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View from Brussels

EU offers cash and expenses to aspiring entrepreneurs

30 Aug 2015 by Pelle Neroth

Erasmus is a student exchange programme in the EU which has a very low UK takeup but which people who have actually completed seem to enjoy. Maybe it is the whiff of kumba-yah that puts young Brits off.

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Electronic connections

The hidden costs of convenience

28 Aug 2015 by Chris Edwards

A lawsuit filed in the US over deaths caused by car engines continuing to run even when the key is outside the vehicle points to a looming problem in engineering design - how features designed for convenience can become actively dangerous.

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View from Washington

Jeff didn't recognise that Amazon. Sadly, I kinda did.

18 Aug 2015 by Paul Dempsey

The New York Times' dissection of Amazon's corporate innards shouldn't have come across as that much of a surprise. The article depicts the logical result of a business culture we have even celebrated while ignoring its likely consequences. Seen this way, Amazon is just the company that's gotten fingered (though, given no-one's really disputing the Times' findings, it still deserves as much).

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After All

Technology plus ambience: more on quirky techno hotels

20 Jul 2015 by Vitali Vitaliev

When summing up this blog's quirky and techno hotels competition last February, I could not foresee the number of (substantially) belated readers' responses. Long after the closing date and weeks after the prize was posted to Peter Field, the winner, your hotel impressions kept trickling in.

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Editor's letter

New faces in the Oscar Selfie

16 Jul 2015 by Dickon Ross

Researchers at the University of Herts have developed an algorithm that replaces faces in social media pictures with fake faces but keeps the original expressions.

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