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Features Editor of E&T magazine, broadcaster, author of 11 books; Link to my Wikipedia article:


After all: New Twitter competition

After all: New Twitter competition

We announces a new Twitter competition for E&T readers.

After all: Hotel Hi... and lows

Too much technology and experimentation at a hotel can be off-putting, E&T investigates.

After all: Rebirth of Dresden's Frauenkirche

Loving and thorough restoration of Dresden's famous Frauenkirche was not just a spectacular engineering feat, but also a triumph of democracy and westernisation, assures E&T.

After all: Soulaki-ed by eco-technolgies

Stereotypes get shattered at a technologically astute and eco-friendly Greek resort.

Automatons - mechanical toys for adults

E&T visits Villa Sauber in Monte Carlo to discover an inspiring collection of androids - human-shaped mechanical dolls.