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EU correspondent for E&T magazine. Based in Brussels and London.


Commission proposes  ‘populist’ telecoms reforms

Commission proposes ‘populist’ telecoms reforms

A major reform moves for a single market in EU telecoms.

Technologies to read the terrorist mind

Technologies to read the terrorist mind

Physical search technologies can always been fooled, it seems. So is layered psychological security the next big development in counter-terrorism?

German jobs for UK engineers

German jobs for UK engineers

A quick comparison of the UK and German economies present jobless British engineers with one conclusion: to Germany! We ask whether it's worth crossing the Channel to find work.

Easing access to Europe's networks

Easing access to Europe's networks

European regulators are trying to make it easier for communications companies to access each other's fibre-optic networks, writes E&T.

Good cold country

Good cold country

E&T salutes engineering and innovation that have helped Norway to achieve impressive results in oil exploration, tunnelling and construction in an extremely cold climate.

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