttering. Almost by definition, creating something revolutionary means there's not yet a ready market for it and most people won't understand it. A lesser engineer might give up, but Al Gross just kept engineering the modern world, whether he got properly paid and whether we liked it or not.

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Smoking vs Vaping – the good and the bad – two contrasting infographics

27 Jul 2016

According to our good friends at, smoking costs the UK’s economy £12.9billion a year. That’s a staggering 11-figure sum (12, 900, 000, 000)! With 2.8 million people in the UK known to vape, is vaping the more virtuous option? What of the rumours and fears of potential nosebleeds and the vaper’s cough? What are […]

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