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Electronic connections

The great IP lock-up

19 Sep 2014 by Chris Edwards

It's tough trying to get an IP licensing company off the ground. Not only do you have to convince potential customers that your largely unproven technology is better than the established options, you need to reassure them that you are not suddenly going to get swallowed up by a competitor who has no interest in playing nice with external design teams. The decision by Cisco to buy memory specialist Memoir Systems looks to be yet another example of the problem and underlines the way in which the interests of companies and VCs are severely misaligned.

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View from Brussels

Juncker appoints new team

18 Sep 2014 by Pelle Neroth

Britain got what it wanted, in the end.

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Jack's blog

Jack's Blog: August, guest authored by Carter

17 Sep 2014 by Jack Devine

So my name is Carter, and I live with my dad and my mum in a town full of physicists. I made that up in English, it's called alliteration. Although ph wasn't supposed to be f, because it's Greek, and it was more like puh for a really long time.

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Editor's letter

Back To School

17 Sep 2014 by Dickon Ross

The three little words every school child dreads but are as inevitable as the falling of autumn leaves. And they seem to be coming earlier every year. I avoid the shops displaying Back To School banners in June just as I avoid those with Christmas decorations in September. So, out of sensitivity to readers' school age relatives, we waited for kids to actually go back to school. Now they are back, most will find a lot has changed over the summer. Many won't recognise their ICT lessons, for example.

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View from Washington

Climate change and the limits of realpolitik

16 Sep 2014 by Paul Dempsey

The United Nations will host Climate Summit 2014 on September 23rd in New York. Hype and expectation around the event are lower than in the past. Everyone still remembers the misfires of 2009. And this prelude to the next round of detailed treaty negotiations in Peru this December has already been put in its place.

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After All

Why engineers like to cook?

15 Sep 2014 by Vitali Vitaliev

"Knives down!"

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PCB inventor Paul Eisler honoured with commemorative plaque

11 Sep 2014 by James Hayes

A new blue plaque was unveiled at an inconspicuous house in north-west London this week, marking the life and legacy of one of electrical engineering's most influential - but arguably least-known - innovators. Dr Paul

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The Philosophical Engineer

Back to work

1 Sep 2014 by Francis Goode

The first question the Goode father always greets me is, how is work going? To which your humble blogger always replies, which work do you mean? The tasks performed during office hours for money, or the studies and writing done for love that take up the remaining wakeful hours? Of course, he means the former since, like most other people, he's firmly of the school that considers that work can only be what's done for money. Everything else is leisure or recreation.  

IET on WordPress

If #ScotlandDecides YES, what might the Union Jack flag look like in the future – an annotated infographic

18 Sep 2014

The current Union Jack flag is a composite of the flags of England and Scotland, plus Ireland’s cross of St Patrick, adopted prior to Irish Home Rule. If Scotland were to vote yes today in the majority for breaking away from the Union, what will become of the Union Jack flag? The flag’s backstory: in […]

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