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Features Editor of E&T magazine, broadcaster, author of 11 books; Link to my Wikipedia article:


After all: My phone phobia

E&T on an innate fear of unexpected phone calls.

After all - Deviant railway

E&T recalls a whistle-stop visit to the world’s only railway with dual nationality.

After all - Logging for you

From an ink pot to a PC hard drive - E&T chronicles the super-fast (from our point of view) evolution of the technology of writing.

After all: Vinyl Vitaliev

Vitali Vitaliev recalls his encounters with America's increasingly popular trend of 'commodification', where trees, buildings, food and even people are all made of plastic.

After all - Happy E-Smoking

Vitali 'Two Stents' Vitaliev on a pioneering electronic device which has saved his life.