Critical infrastructure hack data details to be revealed this week

Critical infrastructure hack data details to be revealed this week

4 February 2014 by James Hayes

Delegates attending the IET seminar Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems this Thursday (6th) will be the first to learn full details of the 'Using Open Source Intelligence to Improve ICS & SCADA Security' investigative assessment by UK design and engineering consultancy Atkins. As reported last week by E&T News, the presentation will reveal how
data available from mainstream online media - such as blogs, social networking websites, and specialist online publications - could be used by malevolent agents to mount a cyber-attack on UK critical national infrastructure.

Key information regarding vulnerabilities in Industrial Control Systems (ICSs) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems is now openly available from a range of sources on the public Internet. The investigation discovered that many industrial sector websites and academic papers, for example, also provide some information about potential attack vectors, including the identification of engineering staff, their social media information used to corroborate control systems data, and their suitability for social engineering attempts.

The identification of known vulnerabilities and exploits against specific types of control systems can also be accessed online, along with the identification of third-parties such as contractors and control system integrators, who have detailed knowledge and physical network access.

There's still time to register for Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems which takes takes place at the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury (London WC1N 1HT - close to Euston and King's Cross mainline stations) this Thursday, 6th February 2014. There's also an option for delegates to expand their knowledge by attending a half-day workshop held the day before, Wednesday 5th February. Delegates can choose to attend the seminar only, but those who want a deeper understanding of risk assessment techniques can register to attend the workshop for an additional fee. Further information and registration details at:

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