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Features Editor of E&T magazine, broadcaster, author of 11 books; Link to my Wikipedia article:


Transport facilities in the former USSR

Some German-built river motor-boats in the former USSR were more than simply means of transport or cruise ships.

Interview - Lech Walesa

Interview - Lech Walesa

E&T spends a day in the company of noted electrician, not to mention Nobel Peace Prize winner and former Polish President, Lech Walesa.

Collecting technological paraphernalia

People will collect anything, from stamps to military hardware, but it takes determination to collect collectors

A voice for disabled people

A voice for disabled people

09 November 2010

Patricia Ruckoff was diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND) on Christmas eve 2009. But she has managed to maintain a degree of independence due to new voice synthesis technology provided by Time Is Ltd. Vitali Vitaliev speaks to its developer about the JayBee system.

From soap to nano

05 October 2010

Watch our features editor single handedly - albeit with expert guidance from Dr Kate Amos of Nanotecture Ltd - construct a nanoporous metal out of soap in the company's Southampton laboratory.