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View from India

Habitat highs!

1 Feb 2015 by Kavitha Srinivasa

Swamps and marshes bring to mind thoughts of mosquito breeding. We condemn these places as unhealthy and turn away when such images flash on our television screens. Ironically, these places offer the perfect harmony for balancing our ecosystem. You must have guessed what I'm talking about. I'm referring to our wetlands, more so as February 2 is celebrated as World Wetlands Day internationally.

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The Philosophical Engineer

A right-on philosopher

31 Jan 2015 by Francis Goode

For us engineers, getting things right is a pretty crucial part of professional life. After all the systems and constructions we design, our companies' financial results or even people's lives may depend on it. But even off duty we, along with the rest of humanity, still love to be right. Some of us flock to pub quizzes, while others shout out the answers the TV game show from the comfort of our armchairs. We indulge in mystery novels and shows so we can work out whodunnit before the hero gets there. Even as we go about our daily lives we love to predict the actions of those around us and so we can exclaim triumphantly, "See? I knew that would happen. I told you he'd do that."

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Electronic connections

Intel's meeting with destiny

30 Jan 2015 by Chris Edwards

I envy the management at Intel. They clearly never have meetings. Because that's the only conclusion I can draw from their claims that meetings are highly creative events and that the primary obstacle to meeting productivity is the time it takes to plug a laptop into a projector. In fact, so much so, cutting that time will revolutionise the workplace.

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View from Brussels

British are influential in Europe, says report

30 Jan 2015 by Pelle Neroth

Just when we needed it, along comes a report calling for Britain to stay in Europe from a pro European British think tank that argues that British influence isn't at all as small as critics make it out to be.

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View from Washington

Obama pushes education and climate change, soft pedals cyber

21 Jan 2015 by Paul Dempsey

The US President's annual State of the Union address is typically dominated by broad brushstrokes with few detailed policy notes. The 2015 edition was no exception, although it did show President Obama maintaining his aggressive stance on climate change while emphasizing education and the need to upgrade the US workforce.

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Editor's letter

The Privacy Issue

20 Jan 2015 by Dickon Ross

Security technology is back on the agenda in the wake of the terrorist attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine. The public worries about security on the one hand, personal liberties and privacy on the other.

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After All

The Winner Takes it All!

19 Jan 2015 by Vitali Vitaliev

The first month of 2015 is perfect time to sum up some of the last year's "After All" readers' challenges, announced on this page. 2014 was a good year for this column (and for the blog too!), which will mark its 8th birthday next June: not only it won a prestigious TABPI award in the USA, but had also registered an absolute record in the number of readers' responses.

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